A key quality which is tied to a man’s self confidence is the way he feels about himself and his self-esteem.

Does he feel like he deserves a beautiful woman? Does he feel like he deserves good things at all?

Today, our society is growing more and more pessimistic which is ironic because there are more opportunities than ever for success.

The average person today is not generally happy within themselves. Whether they need a shoulder to cry on, a girlfriend to love or anything else to be happy they always have one thing in common:


This is a result of all our unnatural programming. Take some time to really look around and notice how many pessimistic people are out there. A typical person will always be worrying about the worst possible outcome of a situation.

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This draws all of your personal strength just to indulge in misery. This leaves a person afraid to take risks, afraid to go against standards and afraid to think for themselves.

Most people aren’t willing to step up to the plate in this respect because they are not confident that people will accept them and their way of leadership. A lot of people are unconfident about themselves and because of this they do not think their beliefs or ideas will “catch on”.

How many people have you met who’s favorite lines are:

“Oh no that’ll never work.”

“People are never going to accept that.”

“What if people don’t like my idea?”

Think of it like a porno director who is embarrassed to tell his family that this is what he does for a living.

A man with a solid confidence does not:

Care what others think of himself or his actions.

Worry about making a “good” impression.

Look to others to approve the way he is acting.

Self-esteem boils down to insecurity and issues with false beliefs.

False beliefs often exist within your own mind.

What exists in your mind isn’t perceived by others until you show it through your speech or actions.

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Years ago I had a problem with reading into what women said. I would read everything a woman said on surface level in a male logic-oriented way.

Now I probably had it worse than others. I remember a woman once laughing and telling me, “you’re bad” and failing to piece her body language with her statement.

I heard “you’re bad” and went home upset because I could not see things through her eyes.

Other examples of ideas we set which cause self-esteem issues are:

“Women only want good looking men.”

“She’s out of my league.”

“Women are all bitches so it’s not worth dealing with them anyway.”

The 3rd one Is an example of an excuse which a person would use in order to avoid facing reality. His emotions and desires need a woman but because he cannot get one he simply makes an excuse about why he wouldn’t want one anyway to justify why it’s “okay.”

Have you ever done this? I can’t count the number of times I have.

People always seem to jump to negative scenarios or la-la land before they stop and think:

“Hey, I am going to get my ass in there and own this place!”