What most of the people do is this that when they learn about menonics, they start collecting books. Some people keep collecting for over a month without actually reading any of the collected books.
This is really a bad approach. For example when i got familiar with mnemonics i started reading free articles on internet and after that i started buying books. There are many books by many authors available in the market. But you never want to read them all. Why? Because if you start reading all those books, you’ll get confused and end up getting dishearted.
Every author or say “memory champion” has his/her unique style and techniques. And it is not a good idea to try to learn them all.
To make the learning process easier for you i am suggesting some tips that will save your time while making your learning process faster at the same time.
1. Divide memory techniques in different categories (learning words, remembering digits, remembering poems, remember quotes etc)
2. After that pick one category and compare different techniques to boost your memory for that category.
3. Now you should start applying those techniques and note what works for you.
4. Carefully select the memory techniques that you think delivers the maximum results and discard ones that you don’d find useful.
5. Repeat the same process for all of the categories.
And you’ll have a set of skills that really works.
It will, of course, take sometime but it is well worth it.

This is the way to master an art. And almost all memory champions that i know of used the same method to improve their memory skills. Always, always, always make sure that that you take information into pieces, apply it and then based on what worked and what didn’t you either keep it or diecard it.

And it is not imprtant that you start leaning all mnemincs techniques at the same time. There is no rush. Take your time and master these techniques one by one. For example you can start with memorising lists on words and after you master this technique you can move onto mastering the next technique, that could be remembering digits.

And remember you never need to collect books that you do not intend to read right away. i think a better idea is to select a book, read it, understand it, master the techniques and only then move onto the next book.

Collecting books and never reading them is infact wasting your precious time. The time that will be wasted on searching, downloading and then saving these books can be used to learn mnemonics techniques.

It is really upto you now. would you like to keep wasting your time collecting the material that you will be reading after a year?

or would you just pick one book and start learning right now?

If you think about it, you can learn 2 or may 3 new mnemonics techniques today and start practicing and see results within days or you can be like many others who do nothing but waste their time surfing websites and collecting books.