daygame plan

Approaching and Transitioning

• Get her attention politely, explain how you came to notice her and pay her a small, but genuine physical compliment. For example:

Excuse me, hi. I just saw you sitting there and I had to tell you, you have an amazing style. I really love your look: it’s so well put together.


Excuse me, hi. I just saw you sitting there and I had to tell you, you have an amazing style. I really love your look, it’s so well put together.

•Wait for her to say thank you, then put your hand out, ask her name and introduce yourself.

• The ideal reaction from a woman is pleasant surprise. The more warmly she reacts, the more open to a conversation she is. If you get a less than warm re action, don’t take it personally! Some women just aren’t interested in meeting strangers, or perhaps she already has a boyfriend.


• Over the next five or ten minutes, you want to find out a little bit about who this woman is, and demonstrate that you are an interesting person to her.

• Find out what she is doing today, what she does for a living, and what she does in her spare time for fun. Don’t ask all these questions in a row, but gradually find out these answers over the course of a five- or ten-minute conversation. Use her answers to make statements that lead the conversation onto topics you are knowledgeable about.

• For example, if you’re a good writer, and it turns out she’s studying journalism, you could talk about how much you enjoy journalism, your experiences of studying writing, or what you love most about writing as a job.

• Make sure you don’t go into interview mode by asking lots of questions and making few statements. You should make statements about yourself for most of the conversation. The questions you ask her simply allow you to target the statements you’re going to make.

• Try to discover things that you are both passionate about and spend time talking about those things with her.


• This is where you find out whether she has the kind of personality and lifestyle of someone you could get along with – someone worth getting to know better.

• Think about your favorite topics of conversation, whether it’s travelling, writing, dancing, sports, music, movies or anything else, and ask her questions related to these things, for example, “What kind of movies do you like?”

• If after a few minutes, you get the impression you could genuinely like her, give her another compliment that this time doesn’t relate to how she looks. For example, “I really like that you’re into travelling. It makes me think that we could have a few things in common.”

• Try to pay her a couple of these non-physical compliments over the course of the conversation.

Logistical Progression

• If you’ve had a good conversation with her after five or ten minutes, tell her that you enjoyed talking with her and that you’d like to talk some more over a drink or a coffee. See how she responds.

• If she agrees, find out what her schedule is like for tonight or the next few days, and arrange a mutually convenient time to meet. Ask her to put her phone number in your phone and save it.

• You have hopefully now set up a date!

• If she says no, tell her, “No problem. It was nice to meet you,” and go approach some more women…

Here is also a video training lesson for you with more tips to approach and attract women during the day.