Association plays an important role in memory development. All memory experts from Dominic O’brain to Harry Lorayne agree on this that association has a vital role in memory development. It is now widely believed that our memory works by association. And it is scientifically proved as well. Science tells us. “The brain comprises of billions of neurons or nerve cells that are connected together in a maze of pathways, allowing an infinite number of permutations of memories and thoughts”. So it is safe to say that we can easily link two words, ideas, objects or numbers in a variety of ways. And it is not that difficult to link two thoughts, ideas or objects, all you have to do is to allow your thoughts to radiate freely.

Fox example, when you hear chalk and cheese, how does your brain process these words? how can you associate these two words ? You can imagine chalking a picture of cheese on a chalkboard. can’t you? Let us take another example, how will you associate hen with a pen?. Simple imagine a hen writing with a pen, or imagine yourself drawing a hen with your pen. It is this simple.

Another fact is that whenever we hear a word, we do not think of the dictionary definition of that word but the notions we attach have associated with that word. When i think of frog, i do not compute a tailless web-footed amphibian rather i think of a pond. Another example that Dominic O’brain often cites is this,”When you see the word snow” you do not perceive it as atmospheric vapour frozen in crystalline form; more likely you have personal associations, such as building your first snowman, a skiing holiday, a famous film, snowball fights, and so on”

So we can say that with so many possible associations and a vast network of interconnected brain cells acting as a conduit for these linked thoughts, it is surely possible to find an association between any two objects or thoughts.

Now as we talked about frog and snow, how would you link frog to know? Think about it. how? All it takes is just a little imagination. Just imagine a frog made up of snow.

Now let us go through some more example to

How would you link Carrot and Ink together?

Imagine a carrot growing in ink pot.

How would you link a book and a cup together?

Imagine the picture of a cup printed on the cover of the book.

How would you link shoes and tree together?

Just imagine a pair of shoes hanging down the tree

How would you associate pepsi with lion?

Imagine a lion drinking pepsi.

How would you link a cap with an elephant?

Imagine an elephant having a cap on.

How would you link a mouse with a cat?

imagine a cat chasing after a mouse (Tom and Jerry)

How would link a hen and a goat together?

Imagine a hen dancing on top of a goat.

I hope now you guys and girls have learnt the art of association and how it can help you improve your memory. Start practicing today and then come back to learn more memory improvement techniques.