Are you ready to learn a hypnosis technique to relax just now? Let’s get just started.

I want you to concentrate on the muscle groups that I point out to you. Loosen them, relax them while visualizing them. You will notice that you may be tense in certain areas and the idea is to relax yourself completely. Concentrate on your forehead. Loosen the muscles in your forehead. Now your eyes. Loosen the muscles around your eyes. Your eyelids relax. Now your face, your face relaxes. And your mouth . . . relax the muscles around your mouth, and even the inside of your mouth. Your chin; let it sag and feel heavy. And as you relax your muscles, your breathing continues r-e-g-u-1-a-r-l-y and d-e-e-p-1-y, deeply within yourself. Now your neck, your neck relaxes. Every muscle, every fiber in your neck relaxes. Your shoulders relax . . . your arms . . . your elbows . . . your forearms . . . your wrists . . . your hands . . . and your fingers relax. Your arms feel loose and limp; heavy and loose and limp. Your whole body begins to feel loose and limp. Your neck muscles relax; the front of your neck; the back muscles. Keep breathing deeply and relax. Now your chest. The front part of your chest relaxes and the back part of your chest relaxes. Your abdomen . . . the pit of your stomach, that relaxes. The small of your back, loosen the muscles. Your hips . . . your thighs . . . your knees relax . . . even the muscles in your legs. Your ankles . . . your feet… and your toes. Your whole body feels loose and limp. And now as you feel the muscles relaxing, you will notice that you begin to feel heavy and ! relaxed and tired all over. Your body begins to feel v-e-r-y, v-e-r-y tired and you are going to feel d-r-o-w-s-i-e-r and d-r-o-w-s-i-e-r, from the top of your head right down to your toes. Every breath you take is going to soak in deeper and deeper and deeper, and you feel your body getting drowsier and drowsier.

Allow all outside thoughts during this relaxation phase to drift passively through your mind.

Suggest to yourself that at any time you may experience an OBE, and this projection would be terminated if your physical body felt in any way uncomfortable.

Finally, concentrate on a desired location, or person to visit, and allow yourself to travel there in your astral double.