In this post you will be reading from some of the most successful dating and seduction experts. They will teach you how you can create sexual tension with women and have the kind of dating success that you have always dreamed of.

Drew Canole’s Thoughts

Women love talking about sex, so just bring it up. If she is talking for 15 to 20 minutes, just bring the topic of sex up. Ask her questions: “What position do you like?” and different stuff like that.

Using nonverbal conversation to create that sexual tension is probably a lot easier than saying stupid stuff that you are never going to get away with. So pushing them, biting them at the back of their neck – you can develop a lot of sexual tension that way. Even the way you carry yourself. I’ve gone out and without saying a single thing a girl came up and said, “I don’t know what it is about you, but I really want to have sex with you.” This happens because of your nonverbal. It’s the way you are sitting and I can write a whole book on this, the way that your posture is, the way you are holding your dog, the way that you look at the room, the way that you first enter the room – these things just add up.

Jordan Harbinger Shares His Techniques To Create Sexual Tension

It’s really important to play around with banter and have that playful delivery, and a lot of times that playful teasing. It doesn’t have to be sexual in nature to generate sexual tension. A lot of guys have the misconception that you have to start talking about sex or making sexual innuendo to insert sexual tension. And that’s not really true at all. You can generate sexual tension by super strong attraction; by being very charismatic, touching early on and often, good eye contact and good vocal tonality – that type of thing gets women turned on. Take a leadership role, maybe talking about where you’re going to go next and leading women by the hand through the venue generates a lot of sexual tension, a lot of sexual tone in the interaction.

methods of creating sexual tension

You don’t have to be talking about what kind of underwear she’s wearing or sexual positions and stuff. A lot of guys get way overboard with that and it does come across as creepy. Granted, if she starts bantering with you and she says, “Oh, I went and bought underwear today with my friends.” Jump on that thread all you want. I mean, she brought it up. She wants to bring sex into the conversation. You can take the conversation in that direction. If she’s not doing that and you’re bantering and you’re keeping it fun and playful, you don’t have to start talking about sex as a logical concept in order to insert the tension into the conversation.

Julian Foxx’s Method

I just say, “Hey baby!! Whazzup??” I have cultivated my whole sexual character; I don’t know how to explain it, just a bit of ghetto mixed with this kind of sexual dude. So I have this character who I have developed and it feels very natural, a very organic feeling.

I would say as a safeguard find a female friend, a girl you know and say “Hey, can I practice being my sexual archetype with you here for a second? I want you to tell me how I am coming off, honestly how I am coming off.” Get her to be absolutely honest with you. Maybe use a mirror at first and maybe find someone, a girlfriend, who can help and guide you or a great coach, like myself.

Stephen Nash Talks About Creating Sexual Tension With Women

Number one, outside the realm of social interaction, a guy has got to be comfortable with his body. This doesn’t mean becoming a bodybuilder or a big muscle guy. I got into martial arts. I got into kung-fu and it put me in touch with my body. It opened my body. It got me more flexible and this made me more comfortable in my body, which automatically allowed me that level of comfort and allowed me more flexibility in interaction and in conversation. But more importantly when you become physically connected to yourself, you understand sexually more about yourself. You feel those things a little more clearly.

easy ways of creating sexual tension

If I’m feeling a sexual interest in a woman, something in me changes. I can’t control it and a lot of guys who are inexperienced have a lot of shame around that, so what I’ve noticed is that as the guy gets more and more connected to his body, more active, more flexible, more active physically, something in there changes and shifts and they become a little more connected to that and women pick up on it and it’s attractive.

Separate from that, you’ve got flirting, which is basically the ability to create sexual tension. You have to be willing to do the thing that the nice guy is not willing to do, which is maybe insult her. Mystery’s line is the best. It’s the best one ever. I’ll give it to you right now. We never ever, ever, have discovered anything better than this: you playfully disqualify her. You have a little smirk on your face and you look at her and say, “You know what? You and I would never get along. Holy shit! You and I hanging out would be absolutely like death to the world. This can’t happen.” But you do it with a smirk on your face. You totally disqualify her. This creates a lot of tension. This sets the table for a very different conversation than the ones she’s probably had 18 times at night with the other guys in the club or the bar.

Try that playful disqualification out and you will see and you will feel in your body something changes immediately. Her reaction will be usually very, very specific and in my experience it can be very, very responsive to that if you do it with a smirk on your face. You don’t want to do it like Joseph Stalin, but you want to do it like a playful cool guy in the club.

Yad On Creating Sexual Tension

I actually tell girls sometimes, “Listen, I have to honest. I am very sexually attracted to you and I would like for you to come back to my bedroom now.” And I look them dead in the eye and don’t say anything else. And I want them to say, “No, no, no, I’m not going to sort of do this. I’m not going to do that.” And I want to get a negative response at some point, and then I will say, “OK, all right. Well, maybe I should stop being so sexually attracted because it’s actually making it difficult for me to talk to you.” And she’ll say, “Yeah, you should, you know, you should stop.” And then I’ll say: “Okay, maybe I should start thinking of you in other ways, in friendly ways, because all of my best friends are people who are not very attractive. And the girls are like sisters to me, so I’m not really attracted to them sexually in any way.” And she’ll say, “OK.” And then I’ll stop during the conversation and say, “By the way, you know what, your stomach – I’ve noticed you’ve got that overall going on, that’s really nice. That’s cool. We’re becoming such good friends, I’m loving it.”

Adam Lyons’s Shares His Method For Creating Sexual Tension

To generate sexual tone in a conversation without sounding too creepy is a very simple thing. The trick is to almost ask for her permission whether it’s OK to talk about sex. One of my favorites and you can even use this as an opening line if you want, is to go up to her and say, “Hey, I was just talking to my friend here. We’re wondering, in modern day, when is it OK and acceptable to start talking about sex when you meet somebody?” You’re going to get two answers, right? You’re either going to get, “Oh, I think people talk about sex far too often. You know, they really shouldn’t.” And then you know to keep the sexual tension back until it’s just you and her in the bedroom.

how men can create sexual tension

On the other hand, she might say, “Oh no, I think it’s absolutely fine.” At which point she’s essentially giving you permission to talk about sex. So you could shift straight into, “Well, in that case, what’s your favorite sexual position?” Because she’s giving you permission to talk about it and it sounds very bland, very normal, very mundane, but you’re talking about sex. When you start a conversation off that way, it’s very easy to escalate fast.

Alex Coulson’s Method For Generating Sexual Tension With Women

A lot of guys make the mistake of using a separate tone when they create sexual tension so they do come across as a creep. The girl gets creeped out and thinks the guy is really sleazy. You don’t want to make that mistake. You need to do it playfully and pretend. You could do it with sexual innuendo and role reversal, like you’re going to pretend that she’s picking you up. Then everything she does, it’s sort of centered on you, and you sort of act like a drama queen. You pretend she’s trying to hit on you. And if you want to get her into the sexual sort of mind frame, you want to tell sexual stories, but always about a friend.

So never tell about your sexual exploits, never tell the story about you having sex with three strippers and wearing no protection. No, you don’t want to do that. You want to always tell stories about your friend, never yourself, because that way it doesn’t involve you, and she can still get into a sexual mood that way. It’s probably the best way of going about it.