Humans just as animals have a mating dance.

Until I get my default settings a little better and having self awareness, little details will do shit for me! So work on the basics and the default stuff.

If you understand the communication of the body I can communicate without even saying a word. This will give me a huge advantage in the dating game. The language of the body is the actual direct root. And it’s the true form of human communication.

Body language is 55% of all communications; the rest is voice tone and then 7% words. So body language is the most important thing to learn. It’s everything.

The objective is not to be perceived as nice via my body language, neither to win her approval, nor to fit in, the objective is attraction (I want to create that complex of physical and emotional response that makes a woman wants to be with you, physically and emotionally, and use my body language to spark, amplify the attraction, bridge from one step to another with my body language and trigger that unconscious attraction response with my body language and amplify that attraction and sexual feelings.)

Eliminate that I depend on you vibe through body language?? Do not follow the body language of others, pause, reflect consciously before going along worth others, do my own thing often, allow myself to be cool.

alpha male body language

Overcome the embarrassment of going out and learning what cool is (as in style).

Clothing is an extension of my body language it is pretty well connect to me, give myself permission to be cool.

Status is one of the strongest concepts in the dating world; it’s the social hierarchy somebody will just be at the top. What I am interested in here is status to the other woman I am involved to. Women are attracted to men that they perceive that they have higher value then themselves, and turned of by women with low status. So status is very intimately connected to attraction. If I communicate to a woman through my body language, or any other ways that I see myself as a low status person or I communicate that will let her be the high status on I will kill the attraction instantly.

Exercise: pay attention to high status people and observe them. Those people just see themselves as high status and carries themselves that way observe that learn from it.

The sexual threat. It’s when a woman is attracted to a ma, sexual attraction, this will set off alarms in her mind, that if she sleeps with me she might get pregnant and I might get away. And she will have to stick with the baby. But there is something about it that is exiting to women’s should be a sexually aggressive male( confident, strong,fun,creating sexual tension) and the body language of that sexually aggressive males is very different then the nice guy’s body language.

The body language that will turn on women and attract them to me will make men uncomfortable and unavailable woman irritated so I will have to take the decision, well For me it’s not a hard one I don’t give a shit about men no  unavailable women. You can’t please everyone all the time.

What are all the things that a sexual threat does not do?

Exercise: practice greeting people with the attitude that I am high status, it goes something like this tilt my head slightly backwards, chin up, neck exposed and raise my eyebrows and then lower them to greet. Look at this person in the eyes, don’t smile and look like you want their approval and like I have known them for a long time and keep my power. Once I have practiced that I should start doing it with women( remember David de Angelo’s story about the he shook hands with and had a very powerful physical presence and David felt like he wanted him to smile at him and like him.)

Don’t lean forward like a wuss that needs approval, lean back around woman and lean back physically and relax.

Have that keeping my power for myself vibe.

When I want to approval give (and not approval get)

Touch them


Going along with what they are doing watching them


What is approval seeking body language?

Leaning in

Smiling a lot

Laughing at myself

Making myself smaller

Putting my head down

Raising my eyebrows submissively

The third concept is approval keeping body language:

It’s when people want to get my approval they want it but I am not giving it to them.

Slow movement

Leaning back

Fixed eye contact

Fixed posture

Loss of interest

Most guy give approval constantly and they think that If I give approval I will get some back in return but no it does not work that way. Plus stop everything about approval giving body language. think as approval as currency I need to invest it and spend it very wisely.

Projecting self image and belief through body language

It’s important to see myself as a man who is successful with woman, and a man who is confident around woman, it’s important to like myself and be selective and not give woman special treatment because of their beauty, it’s important to be comfortable in social situations, it’s important to see myself as a high status individual, my body projects myself image and my beliefs and this is done through body language.

A little about eye communication

Do not break eye contact first at the first contact because that conveys strength and dominance and that I am the one in control.

Pay attention to pupils! when the dilate that means she likes what she is seeing, if they are getting small then the opposite effect is there.

Make a little more eye contact with her.

If she is making eye contact with me, I am on the right track she’s in to me.

She will become more self conscious and insecure the more attracted she is to me and I can see this by her body language( fidgeting, orienting herself to me, breaking eye contact, seek approval, seek attention, and clearly emotionally attached to my approval).

A bit about the first meeting

When my eyes first lay eyes on her! Convey an “I highly confident and sexual guy that is going to make you do things you don’t want to do and really like.” Message. Then don’t break eye contact until she breaks it. And then when I look at her.

A bit about the voice tone and first words

Say anything, like “hey what’s up” or anything situational.

But the key is to say it in a deep voice tone resonating from the chest.

A bit about the body language when we first meet

I should lean back, be strong and confident.

Take up more room.

Let her get the chance to see me from head to toe.

Plant myself where I am and start communicating with her and let her come to me.

See if she moves towards me to continue the interaction if she does it’s on.

When I know that she is in to me then I could lean in a little bit and engage.