We will be talking about basics of telepathy and how to practice it in this post. You are going to like this post if you are interested in telepathy. So let’s get started

Telepathy is the act of communicating thoughts or ideas by means beyond the known senses. Most of the scientific community dismisses the notion as hokum, but there are others who remain convinced that it exists. So how can you best establish whether you might have the gift?

The term ‘telepathy’ was coined by poet and psychical researcher Frederic Myers in the late Victorian period – a time when there was a burgeoning interest in the paranormal. Most who claim the gift state that it demands faith. If you don’t believe that telepathy exists, they say, then you will not be able to develop your skills. In other words, sceptics need not apply.

Here is a basic experiment from the ‘thought transference’ canon. Since telepathy requires more than one participant, find an open-minded friend or two who are willing to embark on the project with you.

Prepare a series of flash cards – seven to ten is a good number to start with. On each card write a single, simple word or draw a picture. Don’t choose anything too complicated or abstract at this stage: ‘cat’ or ‘house’ will work better than ‘carburettor’ or ‘panini’.

Go with your partner somewhere quiet and devoid of distractions. Sit opposite each other, adopting relaxed poses.

Decide which of you is the ‘sender’ and which the ‘receiver’. The sender should try to clear their mind of any extraneous thoughts and worries. A blank mind, so the theory goes, is a more receptive one.

The sender picks a card at random and focuses intently on the image, repeating it silently in their mind for half a minute or so. The receiver, eyes closed, tries to pick up the message from the sender. When they think they have it, they should say the word and note down if they were correct or not. Some artistic people may prefer to form a picture in their heads and then attempt to draw it on a sketch pad.

After a few minutes, sender and receiver can swap roles and repeat the experiment. You may wish to move on to using playing cards or choosing random words and images from a magazine. If your results are spectacular, you must decide for yourself whether you think there is something telepathic going on, whether you’re picking up or sending subconscious cues, or if you might simply be a lucky guesser.