This is a book that Harry claims to be be his best book so far. But does this book really has something to offer? i am a honest person and i do not believe in sales tricks and i honestly do not think that one should buy this book.   Why?   Because this book really has nothing unique to offer. It like anyother book starts with an introduction to memory and in the rest of the chapters here is what is discussed   1. Talks about method of association, the old usual stuff. There are no new concepts and association techniques.   2. Talks about how interest helps improve memory (nothing new for those who have read other books by Harry)   3. Talks about ways to remeber words and meaning (This section has a new technique)   4.Talks about learning foreign languages and just repeats the old techniques already available on internet for free.   5. Talks about some very basic techniques to remeber faces. I do not think these techniques can help anyone.   6. Talks about remembering numbers in a BRAND NEW way but it really is an old way also mentioned in Harry’s first book “How to develop a super power memory”.   7. Talks about remebering lists, words, appointments but offer no unique and new technique. Just offers the old techniques once again (method of association, peg system). Peg system is already explained on hundreds of websites and you can learn it for free.   8. A totally useless chapter on “remembering state capitals”   9. A chapter on “Cultivating your Imaginuity”. This section has some useful tips.   10. A chapter on “Memorize the Morse code easily”. Now chapter also offers some good advice.   11. The section i really did not like at all is on “Remember facts and show off your culture quotient.” because it is just weird. There are way more advanced methods available on this tpoic.   12. A section on beating quiz games. This one is good as it offers some useful advice.   13. A section on “remembering speeches” and this section is really meant to be fopr kids.   14. A section on “magazine memory feat”. This one is awesome for those who want to learn mnemonics just for tricks and not for day to day life.   15. A useless section on remembering playing cards. The only thing i liked about this section is “missing card stunt”.   16. A section on “spelling mistakes”. This section is really a good one.   17. A chapter on “The 400-Digit Memory Feat”. Skip it if you have already read harry’s old books.   Please Note   i am someone who has spent five years learning mnemonics so this reveiw is meant to be for use who have already leant the basic mnemonics. If you are a newcomer, who does not know the basics yet then you must buy this book immediately as it covers the basics but if you are somewhat an advanced learner then you should stay away from this as it has nothing new to offer. You will find yourself reading what you might have read 2 years ago.   This book will make a good gift for your kids though.   You can buy this book here