We are going to talk about rejection in this post. You will be learning from both male and female experts who have earned a name in the fields of dating and relationships.

Kezia Noble Teaches How To Deal With Rejection

Easy, break rapport, break rapport, break rapport and break rapport. I’m a big, big fan, as you can see, of breaking rapport. It’s so effective. If you’re in a club or a bar, remember that girl is going to be there for a few hours. She’s not running away. You can’t break rapport in the daytime. The girl is going to eventually have to go back to work or get on with her day, but nighttime is great. Go and talk to a group of girls, hook them in and say, “Do you know what? I’ve got to go. I’ve got to go see my friend. I’m being really rude. I’ll catch you girls later.”

effective methods for dealing with rejection

They’re thinking, “Oh, most guys don’t do that. They just hang around us. They won’t leave us alone and this guy demonstrated the fact that his time is precious. His time is valuable and he’s not worried about us talking to other guys. He’s got things to do; he’s got his own stuff going on, his own life going on. Women find that extremely attractive. So breaking rapport is one of the most effective things that you can do as a man.

Entropy On How To Deal With Rejection

Whenever I open a group or a girl and it just completely bums, this is totally counter-intuitive, but what recovers it probably three quarters of the time is basically when I call myself out. So, let’s say, I’m in a bar and I walk up to a girl and I try to say something witty or funny to her, but it’s just really lame. She doesn’t laugh and the girls kind of look at me like, “Who is this dork?” I call myself out. I say, “You know that one is really lame. I just want to come and say what’s up.”

And it’s funny, they usually respect you for admitting that you sucked and actually, it’s amazing how often they turn around. You’ll say a dumb line and you’ll screw up and then you say, “You know what, that was really dumb. I’m sorry. You know, my name is Mark, I just want to meet you.” And they’ll kind of laugh and they’ll say, “It was a nice try. No, you could try again.” It totally works. I mean, they really appreciate the fact that you’re willing to admit a mistake and be fun about it.

Nick Quick Offers Advice On ‘How To Deal With Rejection’

That actually will happen every now and again. What most guys will do is they’ll plough through. But me, I do what I call the gravity hook, and that is where I just hold it. So if she says something like, “Fuck off, loser!” I will give her one more chance. I will just stand there and show that I am comfortable with the tension that she’s creating and just give her seductive eye contact. And oftentimes, she will realize, “Holy shit, this guy can handle my test, and he’s comfortable with that tension. Cool, I’ll give him another shot.”

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And if that second shot doesn’t go well, I’ll just walk out. No big deal. Just spring yourself out. You only have so much time when you’re going out to a bar to meet an awesome girl. So why waste it on girls who are just going to be a pain in the ass.

Richard La Ruina Talks About Attracting A Girl Who Has Rejected You

If you are not well received, then you have to roll with it depending on what they’ve given you. It depends on what the situation is, if it is something that you can work on. If it is them being bitchy and difficult, then obviously you can’t work with that. So it depends on the situation.

Scot McKay Says Best Way To Handle Rejection Is To Move On

Move on. I mean, why do you want to talk to a bunch of people who don’t want to talk to you? I mean, if you’re being a social guy and you’re bringing to the table something that’s going to enhance their lives, if you’re trying to brighten their day, and they’re rude to you or they’re mean to you and they don’t want you there, why try to fit that’s square peg into the round one?

Jon Sinn Talks About Openers, Rejection And Attracting Girls

It happens a lot, actually. Let’s say that you use a club opener and it happens a lot where they’re not well received. I like to do something I call self-commentary and it’s basically where you just acknowledge what’s happening, almost like a director. So let’s say I use that opener where I ask them if they’re going to be fun and they say, “No.” I’ll say, “Okay, let’s try this one more time.” And I’ll actually walk away and do it again.

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People get into trouble when they start to qualify themselves, when they start trying to explain or control their image. Whereas, if you take things to a more absurd degree, a lot of times people are not going to be mentally sharp and that’s when you keep up, and so they just kind of laugh and go with it. The worst thing you can do when you’re not getting a good reaction is acknowledge it without making it funny. You can acknowledge it if you make it funny: “Wow, that went totally bad.” And I redo it and I’m now certifying it and it’s funny. What you don’t want to do is start apologizing or start acting like you are trying something and it didn’t work. If you’re going to go down you want to go down confidently and act like you think you’re entertaining because at least then you have a chance to turn it around. If you start to show that their reaction shook you and that now you’re kind of unsure of what you’re doing, that’s when you get into trouble.