Creating sexual tension leads to creating massive attraction and a deep relationship with women. Today, experts will educate you on how you can attract any women you want by creating sexual tension the right way. Let’s get started.

David Wygant’s Thoughts On Generating Sexual Tension

Teasing. I think listening and teasing. I love teasing a woman. I always tell my wife, “If I stop teasing you, beware, it means I’m done with you.” Teasing is really important. It’s like she does something that’s cute, you just say “You’re such a klutz.” Or when she spills something a little bit and you say “Man, I can’t take you anywhere. Do I have to clean up after you?” You do it with a smile. When she’s leaning forward, you touch her hand and you start playing with her fingers. When you go to the bathroom, you walk by her and say “I’ll be right back. Don’t miss me too much.” And you whisper it in her ear and you know that that it creates a sensation with her. You just lead her. You’re not afraid to touch her. You’re not afraid to break that barrier.

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But yet, you’re not pawing at her. You’re not clawing at her and you’re not trying to kiss her in a public place with a hundred people around. You’re just doing subtle little things to build up that tension and she feels that. She knows that you’re building up that tension. She feels you. She feels the energy. It’s amazing that if you just listen to her and react to what she has to say, it’s amazing how much sexual tension is really there because most men don’t listen. Here is yet another crash course on creating sexual attraction and attracting women.

Dean Cortez Shares His Thoughts On Sexual Tension And Attracting Women

One of the biggest mistakes guys make with women is that they never inject a sexual tone into the conversation. They try to stay neutral the whole time. They don’t want to risk blowing it. They don’t want to seem too aggressive or too forward. But most of all, they don’t want to get rejected, so they just keep trying to play it safe and talking about boring standard topics of conversation. Now, at some point in this conversation, you’ve got to let it be known that you’re a man and she’s a hot chick and there is some sexual energy going on here. So in other words, don’t be afraid to flirt.

All the guys that I know who are super successful with women are huge flirts. They don’t stand there asking questions for ten minutes: “What’s your name? Where are you from? Blah, blah.” In fact, they don’t ask any of these questions at all. No, these guys, these naturals, you watch them talking to women and right off the bat they’re establishing a really flirty tone. They’re smiling. They’re getting her to laugh. They’re establishing subtle body contact, touching her in subtle ways, and also, of course, teasing her. They are also qualifying her and saying things that indicate that she’s not their type or they’re not so sure about her or that maybe she’s trouble.

They are saying things that make her think she’s going to have to work to show them why she deserves to be in this interaction. So I might say to the girl, “You know, it’s too bad you and I would never get along. I mean, you are way too similar to this girl I used to date and she was total trouble, but on the other hand, she was a lot of fun. So does that describe you?” Or I might say to her, “You know, you and me are way too similar. We both are like really head strong and really independent, and if we were ever in a serious relationship, it would be just be constant drama. But on the other hand, the make-up sex would be unbelievable, don’t you think?”

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So anyway, I’m injecting a flirty sexual tone into the conversation, not immediately, but once I’ve captured her interest and we’re sharing on some topics, then I’ll introduce this kind of talk into the conversation. Women have a lot of fun with this and they respect it because now they understand the deal. You’re not trying to conceal the fact that you’re into her sexually, which most guys do and the woman tunes out and loses interest. We also covered some great techniques to build sexual attraction in how to get a date.

DJ Fuji Says Sexual Tension Is Huge

Sexual tension is huge, huge, huge, and it was a basic weak point for me for a long time. What you actually do to infuse sexuality is the exact opposite of what you think you should do. What most guys do is they try to talk about sex. Don’t talk about sex. Instead, tease her sexually. Instead, go cocky funny. Instead, flirt with her. Instead, misinterpret and accuse everything she says of being sexual in nature. Don’t actually talk about sex at the beginning because all it does is make you creepy. All it does is it make you weird. Instead, take all those things in the conversation, and use humor to defuse the sexuality.

For example, I have a huge Mohawk on my head. Girls will always come up and say, “Can I touch it?” And if I’m going to infuse the sexuality there, I’m going to look at them and say, “You’d better be talking about my hair.” And then I’ll turn my back to them. They’ll get the joke and will say, “No, no, I was talking about your hair.” And I’ll turn around and say, “Sure, you were. I saw those eyes.”

That’s one way to take things in that sexual direction without being that guy who says “Oh, what’s your favorite position?” And here are more ways to build sexual tension and attraction.

John Alanis Women Are Attracted To Men Who Are Confident And Push-Pull

First, women are very attracted to men who are very confident with their sexuality with the attitude of “Yeah, I’m a man. You’re attracted to a man. I make no excuses to my desires as a man.” That attitude from the beginning is very important. The other thing that is very important at the beginning is making it about attraction. Because if she categorizes you as a nice guy from word one, you’re done. So what I start doing with that is looking her in the eye, smiling kind of a smirk, a little light touching. What women really love is men who have a quick wit and who are very clever. And so you want to layer in innuendo.

Innuendo is very important. So it’s light innuendo, just a little bit of double entendre, a little bit of challenging stuff. Just innuendo laced in with minor challenges so that as she responds to the innuendo. She starts to look you in the eye and you see a spark growing and she starts to use innuendo back. Then you begin to kind of ramp it up and then add touch into it. Turn the volume down, turn it back up. You’re going to accuse her, “I can’t believe you’d say something like this. You have a very dirty mind to know such a thing.” You know, kind of accuse her a little bit, and then it’s pushpull, push-pull, but you’re turning the volume down and then up a bit more.

Women cannot go from an on and off switch like guys can, so if you walk up to a woman that you don’t have a relationship with and you use very blatant language, she’s going to be creeped out, and she’s not going to appreciate it. Women love a man who has a quick wit and can layer an innuendo and can slowly turn up their attraction and just go crazy with something like that because so few men can do it.

Kezia Noble On How To Create Sexual Tension With Women

I don’t use words when I just need to create sexual escalation. I think words can be really masked and they can be like a cheap porn movie. No one wants to get into that scenario. When guys say stuff like, “Hey, you know, I just really want to massage you and I really want to do this to you and that” girls do not want to hear that. It’s way too much pressure.

A great thing to do is to slow down the rhythm of the voice, very slowly and to do the invisible triangle on her face with the eyes. You are giving the girl that feeling that suddenly he’s just noticed how sexy she is and he just wants to kiss her, without actually saying any words. That is very, very powerful. So the conversation continues about random stuff, but suddenly the tone of his voice, the energy that he is giving off as a result is so electrifying.

It is so powerful and she can’t quite understand it, so it’s teasing her. It’s using a push-pull technique almost. She’s thinking does he or does he not like me? So what you should do as a sexual escalation is slow down the voice, using the triangle. You should dip in and out with that, which is almost like flirting really. Dipping in and out of that energy can really screw with her head in a good way.

That is it for today. If you are looking for something else to read, i suggest reading how to attract and get girls back to your place.