Today some of the best seduction gurus and pickup artists will be teaching you how you can attract the hottest girl that you have always dreamed of with your conversation skills.

So let’s get started with Adam Lyones

Adam Lyons Teaching How To Attract The Hottest Girls With Your Conversation Skills

I’m really finding most of my openers aren’t routine. I kind of make them up on the spot, and my observational openers are probably the best ones that I have. Essentially what I’m doing there is I’m observing the situations and then I’m making a statement about it. The easiest way to explain that is to imagine you are walking down the road and you see a bus drive through a puddle, and then you loudly say, ‘Oh, my Gosh! That bus just totally went into that puddle. It’s a good thing nobody was there and got sprayed.’ And then the person next to you laughs because they hear what you’re saying and they imagine the situation. And what they’re doing there is that they are eavesdropping on your conversation, which is kind of a little bit of a social folklore. So the fact that they responded in any way to what I said means that they accepted my opener, then I get to talk to them and they can’t then be rude because they were listening. So the pressure on the social situation is shifted on to them.

conversation tricks to attract hot girls

Unfortunately, the problem with that is that is you can’t really preempt those situations. I’ve gotten very good. I can make them up almost on the spot. I spot things all the time that I can talk to absolutely anybody about. But of course, by the time you see them, if you don’t say them straight away, it’s very hard to tell somebody else.

The most simple and basic line the easier it is. The one that I’m famous for (from a UK TV documentary) was: “Excuse me, do you know where the nearest Starbucks is?” And I found that works so well because there’s always a Starbucks nearby and they don’t know always remember where it is. So they try to give you directions, and they get a bit confused about it. They feel bad that they can’t point out exactly where it is and it’s a very easy way to get the conversation started.

Alex Coulson Teaches How To Attract Hot Girls With Your Communication Skills

The first one is if you ever see two girls standing by themselves. I use this in bars and clubs, but you could adapt this and use it anywhere you see fit. Walk up and always have a cheeky smile and say, “You know, I just noticed you girls. You’re standing here. What are two attractive girls doing just standing here and there are no guys around you, what’s the story? What’s going on?” And that’s really a compliment. It’s sort of like a compliment opinion opener, a compliment conversation starter, and no girl is going to turn that down.

A lot of guys are afraid of rejection because some of them use these really sleazy pick-up lines, but if you go in saying this, no girl is going to turn that down. You’re not really saying, “Oh, you guys are so attractive. You know I don’t really deserve to stand here and talk to you, but yeah, what’s the story?” You’re not doing it that way. You’re not giving her complete power. You’re not putting her on a pedestal and saying, “You know you are the untouchable.” You’re saying it in a confident way with a cheeky smile. Always say it with a cheeky smile.

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And if you ever see a girl by herself, sitting down in a coffee shop or in a bar or club, which is very rare, but I’ve seen it in bars and clubs before, they are alone just standing there and maybe they’re waiting for a friend, just walk up and sit down and say, “Is it true? You know I heard a rumor about you. I just want to know, is it true?” And look around suspiciously. And the reason why that works and the reason why that’s really effective is it creates a you-and-me sort of scenario, like you against me. It’s interesting. It’s intriguing, and no guy would ever say that to her. Or start a conversation with that. It’s random, but it’s intriguing at the same time.

If they say, “Is what true?” you say, “Okay, I’ll tell you later, but anyway…” And then you just change the subject to sort of leave it floating in the air.

Bobby Rio Teaches How To Open And Attract Hot Girls

Yeah, and I don’t know who invented it. I would love to give the guy credit. I read it somewhere on the internet, but I’ve used the ‘drunk I love you’ opener more than any other opener. And for those who don’t know the “drunk I love you” opener you basically ask a girl, “Do drunk „I love yous’ count?” And she usually says, “What?” And you say, “If somebody says I love you when they’re drunk, should the other person count it or do you not count it?”

And truthfully, I don’t usually open with it. I usually use a situational opener like a comment on something going around me, but I’ll bust right into the “drunk I love you” the minute this conversation starts to fizzle out, and it really works like a charm. The women will immediately start saying, “What? Are you talking about you?” And then it also very easily transitions into sexual talk because right after I say “Do „drunk I love yous’ count?” I’ll usually say, “But what about during really good sex? If you say I love you doing really good sex for the first time, does that count or do you just ignore it?” And when you phrase it that way, girls get very open to talking about sex very quickly under those circumstances. The “drunk I love you” opener has worked like a charm for me for a long time.

Brad Jackson Teaches How To Use Magic To Attract Girls

It’s funny, being the only guru who teaches guys how to use magic to pick up girls, you would think that I would be going over and saying “Hi, want to see a magic trick?” Which is SO lame and I never do. I never use magic as an opener. Instead I use it later to build surprise and curiosity. That being said, the openers that I use in most situations are just that – situational. This is not original but asking an opinion on a topic is a great way to open indirectly that usually DOES work.

Usually it depends on the situation and if I can come up with an original opener for that situation I like to use that because it’s more congruent. However, one of my tried and tested “lines” is, “Hi, y’all got some friendly faces.” I say it with a big smile like I’m really glad to see them and relieved almost. The world “friendly faces” interrupts their normal way of thinking and they don’t know if I’m saying they’re “friendly” or that that have “pretty faces”… but I actually said neither, so it makes them stop and think for a moment.

In that moment when they’re thinking, I say very confidently, “You know it’s a relief because most women sit around with scowls on their face making fun of other girls’ clothes and what not… oh damn; y’all were just doing that weren’t you? Who are we making fun of right now?” At that point I turn around like I’m one of them and act like I’m looking for someone to make fun of. This puts me on their side and makes the interaction fun. This works very well, especially with a bit of practice.

Brent Smith Uses Normal Stuff To Attract Hot Girls And Models

I go for normal stuff when I can’t think of something funny or when I’m off or something and it generally is, “What’s going on tonight?” I have four or five really. They’re just, “Hey, what’s up? Where are you guys from? How’s everything?” I have had so many great adventures from those two words, “How’s everything’?” that it’s incredible. I’ve ended up in like incredible situations and incredible friendships – and having access to super hot women and stuff just by uttering those two words. You don’t you always need to be funny. And you don’t always need to be real. You mix it up a little bit. So that’s what you fall back on. It’s just, “How’s everything? What’s up? How’s your week going? How have you been?” Or stuff like that.