This article introduces you to eight simple ways you can use to lose weight. The tips provided are really simple and the best part? They actually work. It took me some time to research and find these simplest methods to lose and control weight but well i did find them. ( Presentation located at the bottom of the page )

Your Personal Mantra Can Help You Lose Weight

Your attitude and beliefs go a long way deciding what you will and what you will not achieve in your life. If you believe something is possible, it will become your reality sooner or later. Before you do anything, you must develop a strong belief that you can actually lose weight. It is not really impossible. The evidence is out there. Many people have lost weight. Why can’t you? If others can do it, so can you. You are in no way less than others.

Remember your personal mantra can help you achieve almost anything in your life. You just have to believe it for it to happen. Start believing now, from this very moment.

Drinking More Water Helps You Lose Weight

Just a few months back i was addicted to coke and as a result i was gaining massive weight. How did i get addicted? Well i started small and gradually i was almost always preferring coke over water.

You see the thing about habits is that you hardly notice them unless they have become a part of you and then it is hard to break out of these habits. What is the solution then you ask? It is simple. Pay close attention to your routine. Are you drinking and eating food that makes you fat? May be you never thoght of it like this. May be you treat heavy food as a passtime or fun.

Truth be told, whatever you are eating is either making you fat or slim. Now carefully review your routine food and drinks? Are they making you fat? Stop right from this moment. Here is a nice post on this.

Less Tv And Internet Will Help You Lose Weight

Seriously, how much time do you spend in front of tv ? How many hours a day do you use internet? I understand that these two things have become such an important part of our lives and culture that it is almost impossible to live without them and i am not asking you to stop watching Tv or stop using internet for that matter. All i am saying is to cut down on your time that you spend watching tv and surfing internet. It will seriously help you lose some weight. Read How watching Tv Causes Obesity

Washing Helps You Lose Weight

If you are washing clothes on regular basis, it will help you control your weight. It is a kind of exercise and women know what i mean. Even though i am a male but i always loved washing. It is fun when you are helping your mother wash clothes. Of course anyone can hire a maid and let her do the job but seriously people who are conscious about their health do washing by themselves. Read how daily chores can help you lose weight here

Don’t Eat Unless You Have To

I had a habit of eating. If i am going to watch a movie, i would have something to eat. If i am getting bored, i would visit a restaurant. If i am working, i would have coke to drink. The point is i was always either eating or drinking even though i did not need to.

Many people do the same thing. They will eat whether they are hungry or not and that as a result makes you gain weight. If you do the same thing, stop now. Only eat when you are really hungry. People become fat and obesity kicks in when eating ad drinking becomes a habit than a natural need.

If You Serve Less, You Will Eat Less

When i was a kid i would always have my plates full. I would have a lot more than i could eat on my plate. I am a Muslim and in our culture if you leave food it is considered a bad omen. You must polish up everything you have on your table.

Many people server a lot more then they can eat. And if they can not eat it all, they will force themselves to eat. Result? Obesity.

Eat Fruits Instead Of Drinking Juice

It really helps if you eat fruits than drinking juice. Always prefer fruits over juices if you are serious about your health.

Brush Your Teeth

Yep. It sounds so simple but brushing your teeth after dinner does help you lose weight.

There you have it. Eight simple tips to lose weight. Following is a cool video demonstration. I hope you will like it.

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