So readers today we have a puzzle for you it is.

There are three people who check into a hotel.

After paying 30 $ to the manager, all of them go to their room.

All of a sudden, the manager realizes that the bill per room is 25 $, not 30 $ so he hands 5 $ over to the bellboy and asks him to go the room and return the money.

On his way to the room, bellboy thinks that it is going to be difficult to divide 5 $ among three people so he keeps 2 $ to hmself and gives one dollar each to all of them.

Now the situation is, each person paid 10$ and got 1 $ back. They paid 9 $ each. 27 $ in total and the bellboy has 2$. 29 $ in total.

now the question is that where is the missing 1 $?Stop reading and think of the answer. If you can’t think of any answer, then, well just read on


they paid 30$ and got 3$ back so in total they paid 27 $ only. Of this 27 $, 25 $ went to the hotel manager and the remaining 2$ went to the bellboy