Women are all different, so there will always be exceptions. There will be things that some girls will find more attractive than other girls. I will go through some of these things with you to help you understand what these things are and why they are different.

Cultural – In different cultures people have very different upbringings, so you can’t expect all triggers of attraction to be the same. Some triggers of attraction are created psychologically after years and years of social conditioning.

For example, there are women that have been socially conditioned by family, friends, and culture not to be attracted to a certain race. This isn’t natural as human beings are naturally attracted to other human beings, regardless of race. So sometimes you will have to take factors like this into account.

Location – Location plays a big role in changing what women find attractive. This is usually because in that area, when a certain feature is rare, it is either very sought after or the complete opposite. For example, in South America if you have blonde hair and blue eyes, these features will be seen as very attractive. Those features are very attractive down there because they are so rare. However, in the United States these features are looked at with indifference, because they are not rare.

You have a characteristic of her first love, first boyfriend or father – When you have one of these characteristics it becomes a psychological anchor. When she witnesses it, it connects her to those happy feelings that she had with previous men in her life that she cared deeply for.

You have a skill that she values – Some people come from sports families, others, musical families. If you are a good athlete, and you meet a girl who grew up in an environment where sports are number one, it will cause a lot of attraction. If you are a musician and you meet a girl from a musical family the same thing will happen. If you meet a single mom, and show her you are good with kids, again it will be a very strong attraction trigger.

You have a skill or characteristic she wants in herself – Some women will see a characteristic in you that they want and admire. This is very common with the personality attribute of being fearless, because most people have very strong fears. Another way this could happen is if a girl who is very insecure about how shy she is, sees an extraverted guy. She will hope it will rub off on her and subconsciously she will believe that her kids will be more extraverted if coupled with an extraverts DNA.

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You have a physical feature that corresponds with her – When a girl is very tall it makes it harder for her to find a guy who she won’t emasculate by being with. Because of this, when she does see a taller guy, it will make her much more attracted to him. She will see him as rare, and a good match for her.

Another example of this is penis size. There are girls who really like their guys large downstairs. This isn’t by choice. Most these women have larger genetics when it comes to their vaginas. Their vaginas are bigger so if the guy is small it won’t feel as good. If one of these girls notices that you are big it will be a very big attraction switch because it will subconsciously signal more pleasure.

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On the other hand there are girls that are genetically very small down there. They cannot have sex with a bigger guy without a lot of pain. These girls will prefer smaller guys. If you weren’t born gifted down there, don’t let it be a game changer, girls care as much about penis size as we do about how tight they are.

You are in a position of power– When a man is set up in a position of power, women are going to feel attraction for him. You may have noticed that many super models end up in relationships with their photographers. The photographers are in a position of power all day long, and it makes the girls more attracted to them.

One of the reasons that it is so unethical for a teacher to sleep with his student is because he is in a position of power. This will make the girl feel an attraction for the teacher that she would not normally feel.