In this article Vin Dicarlo will share his foolproof technique for getting a date immediately and some other experts will share their thoughts on whether you should ask for a girl’s number or just take her home. Plus here is a list of some cool and fun first date ideas to help you enjoy your date.

Vin DiCarlo Shares His Foolproof Technique To Immediately Get A Date

The rule of thumb is this: I will ALWAYS try to get a date immediately and I have a foolproof technique I use, which I’ll explain in a little bit.

So the first thing you’ve got to realize is that whether it’s the first meeting, like you meet her in a bar or in a coffee shop, or whether you meet her on the first or second date, it’s actually the same principle. So let’s just call it your “meeting.”

The question is only a matter of prior commitments. In other words, if you have nothing to do, and she has nothing else to do, and you’re having a good time then why would you not continue the meeting?

There are really only three possible reasons a meeting should end. Number one, you have a prior commitment. Number two, she has a prior commitment or number three, there’s no connection.

So if you do end the date, and there’s no clear reason why, she’s going to assume it’s because there’s no connection.

getting a date

So I always want to push things as far as I can (or have a really good reason I’ve got to go – for work or I have plans with my friends or whatever).

I was actually doing some phone coaching with a client last week – and he destroyed his chances with a girl because of this very reason.

They met for dinner, they had a great time, and then he thought that he should just end the date. I asked him why and he said he thought he should just end it on a high note. So they had a great time, and without warning, he just decided to take her home.

Subsequently she has refused to see him again. WHY? Because when he dropped her off, he demonstrated to her that there was NO connection and no reason to continue hanging out. So now whenever he contacts her to hang out it looks like he’s either desperate or indecisive, both of which are bad.

So let’s talk about the situation where you first meet a girl: Should you instadate her or just get her number? You want to insta-date her! And only get her number if she can’t do the insta-date right then and there.

The reason why is because if she does say yes to the insta-date, then you’re making a GREAT first impression right away. Women love to be able to tell their friends about how spontaneous they are, and how they had some incredibly romantic experience “just happen” and there’s specific language I use to create that perception in her mind.

After meeting a girl, the very first thing I’ll say is, “I’ve got a crazy idea … let’s get coffee together!” The crazy idea part is important because that’s what gets her thinking spontaneously, and also gives her the feeling that this is new to you too and that you don’t do it 5 times a day when you’re out meeting women.

And if she agrees, you’re in great shape. Any time you take a girl on an insta-date, you’ve made such a powerful impression that she’s going to have no hesitation seeing you again later on.

girl getting ready for the date

And the worst thing that can happen is she says she can’t because she has plans, but that’s actually great news too, because you can say “Oh, OK, another time then” as if it’s no big deal and you can just do it sometime in the future. And since you’re removing the pressure from her and letting her off the hook, she’s naturally going to say “Yeah, OK.” At that point you say “Great, I’ll give you a call then.” And at that point you can use any one of my foolproof techniques for getting her phone number.

What you’ve done is CREATED your own window of opportunity, like I talked about in the question about taking things to the next level. You’ve set it up in a predictable way so that she really has no choice but to give you her number. It’s a simple, easy to remember technique and it really does work every time.

Action Jackson Shares His Personal Opinion

My personal experiences with same-night lays and onenight stands just left me feeling emptier and lonelier than before, maybe because there wasn’t an emotional connection and the sex was mechanical or whatever.

So with me personally, I always go for a number about 20 minutes in to the conversation if I’m at a bar or club and then I keep it going after that. Read how to get a girl’s number if you are having trouble with this step of seduction.

If possible, I like to turn it into an instant date, bounce her to maybe a diner or during the day, see if she wants to go get a cup of coffee or something. But you have to be honest, man; I don’t get the whole same-night lay deal.

Bill Preston Says He Often Tried To Get A Girl’s Phone Number

I often try to get the phone number, just because if we get separated or if it’s not working that night, I don’t want to be the guy at the end of the night saying “Hey! Wait, you are not coming home with me, what’s your phone number?” So, I try to get the phone number right away. I’m going to ask for it is based on how much rapport I have with her. Like I said, women are much more expressive than guys. So if she is touching you, listening to you and really engaged so it is like the two of you are in your whole little bubble in a crowded room, of course I’m going to ask her back to my place. Now, we may not have sex, but I’m definitely going to bring her back and going to show her that it’s safe to be at my place, that it’s fun to be there and there’s always going to be something fun to do. So, if I’m feeling a high level of rapport with a girl, I’m going to ask her back every time. Here is how to ask for a girl’s number.

Lance Mason Says It Is Just A Personal Choice

This is just a personal choice: are you the kind of guy who wants to build a relationship or do you just want to bring a woman home? I’ve actually found that bringing a woman home the same night works fine for a relationship. There is no reason not to bring a woman home, and so I look at it the same way as asking her out for a date. It’s like I’m always moving towards that. I’ll get to know a woman. We’ll start talking about essential things. We’ll start touching each other in a sensual way, even if it’s just on the hand or the face or the neck, and then I’ll ask her out for a date.

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But then I’ll come back and see if I could get her home. I’ve already got the date set, right? But I’m going to try and get her home. I’m going to create all these fantasies. I’m going to get more and more specific. But you want to figure out the logistics right away. If you see her together with her friends or maybe if she’s alone, I’ll just ask her who she is there with. I’ll find out if they came together and if she is the designated driver or needs to drive her friend’s home.

If that’s the case, it’s going to be a big issue. So you always want to figure out the logistics early.

Joseph Matthews’s Shares His Opinion

It really comes down to the level of interaction you’re able to get with her. If you meet a girl and start making out hot and heavy, that’s a pretty good bet that you could get her back to your place and have sex with her right then and there. But typically attraction happens over a period of time.

If she shows some interest, but it’s not like hot and heavy interest, that’s when you go for the phone number or the Facebook profile or what have you. If you feel like there is a really strong connection – all the verbal and nonverbal signs of being attracted – you can try and escalate it right then and there. And if not, if there’s some type of time constraint or some type of social situation where it just wouldn’t be appropriate, you can get stop and try and do that later. If a girl likes you, she’s not going to just suddenly stop liking you.

Drew Canole Says You Can Feel Whether To Take A Girl’s Number Or To Take Her Home

I think this is the kind of thing that you can feel. If the conversation is going wild, she has laughed a lot, she has touched you, ask her to go back but make it completely non-threatening. At this point, you are still her friend, you are still her wing man, but ask her maybe if she makes pancakes, invite her to make some pancakes in the morning. And then along the way, you have a bit of game on, you are a little aggressive, but you are still going away from her, you are acting like you are too cold for her. Maybe instead of just asking, you should grab her hand and say, “Hey! Let’s go. Let’s go to my place, it’s going to be fun, we are having a party, it’s going to be fun and you are going to be a part of it.”