In this dating guide we will focus on improving your conversation skills so that you naturally exclude the persona of an attractive alpha male. Improved conversation skills can go a long way helping you have more choice when it comes to dating and relationships. You will be able to attract more women that you ever thought possible. Let’s get started.

Richard La Ruina Offers His Dating Advice

It’s best not to be in that situation at all. You can save an opener and use it in the middle of the conversation. I don’t like them, but you can use all these PUA routines and stuff and these would be good tools if you are worried of running out of ammo in the middle of the conversation.

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It tends to happen in the following situation, when you ask a girl, “Where are you from?” And she says, “Russia.” And you say, “Oh, OK, where in Russia?” And she says, “Novosibirsk.” And you say, “Oh, OK. Um, oh, I don’t know anything about that. Um, cool.” And you have one of these super awkward moments. The mistake there is that you’re digging deeper into an area you know nothing about and you are not making any attempt to connect.

A better thing to do is to think about, when she says Russia, think about what that means. Does that mean anything to you? Can you make a statement about Russia? If not, what does that mean that she’s moved to America? What does that say about her character? What type of person does that – moves to a whole another country? What kind of emotions would she feel when she moved? This is really the root of connecting and group conversation. It’s when you can get down to someone’s emotions, motivations, and character traits. So I’d either be trying to steer the conversation as deep as possible or if it’s on the surface, it’s going to have sexual tension backing it up. Or I’m going to be trying to make her laugh, tease her or misinterpret and do things that mix it up in that way.

Scot McKay’s Dating Advice To Attract Women With Your Conversation Skills

If you are showing up with a masculine presence, and she isn’t interested and she’s looking around, I think that kind of falls back into the category of “maybe it’s her, not you.

Maybe she is distracted. I think it can happen to anybody. I think potentially you can snap your fingers in front of her face and say, “I’m still here.”

If you did that and you’re laughing, a confident laugh like this is a funny situation, and found her eye contact and brought it back, I think you might be able to snap her out of it if she is genuinely just distracted. Maybe she’s wondering what her friends are thinking or doing. Please call it out. Please just tell it like it is, so that she can stop feeling nervous and constrained around you and get on with the business and continue the conversation. And you get on the business of saying, “Hey, look, you’ve got to get back to your friends. I’m going to let you do that. Give me your number and I will call you tomorrow night at 5:00.”

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If it doesn’t end well, first of all, it’s probably not your fault if you’re doing everything right. Second of all, it’s OK to move on to the next one. I love the idea of trying to get their eye contact back because it’s just such a bold leadership move, but you’ve got to do it with a smile on your face. You’ve got to do it laughing, that’s your best shot at it. And then just call it out if you see the distraction happening, talk about it. Bring it up. Don’t try to pretend something is not there when it is.

Jon Sinn Shares His Dating Methods And Conversation Skills

Don’t freak out. This is a really simple problem. Most conversations are going to have lulls. The biggest thing is don’t freak out and let it turn into a pause. If you have to ask a boring interview question to break the silence before it gets too awkward, do it.

The biggest problem is don’t let that silence extend too long to the point where it gets awkward because women hate social awkwardness. Once it gets awkward, the girl is going to lose all attraction she basically has for you and just want to get out of there. So just break the silence. Take a deep breath, stay calm. Break the silence quickly and not everything you say has to be 100% great. So if you have a couple minutes of boring conversation and then you remember your tactics and techniques to spice it up, that’s fine. The biggest thing is just don’t freak out.

That is it for today. I do hope you learned some useful dating techniques that you put into action tonight. Remember practice is the key so never give up and you will soon be living the life of your dreams.

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