This is the article you need to print out and carry with you to the clothing stores as you begin shopping for a new wardrobe.


Hats and headwear can add dimension, volume, and additional shaping to your head. Use them wisely to instill a sense of higher value and mystique instead of becoming the court jester.

• Beanies can be used to accentuate your hair and your face, while adding volume to your head.

Fedoras are used to add a sense of style and class. Tilt it for a movie star / mysterious effect.

Tilted caps are often used by frat boys to instill a sense of coolness. Be careful of its effect on lowering your class status.

Bandanas can be used to convey dominance. Be careful of its effect\ on lowering your class status by wearing it with other high status items or having a congruent rocker and edgy look.

In the United States, cowboy hats are great for a southern iconic effect. It increases your perceived dominance and masculinity.

Aviators are great for conveying masculinity and dominance. Be sure the glasses properly fit your face.

The light lens look became an icon via Asian mobsters and can be used to show a lighter coolness than heavier or darker lens glasses.

Dark lenses (Lil Jon) can be used to convey power as no one can see what your eyes are doing.

Scarves are versatile pieces for color, laying, and adding attention to the upper body. It also keeps you warm!

• Color accent pieces draw focus on your neck and chest area, while realigning and brightening the rest of your outfit’s colors.

• Scarf texture and length can determine level of masculinity or femininity.

• Be aware of different ways to tie a scarf and how to use longer or shorter scarves to match the rest of your outfit.


These fall into the category of casual home wear. There’s no need to get fancy with these. Just pick up a few from your local Target. Some other considerations:

• Wife beaters can definitely give you a masculine look, but don’t wear them as outerwear unless you want to come across as low class or are in very casual situations.

• Undershirts are good to wear beneath your nice dress shirts to help absorb the oils and sweat from your body, which will help to increase the longevity of your nice shirts. Just make sure that your undershirts are not visible under your dress shirt, or that they are the same color as your shirt if they are.

• V-necks are also growing in popularity. It’s good to have a couple pairs to wear casually at home and a few nicer ones with designs for outdoor wear.

Memorable T-Shirts

A well fitted T-shirt with a plain color or cool design is a great match for anything. They are very versatile during summer, but be careful of wearing T-shirts to upscale events.

Shirts often convey a message, and a cool shirt can sub-communicate many attraction switches. On the same note there is a risk is wearing shirts that convey the wrong message:

Left. Affliction shirts are currently in style, due to their accentuation of masculine features and cool style. However there are negative connotations associated to the douchebags stereotype where everything is loudly screaming for attention. Nonetheless, something between these shirts and a slightly edgier design can work.

Center. The shirt doesn’t fit. Unless you’re at a Comic-Con convention, do not wear this. A good seducer can still pull it off; however it has to be funny and congruent with your personality.

Right. An otherwise cool shirt, it could be a hit or a miss depending on the crowd and their views towards the environment.

Dress Shirts

Don’t wear the boring, oversized dress shirts that most office workers and regular guys wear. Find one white and one black dress shirt that fit you well first. As you progress in your understanding of style, try more rocker and edgier dress shirts to wear with dark jeans.

how to select clothes

Shirts can even be worn casually during the day, unbuttoned and with sleeves rolled up. A plain white shirt contrasts well with darker skin tones and darker jeans.

Example of formal wear by Korean band 2pm Arm Wear / Accessories / Backpacks

Accessories need to feel natural and become a part of the total outfit. Over accessorizing is worse than not wearing any accessories. As a general rule, don’t worry too much about accessorizing until you get your shirt, pants, and overall outfit down. Like the word denotes, accessories are used to accentuate or add a dimension to an existing outfit. Some tips for accessorizing:

• Leather wristbands and bracelets add masculinity to a look. You will see more examples of this in the next articles.

• Necklaces can add focus on the neck and accentuate masculinity. Must guys have no idea how to use necklaces to great effect. They accentuate the neck area which is a sign of dominance — the lion is not afraid to show his neck as his most vulnerable area to his enemies, and a masculine or well designed necklace has the same alpha-status effect.

• Rings can be used to add class, but don’t overdo it.

• Backpacks, briefcases, and travel bags can add to a man’s appeal (example: leather Kenneth Cole bag).


Blazers are similar to suit jackets, but less formal (semi-formal) and much cooler. The right blazer adds dominance and creativity at the same time. It can be seen as a cultural symbol of intelligence and wealth, even rebelliousness. It’s the perfect jacket to wear out to the club.

Here are some tips about blazers:

Blazers go great with jeans. You still stand out and have a “badass” attitude about you..

• Light blazers and white blazers really stand out and can draw a lot of attention to you. Dark blazers tend to blend in with the rest of your outfit but can still look cool.

• Try to pick blazers with designs on the back. Something stylish. Try to avoid the jarring effect of Ed Hardy guys and obviously trying too hard “Affliction” muscle guys with abrasive shirt designs (although they do get laid sometimes).

• Like everything else, fit is key. Make sure your blazer is fitted to your body and doesn’t look big or bulky. You can usually find nice, fitted blazers at stores like H&M.

• Mix it up with a bit of subtlety and class, like dark blazers with an elegant design and nice dark jeans.

• Blazers are usually made from high quality materials, so avoid the washing machine and take them to the dry cleaners.

• Blazers are a really great item to incorporate when layering.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are an iconic men’s fashion staple. Thanks to popular movies and the media, leather jackets have come to be associated with toughness, sexuality, and masculinity. They are associated with many popular sexual stereotypes, including bikers, military aviators, rock stars, punks, Goths, and metalheads.

Some tips for wearing leather jackets:

• The leather jacket is not always great for formal occasions, but when done right it makes you stand out.

• When you first try on a leather jacket, it will feel heavier and smell different than anything you have previously worn. Do not be turned off by this. Find a leather jacket that fits. You can try it on for a few days. You will begin to feel more alpha and cooler just having it on.

• Leather jackets are excellent with jeans. The classical leather jackets can even be paired with a shirt or collared shirt to create a contrasting look.

• Black leather jackets have grown in popularity, but guys rarely wear leather jackets of other colors. Try wearing a brown leather jacket or another color to make a fashion statement and stand out from the crowd.

• Light vs. Heavy: light leather jackets can be worn during spring and autumn time, and heavier motorcycle leather jackets during the winter time.

It doesn’t really matter too much what you wear when it comes to underwear, since by the time a woman sees you in your underwear you’re usually beyond the stage of making first impressions. Still, having a nice pair of underwear can give you the confidence that you look good on every level.

Some tips for picking out underwear:

• Avoid wearing tighty whities. These just scream grade school, and are easy to get dirty to boot.

• On a related note, make sure that your underwear is as clean as possible, and throw them out if they have any stains or rips. This is important.

• On the whole boxers and briefs debate, most women say they prefer boxers, but the choice is up to you. If you want to play it safe, you can get boxer briefs, which combine the best of both worlds.


The belt is an often under-looked item of men’s fashion. Your belt isn’t just something that holds your pants up. It can be used to draw attention to your groin region (which is associated with sexuality) as well as express your personality and style.

• When dressing up, it’s important that the color of your belt match the rest of your outfit, so I would recommend having both a brown and a black belt for most guys..

• Categorically, belts come in formal style and casual styles. The formal belts (brown, black) match dress pants, while the more casual belts come in a variety colors and buckle designs.

• Beyond that, things to look for in a belt are the thickness of the belt and any designs on the belt. A thick belt can add some gravity to your middle (not necessarily a good thing if you are a larger guy), while a thinner belt can help you look slimmer by not breaking the vertical lines of your body as much.

• Most belts for guys don’t have too many crazy designs, but opting for a belt with a funky pattern can make sense if you are going for a more retro or colorful look.

• One area that you will want to experiment with is belt buckles. Find yourself a standard belt with a removable belt buckle and experiment with different belt buckle designs. There are stores that specialize only in belt buckles, and you can also find some great designs online. A unique belt buckle can definitely add some personality to your belt.


Jeans are a staple in any man’s wardrobe because they’re so versatile. You can wear them casually with a T-shirt and jacket in your day-to-day life, or dress up a darker pair of jeans with a blazer or leather jacket for a night out at the clubs.

jeans photo

As a time saver, I just get my jeans at Guess!. They have the right fit and style for me. For newbies, finding the perfect pair of jeans may seem an easy task, but it’s not. A lot goes into finding the right fit actually. Waist, hips, and the length of the leg are different from man to man. These tips will help you pick out the right pair of jeans:

• 33×34 — in most stores this means 33 inch wide waist by 34 inch length of jeans. In the US, jeans are measured in inches, and in the metric system everywhere else.

• If you have wider hips, search for printed and striped jeans, especially towards the bottom. Darker jeans also make your legs look skinnier.

• If you have shorter legs, wear jeans a little longer taping the jean legs on your shoes.

• Jean design is VERY important. Guess! usually has quality designs with just one or two subtle differences (a tear here, an added stripped button on the pocket). Generic, normal looking jeans are
just boring. You don’t want to be a brand whore either. Learn to pick out well designed jeans and ask hot girls if they look good on you.

• If you are tall and thin, choose jeans that lie close to your body, with normal waist measurements. Don’t choose jeans that are too loose. Ironically loose jeans make you look skinnier.

• Larger jeans look good when you have very marked legs and an athletic build. In this case, a larger pair puts forward the shape of your femoral quadriceps and legs. A very tight pair will make your muscles look too pronounced and metrosexual. However, don’t go too loose either. Find a normal fitted pair that fits you well.

• Don’t be afraid to get a tighter pair of jeans that show off your ass. Women will appreciate it. Much like girls who hate on other girls who dress “slutty,” other guys will give strange looks to guys who dress more provocatively as a way of “testing” your social congruence.

• If you’re a larger guy, follow the same advice as before: choose darker jeans and looser jeans (but not too loose). Find jeans that have a wider leg width. The extra width on the pant leg offsets the width of the waist a little bit more.

Dress Pants

Well chosen dress pants can make a man look high class and sophisticated. They also increase the level of seriousness and professionalism of the wearer. Always wear a classy belt with dress pants. When wearing a suit, make sure the texture and color of the dress pants match the suit jacket. If you’re wearing a vest, make sure it complements the pants and jacket color.


Shorts are mostly worn during spring and summertime, and the effectiveness of them depends on how your shorts fit for the occasion and the rest of your outfit. Cargo shorts match well with short sleeve shirts, and trunks allow you to move in and out of water on summer days and nights. Your shorts should fit your waist nicely and extend up to the top of your knees; anything shorter will look more feminine.


There are a couple of things to keep in mind when buying socks.

• First off, white athletic socks should be reserved only for the gym or when you are wearing sneakers. Unless you are emulating Michael Jackson at a talent show, never wear white socks with dress shoes.

• The current fashion for athletic socks is for low cuts. That means your athletic socks should never come above the ankles, and many people prefer the “invisible” socks that are completely hidden by your shoes when worn. Never wear athletic socks above the ankles unless you are playing soccer or basketball.

• Black dress socks are a necessity in any man’s wardrobe. Brown and dark blue socks are also good to have. The rule is, if you are wearing dress shoes, match the color of your socks to the color of your pants.

• To keep things simple, try to only buy one type of sock design for each color. That way, you don’t have trouble matching socks once you inevitably lose a couple.

• Beyond these staples, try experimenting with socks that have wild patterns or bold colors such as orange or green. Colorful socks can add a dash of personality to an otherwise bland outfit.

• A very high fashion statement is to wear leather shoes without socks. This requires a high level of style intuition.

• Finally, never wear socks with sandals in front of a girl. Period.


The average woman owns 50 pairs of shoes (only slight exaggeration). Carrie from Sex and the City had 100. Men usually only own a few pairs of nice shoes. And really, that’s all we need. Our flaw is in our choice of shoes. I personally leave the details of a shoe to the designer. The brand itself takes care of the quality. But for those so inclined, here are the exact details of each type of shoe:

Dress Shoes

• Shoes must be made of leather, even their sole must be leather.

• The sole of quality shoes must be stitched onto the shoe, not glued.

• Quality shoes must be made of natural leather, not of synthetic material.

• Stitches must be well done and less visible.

• A well designed leather shoe usually has a unique design on top or the side of the shoe area.


o Laces: laced leather shoes are nice, but recently no laced shoes have made an appearance. Shoes without laces are comfortable and easier to put on.

o Color: Brown gives you more casual, while black is more elegant and formal. You can’t go wrong with a pair of black leather shoes.

o Material: leather is the way to go. Some people try crocodile skin or other skins, but I would stick to leather.

o The sole: a high quality shoe should have soles of at least 5 mm, preferably made of leather, not rubber.

o Stylish leather boots are starting to make a fashion statement. They can make you look taller as well as add a different style to your look. Finding the right pair of boots can be hard, but they can really compliment a pair of jeans nicely and receive much attention.

Casual shoes

• Less formal, but can still rock an outfit. These go great with jeans and other urban wear outfits.

• Converse makes great looking shoes that go great with jeans. Skateboarders have taken them up for their grip and style.

• Try to avoid wearing casual shoes with elegant pants or suits. They may work with jeans too, but use calibration. A nice pair of jeans should be matched with nice leather shoes.

Sports shoes

These can be cool if you are like Turtle from Entourage or if your identity revolves around being a rapper or urban icon. But there are some things you need to keep in mind.

• Good sports shoes ensure proper running and jumping (basketball) and kicking (soccer). However, in the game of attraction, they are less important.

• It’s nice to have sports shoes to wear when moving or when you simply want to be comfortable for a day and not care about being stylish. Part of being stylish is knowing when to “unplug” from fashion.

Shoe maintenance

Formal shoes have to be carefully attended in order to preserve their style and quality. By observing the following tips, you will ensure that you will have your shoes as long as possible.

• Use a soft material (rag or brush) to dust and shine your shoes regularly. Use leather cleaner or Kiwi to add some color and texture. Avoid instruments that are too hard and might damage the shoes.

• Every time you put your shoes on, you must wear clean socks. This is not only a rule of fashion or of maintaining the shoes, but a rule of hygiene.

• When you store your shoes for a long period of time, make sure you put them into a ventilated place, so they won’t start smelling strange.

• Remember to replace your laces if they get old. Find laces that are similar and match the shoe.

Types of Outfits

1) Nightwear/Pajamas

When you start getting girls to sleep over at your place, you want to have comfortable and nice nightwear. For some guys this means a nice soft T-shirt and shorts, while others prefer a night robe like Hugh Hefner or a full set of pajamas. A nice pair of boxers may also be appropriate on hot nights. Just have something that is clean and nice.

On a related note, always have extra towels, soft shirts, pajama pants, and toothbrushes for girls sleeping over.

2) Suits / Formal Wear

All things being equal, a suit will always draw more attention than any other clothing item. There’s just something about a well fitted suit that screams masculinity, power, and confidence. Walking along the street wearing a suit, you certainly notice all the eyes on you. Most people wear a suit only at special occasions, except Hollywood agents, Wall Street bankers, and those who choose to wear it as a uniform.

Some tips for buying a suit:

• Beware of suits salesmen because they often work on commission and will try to up-sell you.

• With suits, like everything else, fit is the most important aspect. Take your suit to a tailor and get it fitted specifically to your body.

• Beyond the basic black suit (which should be in every man’s wardrobe), try experimenting with different colors:

•Navy suits are a good alternative to black.

Brown suits are going out of fashion, but can give you a relaxed and somewhat retro look. White suits are hard to take care of, but signal wealth and provide a striking contrast with your skin tone if you have darker skin.

Suits of any other color (yellow, green, purple, etc.) should be considered a way of standing out and require higher style intuition.

Some additional tips for suit maintenance:

• Keep the suit only on a coat hanger. Some special hangers have an additional bag that protects the suit inside. There are special hangers for pants. Avoid keeping the pants folded. Avoid any crumpling of your suit.

• When traveling, use a cover and keep the suit hung for as long as possible. Sometimes you have to fold the pieces to fit in your luggage, but do so carefully. Always use covers for suits (you can find them for sale, and they are pretty cheap).

• Dry cleaning needs to be done to keep a suit clean. No washers and dryers! You will damage your suit and waste your money.

3) Winter Wear / Coats

For the winter months, additional pieces of clothing are needed for comfort and warmth. They should match the rest your outfit, but be conscious of the trade-off between function and fashion. Develop your style according to the occasion. Eventually you want to have casual clothing that looks nice even on the worst days, which you have learned to find for cheap at local shopping outlets.

• Ear muffs, heavy winter coats, and beanies can be both functional and a unique expression at the same time.

• Pea coats and winter coats (think George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven) can add frame and dominance to an already well dressed man.

• Scarves are another item that can be used to complement your outfit during colder times. The main things to look for with scarves are the material (how warm/soft is it), the length, and the color.

• The length of the scarf will determine how you can tie it.

• Experiment with different colored scarves. Winter-wear generally comes in duller colors, so a scarf can be a good way to add a touch of color to your outfit.

5) Beach Wear

Having a cool beach look can be important during the summertime. Needless to say, a lot of this goes into your body structure and how much you exercise and workout. Additionally, focus on getting trunks that extend up to your knees for a more masculine look. Darker colors express more dominance.

Sunglasses can add to power. And always remember to use sun screen — no use looking good if you get skin cancer.

6) Gym Wear

A nice pair of basketball shorts and a fitting T-shirt work well at the gym. For shoes, basketball or running shoes work. The important thing is that the colors match and what you are wearing is a natural extension of the sport you like and who you are. Wear older shirts to the gym that you do not mind sweating in.

7) Downtime Wear

I’ll call this section “stuff to wear when you’re sick” as a reminder that, in the grand scheme of things, your health is the most important thing—above women, above money, above everything else. If you’re down with a cold, your first priority should be keeping warm and comfortable. The rest of your actions should be focused on a speedy recovery. Being an artist means knowing when style isn’t a consideration factor in the grand scheme of things.

When you’re sick, wear a comfortable pair of pajamas. Wear a sweater and a T-shirt underneath. Scarf it up. Keep warm. Wear socks—your feet are a critical nerve point to keep warm when your immune system is down. When you have a cold, it’s better to be sweating a bit than feeling a little cold. The high temperature in your body prevents virus and bacteria replication, so sweating is a good thing. Keep a sweater or two that you wanted to throw away in the closet, and rock these on when you feel a fever coming.