The main thing you need to focus on after you get your breathing and mind under control is this:
Ask yourself:
Q: Why are you reading this book?
Q: What are the main concepts and changes you want to experience after reading it?
Quick Tip: The next part you need to get your heart and mind around is:
Q: Who in your life could most benefit from the information in t he book? One of your friends? Someone in your family?
Look back at the How We Retain Information example above. See the part where it says that to retain 90% of what you read, you need to teach the material to someone else?
Listen, it’s 100% true.
You need to be able to teach the content of the book to someone else. We are flipping the usual “book reading” game on it’s ear, which is how you are able to get so much done so quickly!
Not only do you start to listen to your heart, but you put yourself into a “teaching” mode. This way you are able to retain 90% of what you’ll read almost automatically!
Ask yourself these 3 questions…
Q: What exactly do I want to teach in this book if I knew and understood everything that was in it?
Q: Which parts do I want to transfer to someone else to improve their life?
Q: If I had to ask the author a series of questions about the strategies that I need to teach to my friends, what will they be?
So, to recap, go back and do the Movie Screen exercise, where you clear you head.
Then position your mind as a Teacher of ultra-valuable material. Remember that you are reading the book so you can pass the information along to friends–as an instructor or teacher. Your whole goal and mindset is to be committed to being IN SERVICE to othersnot to yourself. You want to give them this information as a “gift” as a teacher, guide and mentor.
Another killer method for retaining knowledge is to read it with the mindset that you will interview the author after you finish reading the book.
Do you believe this will ramp up your ability to harness more information, and share it with other people that matter to you a and help them? You bet it will!
In essence, you are putting a big ball of “good” pressure on you are subconscious which says, “I have to read this book and squeeze out ALL the juice I can so I can teach!”
This COMMITS you and gives you a massive WHY.
See, the trick to retaining 90% of what you read will only be realized if you read it with the goal of passing the information on to others. Your retention skyrockets when you TEACH and PRACTICE what you learn. Even if you never actually teach anyone this content, putting yourself in this mindset prepares you for it anyway. Technically, your brain can’t tell the difference between real and imagined experiences – so this little “trick” forces you to learn and retain differently because your identity gets involved.
You don’t want to look like a fool in front of your peers, do you? With that in mind, I want you to read the book with the goal that you will interview the writer for 20 minutes. This trains your brain to come up with some great questions that you either want answered or explained in greater detail. Again, imagine the people you want to share the information in the book with. Connect with them emotionally. Feel their pain.
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