You are encouraged to have fun with this exercise and give yourself permission to be open to whatever insights and gifts your higher intelligence introduces to you.

1. Begin this exercise by focusing on the particular skill that you would like to develop, a subject or activity that you would very much like to perform much better in or to understand far better and be more effective in.

2. Begin by describing a beautiful garden. Make your descriptions in great rich details, using all of your senses. The more detail you have, the more intense and powerful your experience will be.

3. You may start to get pictures other than the garden. When this happens, describe in detail the pictures that you see. Expand your perception of the garden or picture by slowly turning to left, right, behind you and around you. You can start moving in the garden and feel things as they come into view. Do this for about 2 to 4 minutes.

4. Now imagine a genius joining you, a genius in the skill, subject, field, or activity that you picked at the start of this exercise. Perhaps this genius is someone whom you know or someone you do not know. He or she can be someone from the past, present or future, real or imaginary. It is best if you let yourself be surprised by who or what your larger mind puts in the place to play the role of the genius.

5. In rich details, begin describing the genius, making him or her utterly real. Describe the feel of the warm, welcoming the presence of this genius. Take about 2 to 4 minutes.

6. Now stand at arm’s length, behind the genius (his or her back is to you). Now waft yourself forward into this genius. Bringing your eyes to where the genuis’s is etc… until you feel that you are totally inhabiting his or her body. Now bring your senses, your mind, your body, your memories, your perceptions to where those of the genius are so that now you become the genius.

7. Now perceive your surroundings as the genius, noting the difference between how you perceive the space as a genius and how you experienced there prior. ¬†As the genius, describe these differences aloud richly and in great detail. Stay as immediately sensory as you can. The understanding, abstraction and ah, ha’a will almost take care of themselves if you continue to stay firmly with the rich sensory details of what it is like being a genius.

8. Continue to be this genius. Engaging in some of what it is that the genius is genius at. As you do so, study thefeelings is your body as the genius, especially your posture. Describe in great details your perceptions as the genius.

9. Once you are in the flow of the full ah’ha, describe the feelings in the face, the neck, the shoulders, and every other part of the genius’s body while being specially effective at the skills that your genius is a genius at. 10. Now go into your genius memory and go to the moment of greatest understanding or illumination, in the lifetime memory of this genius. A time when everything came together and made wonderful sense. Describe as much as you can about this experience, the perceptions and understanding that were part of this experience for at least two minutes.

10. Now walk in front a full length mirror. See the genius facing you in the mirror. Now abolish the mirror and have the genius standing there and yourself facing the genius. Project a warm felling of thanks towards your genius

11. Your genius hands you a tiny cellular phone. There is a mutual feeling of understanding between both of you that you can tap into at any time.

Now any time you want to get new ideas or insights just repeat this experience.