In this post, you will be learning how you can generate sexual tension in your conversations without sounding creepy. And the best part part of it? You will be learning these techniques from the world famous experts. Let’s get started.

Vin DiCarlo Teaches How To Generate Sexual Tension In Your Conversations

Sexual tension and being creepy are two things that are independent of each other. Being creepy isn’t about language; rather it is about putting too much undeserved attention on the girl. For instance, if a guy came up to you and just stared at you from three feet away, it would feel creepy. So it’s all about having an inappropriate amount of attention on you, regardless of the specific language you’re using.

Now before I get into sexual tension, you have to keep in mind that certain types of women respond very well to sexual tension and certain types of women become very uncomfortable if you use sexual tension. So you need to know what type of woman you’re dealing with before you even consider using it in the first place. So make sure you familiarize yourself with Pandora’s Box, and act accordingly.

Now let’s talk about sexual tension. The definition of sexual tension is “the presence of sexual intent, in the absence of overt physical or verbal escalations.”

To put it another way, there’s a vibe of sexuality, there’s a presence of sexual conversation, themes, or body language, but there’s no CERTAINTY that sex will or will not happen between the two of you.

Sexual tension is really about uncertainty. So think of it this way: There are two opposite ends of the spectrum. Imagine a very non sexual, submissive, almost gay seeming guy. He’s very safe, not a sexual threat at all. There’s not going to be any sexual tension because a woman is going to have certainty of the outcome. There’s no WAY this guy will make a move! So therefore the physical chemistry is going to be non-existent.

understanding sexual tension

Then at the other end of the spectrum, you have the VERY aggressive guy: he’s making out with her in the club, trying to put his hand down her pants; he’s telling her he wants her, etc. Now he’s going to have a very similar problem. She’s going to flake on him because of certainty – she’s CERTAIN he’s going to try to have sex with her if they are alone.

So both approaches fail. There’s going to be a lack of physical attraction and lack of motivation for her to be alone with him. There’s no sexual tension whatsoever and what they have in common is certainty – one scenario she’s certain he WON’T make a move and in the other she’s certain he WILL.

So you want to create a situation where you’re a sexual guy, you are attracted to women, you enjoy sex, she can tell you’re probably good at it – but since you’re in control of when and if sex happens, she is uncertain when exactly it will happen, and that tension is interesting to her. It’s an experience that’s like a GREAT movie that you don’t want to stop watching. And if you nail that combination she’s going to be addicted to being around you, and she’ll be VERY interested in being alone with you, just so that she can see what happens.

Action Jackson’s Thoughts On How To Generate Sexual Tension

There are a gazillion free routines if you need something to get you going: a lot of role-playing and future projections, playful teases. As long as you stay away from being totally direct, you shouldn’t be creeping the girl out. And the cool thing about doing role-playing and future projections is it’s not real, so you can get away with saying a lot more and going a lot further, but still emphasizing you two being sexual with each other.

communication skills and sexual tension

A lot of guys have been able to just go full on caveman and it works, but for me, I usually like playful teases and things like that. One famous one is, “You know, you have a good girl face, but you keep making these bad girl manners.” Just little things like that to get her up.

Bill Preston Explains The Art Of Creating Sexual Tension

Even if I have already decided that I am going to be just friends with the girls, I always flirt with them. I always try to have that sexual tension in the way I look, the way I say things. I’ll tease them and I’ll flirt with every single girl who I come into contact with. It’s very simple to flirt with women. You don’t have to come across as a friend. Even if she is your friend, you want to be that fun guy who is flirty and who makes them feel like a woman.

The worst thing you can do is to mask that. It’s very sexy for a guy to be free with his sexuality. And then, if I do like a girl, I’ll do a lot of little things: I’ll touch her more, if we are in a bar I’ll put my hand around her back and I’ll lean in and whisper into her ear about something. I do a lot of things that men and women do when they are really sexually attracted to each other. I don’t necessarily say anything sexual and I don’t talk about sex, I just show her by my actions that I’m very sexual. And that tells her that she is a very sexual being also.

Lance Mason’s Thoughts On How To Easily Create Sexual Tension

If you’re going to use it overtly and you’re going to be the guy who is always talking about sex, you want to use the same rules I gave with touching. You want to do it early, you want to do it easily and naturally and you want to do it to everyone. So if you’re going to be the guy who is just joking about sex and always talking about sex, do it right away.

secrets of sexual tension

Because if you’re in a conversation with a woman and then all of a sudden you start joking about sex, it’s going to be a little awkward for her. You’re actually going to be the creepy guy because she’s going to think, “Wait a minute, why is he talking about sex all of a sudden?” Whereas if you walk up and start talking about sex right away, they just get it and they’re like, “Oh, this is the guy who’s just going around the bar talking about sex all the time like that’s cool, you know, we’ll roll with that.”

So that’s one way to do it. If you want to bring up sex in a funny way and you want to get people to laugh, you want to do it early and you want to do it easily and you want to do it with everybody.

I don’t joke about sex anymore too much. I don’t really talk about sex until we’re talking one-on-one, we’re talking quietly and I’ll just really talk about what she likes. It will start out fantastic and then get more specific and more real. You’ll talk about crazy sexual adventures, but then eventually it gets more real and then you talk about how you like to be touched. You could be touching her hand and you can say “How is that? Do you like that?” She’ll say, “Yeah.” And I always say something really specifically: “Yeah, I’m just having fun learning how to touch you.” And there’s something about that that women really love even in the first ten minutes of the conversation. That’s so sexual to women and it’s so intense and that’s the reason why I try not to talk about sex too much because I want to be the guy who is actually taking action. I won’t be the guy who is just talking. So I talk about less and less and I do things like that more and more.

Joseph Matthews Shares His Opinion On Creating Sexual Tension

You have to realize there is a time and a place for the sexual tension stuff. If you’ve never met this girl before, the last thing you want to do is start off with something sexual. You want to start off with something indirect that isn’t going to trigger alarm bells. Once you’ve created some connection, once you’ve created some rapport with the girl, then you can start layering in the sexual tension and the sexual tone. And usually it’s just about being flirty. I’ll start giving girls nicknames and I’ll start making jokes about us dating or going out, or her being flirty or trying to seduce me.

Turning things around is a good way to introduce that: “Look at you: you’re trying to pick me up right now. You probably have 12 boyfriends waiting in the wings and you’re just trying to add me to your collection, aren’t you?”

The sexual tone and sexual tension I do is mostly just about flirting. It’s just about being sexual in a fun and disarming way as opposed to looking the girl in the eyes and saying, “I want to rip your clothes off and have sex with you right now.”