The Effect

Walk up to a woman and tell her to pick any card and tell it to you. You then pick up a cell phone, call a friend and your friend is able to tell her exactly which card she picked.

The Details

Walk up to a girl or group of girls at a bar or club and tell them that you can telepathically project thoughts through radio waves via a cell phone. Tell her it’s taken you years, but through lots of meditation it’s possible to get brain waves in sync with the frequency of radio waves.

Tell her to pick any card that exists in a standard deck of cards (ie. The 6 of Hearts). What makes this trick great is that you don’t need to actually have a deck of cards with you. Have her tell you which card she picked. Now tell her that you will call a friend and through telepathy you’ll tell the friend which card they chose.

The secret is to have the friend (wingman) on the other end of the phone in on the trick. You can do this easily at a bar or a party by having the person go into the bathroom, outside or at the other end of the bar/club. You can do this with a friend at home too but they must be aware that you are going to call specifically about this. As the soon as the friend answers – they should start counting Ace,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,Jack,Queen,King. Have them pause about a second between each card. Let’s say the person picked the 6 of Hearts. Immediately after your friend says 6, you say, “Hello?” – The person will assume that your friend just picked up the phone at that moment. This will indicate to your friend that the card is a 6. Then you say to your friend, “Have you got the card?” Then hand the phone to the girl and your friend will tell her the card. Notice that you said, “Have you got the card?” By starting the sentence with an “H”, this tells your wingman that it’s hearts. You can use a different sentence to indicate whether it’s Hearts, Diamonds, Spades or Clubs. For Clubs you might say, “Can you tell her the card?” For Diamonds you might say, “Did you telepathically get the card?” For Spades you can say, “Say the card please”.

If done smoothly and quickly the girl will have no idea how you did it. The great thing is, you can hang up and do it over and over again. She’ll never know how you’re doing it! Okay – now here comes the best part of the trick. After you do it once, tell the girl that you can project even more complex things through the phone as well. Tell her to give you her phone number and you’ll mentally project it through the phone and you guarantee your friend will be able to pick it up. If possible, have a pen ready so she can write it down for you. As soon as she gives you the number, pretend you’re calling your friend (you can be putting her number in your phone at this time). Then just say, “Oh – he didn’t answer… but thanks for your number. I’ll give you a call tomorrow”. Now start to walk away and give her a little smirk. Don’t say goodbye. Just disappear from her sight for a little while and come back in about 5 minutes. I guarantee that she’ll be all over you when you get back!