Yous should be a good listner

This is really important because if you are not a good listener you will not be making much sense to others. To convey your point and to get yourself well understood you need to listen first and then convey your message in accordance with what the other person said. By being a good listener you will not only make people feel good about themselves but also about yourself. Listening helps you understand the concerns of other and this puts you in a better position to deal with them.

Be a reader

The more we read, the more we know and the more we know, the better we perform. I recommend reading selfhelp books to help you understand different aspects of your personality. These books are usually written by coaches who have spent their lives in the field of self development and they know their stuff. But it is important that you follow and experiment with what you read because without this all reading is nothing more than a waste of time.

Meeting new poeple

It is also important to meet new people. This expands our social experience and thus results in a increased social intelligence.Reading people is an art, the more you do it the better you get at it. Meeting new people no only helps you improve yourself but it is fun as well because many of the people that you will meet will be so fun that you would love to stick around them.

Know yourself

Most of the people do not really know who they are. Knowing yourself means knowing your core values and your code of conduct. You should be know your likes and dislikes as it helps you convey a strong identity and that presents you as an attractive person.

Just be yourself

lots of people try to pose and present their fake self. Let me tell you this technique doesn’t work. People will sense it and know that you are hiding yourself. i recommend just being yourself. Your shouldn’t really bother yourself with what other people think of you. Instead try to focus on presenting your real self and that is what makes you come across as cute and charming.

Be humorous

A lot of people think that being cold is being attractive but let me tell that it is not. People want to have fun and if you are not humorous, they will eventually start avoiding you. So let meeting yourself be a fun experience for everyone.