Welcome to this crash course in which experts will teach you how to attract the woman of your dreams by creating sexual tension. Let’s get started.

Entropy Shares What Goes Inside His Mind While Creating Sexual Tension And Attracting Women

In my mind, what differentiates something that is sexual and something that is creepy is this: when it’s sexual and not creepy, it is fun. I think as guys we’re so mechanical about it that we don’t think of the fun and playful aspect of sex very much, whereas for women that’s extremely important.

how to create sexual attraction with women

So, if you’re talking in a very sexual way, and there is nothing fun about it, it just sounds like you’re describing a porno scene. That’s when it comes across as very creepy. But if you integrate your sexual tone with jokes or teasing it creates fun and playfulness and this feeling of expectation. So, yeah, definitely the biggest problem that I see with guys is that they’re not making it fun and exciting at all.

Marni Wing Girl Points Out Mistakes Guys Make With Women

What guys can do is really just sit back and let a woman come to you and then give short statements. So again, I don’t want to promote being a player and playing games, but I like when men are mysterious – when they don’t give you too much information. I tell men not to “throw up” on women. I tell them to sit back and decide in their head if this woman is worthy of them sharing their information. That is just the way I tell them to think about it: “Do I want to give this person this information? I don’t know if I trust her yet. I don’t know if I respect her yet.” All of that stuff you’ll be thinking in your head. You’re like sitting back, and you’re thinking, “Do I need to tell you about my past relationships? And do I need to tell you all information about me going to the doctor today and then discovering a fungus between my toes.” You don’t need to share all that information.

So in the very beginning I’d say that as a man, you want to guide the conversation instead of dominating it. And the more that you guide the conversation and don’t reveal too much information, it does make you mysterious and that definitely creates a sexual tone for me and it makes me want that guy even more. With my husband even now, he still does that. When we’re out on a date, he still has that same behavior and it turns me on every single time because it makes me want to get more information out of him. It gets us back to that first date that we had with each other. I find it attractive. I find it very sexy and it turns me on. Here are some more experts sharing their advice on how to build sexual attraction.

Nick Quick Shares His Openers And How To Generate Sexual Tension

It’s funny because some of the openers I’ve used and some of the stuff that I will say in the interaction is stuff that most guys would think, “How do you not get slapped for saying or doing that?” For instance, one of my other favorite openers is, “Hey, I am just a single guy looking to hook up tonight. Who should I be talking to?” And it’s funny because inevitably they all point to the same girl. And by so doing they are complicit in the seduction, and I can just say, “I’m going to borrow her for a second. I will bring her right back.” And her friends are already feeling like they should help me out.

Now, how do I get away with saying stuff like this? The best way is by not actually being needy or creepy. When you say sexual stuff, don’t be sexually needy. Realize that women are abundant and they want to have sex. But more importantly, do not come across all creepy when you’re doing sexually overt stuff.

You need to be internally neutral. Because when somebody says something that is sexually overt and they’re also internally turned on, they are thinking dirty and filthy thoughts. That’s what women call needy, creepy, weird, “get the fuck away from me.”

You want to deliver the lines about the same as you’d say, “Hey, have you seen that movie „Toy Story 2?” I heard it was OK.” You can deliver the lines in the same tone and feel the same internally as you would when you said the Toy Story thing. Read about the secrets of sexual attraction for more ideas and techniques.

Richard La Ruina Talks About Anxiety And Teaches How To Create Sexual Tension

I think that you can have a lot of anxiety about verbalizing something such as “Can I kiss you?” I never felt comfortable asking a girl that in case she said no. A lot of guys worry about touching a girl too much because they worry that she might think it’s creepy. The best way to sexually escalate or to create sexual tension is to do it non-verbally, meaning you’re not going to tell her what you want to do to her. You’re not going to start saying sexual things, but use the way you’re talking, the way you’re looking at her, and the way you move to create sexual tension. If this is your sticking point, here is the solution to approach anxiety.

The best way to explain this is that if you imagine going in and opening a five-set: You’re going to need tons of energy, you’re going to be gesturing a lot, your movements are going to be fast, you might be speaking fast, injecting a lot of energy into your words, and that is not seductive.

So let’s try and think about what elements would be required if you want to slip a girl into the seductive state. You’re going to gradually start to slow down your speech. You’re going to smooth it out and you’re going to introduce lots of pauses because when you pause in the middle of the sentence and you maintain eye contact, that’s pretty much as close a definition as you can get to sexual tension. So as you pause, you hold the eye contact, and at some point in the interaction, it is OK to look at her like you want her. Stop looking at her like you would look at your friends or relatives and start looking at her like you want her. She’s a girl and you’re attracted to her. There’s nothing wrong with showing that.

a guide to creating sexual attraction

When you escalate in a smooth way, you’re not going to put her into any situation that she wouldn’t want to be in. You’re going to be able to check every step of the way, just not verbally but by making sure that she’s still looking at you, and she’s still standing there, and she’s not kind of edging away or making excuses to leave. You can tell it’s still on and just keep smoothly escalating.

That’s something that guys can practice. Work on holding 100% eye contact because you cannot not look at a girl and then go in for the kiss. There are a few things you can work on. After guys get the ability to create a seductive bubble and project sexual tension then the kiss and everything after that becomes a lot easier.

Scot McKay Shares How To Attract Women And Get The Job Done

If you are purposefully injecting sexual tone anywhere, you are inauthentic. You’re not getting the job done. You’re not getting the heavy lifting done. Let’s say a woman came up to you and made it a point to interject things in her conversation with you to remind you she was sexy or to remind you that you should be the kind of guy who is looking for a relationship with her. She’s going to start sounding creepy to you because she’s pushing herself on you. Meanwhile, if some little feminine creature shows up and she’s got this long, pretty red hair and this cute sundress on and she has painted her fingernails, and she’s kind of singing to herself as she gets out of her car then I’m already in. I’m already intrigued.

How does sexual attraction happen? Very simply: masculinity and femininity are thrown like sodium into a bowl of water and they explode, and the more volatile that is the better. Here is another interesting post on how to create sexual attraction.

If you’re a guy who understands how to ignite femininity with real masculinity, you’re the man who makes decisions. You’re the man who can slow down his speech and not freak out. You don’t act like a Chihuahua. You act like a man who could be cool and collected even in the toughest situations. You know how to make a decision. You know how to make strong suggestions rather than begging and asking. You’re confident. You’re not afraid of the situation. You just present yourself as masculine. You don’t have to worry about injecting any kind of innuendo at all. She’s going to be hot for you.

If you are masculine, she’s going to want to get her little fingernail painted lady paws on you as soon as you can anyway. You just need to allow that to happen. You don’t force it to happen, and that has a lot to do with the situation you put yourself in. Don’t take her to dinner or a movie. Take her ice skating so she’ll fall in her butt a few times and you have to pick her up and she can enjoy you picking her up. We attract women by being men.

Jon Sinn Says Sexuality Always Starts With Humor

Sexuality always starts with humor for me. I think part of it is just that humor makes everything more acceptable. You can talk about anything as long as it’s funny and as long as the girl is laughing. So in all escalations, I’m going to make jokes about it first. And I might tell a girl I’m hitting on her and then I’ll tell her I’m trying to get in her pants in a joking way. Or I might make a joke about her trying to take advantage of me or me trying to take advantage of her. But I’m always going to start out really light, playfully and funny when it comes time to generate sexuality because her reaction to humor or sexuality is going to let you know how to go.

For instance, I was joking with a girl the other day about how she was just using me and she said, “Oh, maybe I could use you for something else.” And she actually got more sexual. Sometimes that happens. Other times girls will say, “Oh, we don’t know each other long enough for stuff like that.” And that lets you know, “Okay, she’s not quite ready to escalate yet.” But by throwing it out there in a joke form you’ll get an idea of where she’s at.