Various pickup artists will he offering advice and help to those guys who thing that they are physically unattractive. You will learn how to become physically attractive and how to kill your limiting beliefs. Lets get started

Adam Lyons On How To Be Physically Attractive

Anytime I get student who thinks that he’s physically unattractive to girls, I always tell him the same thing: Jack Black, Steve Tyler and Mick Jagger. I start pointing out some famous people who really are physically unattractive but manage to date incredibly attractive women. I mean, even Russell Brand, and he’s really not an attractive guy and yet, he’s capable of getting all these beautiful girls. So once you start seeing people around you that actually are capable of pulling it off, then it makes you realize that you really can do the same thing.

And you don’t even have to look at celebrities. You can just start looking on the streets, and you will almost always find that really hot girls do date down. Mostly because the guys who are really good looking are so busy being players, they tend to use and abuse the girls. Or the guys in relationships may not necessarily be the best looking but they have much more when it comes down to talking and maintaining conversation.

Alex Coulson Sharing The Secrets Of Physical Attraction

Look at Mickey Rourke – he‟s the ugliest guy around, yet he dates really super hot women, because he‟s got other traits. Sure, he‟s a movie star, he‟s a Hollywood celebrity, but he‟s butt ugly. So there is a lot more to it than just looks. I mean, sure, they help. Do you have a friend who is not good looking, a physically unattractive guy, who is dating a nice-looking girl?

Or have you ever seen an ugly looking guy walking through the mall, and he‟s with this hot, stunning woman and you thought, “Wow, what has he got that I don‟t?” Or “How did he get her?” Of course, you have. We see it all the time. That proves there is something more to attraction than just looks. And also, just because you think you are unattractive doesn‟t necessarily mean that girls will. Your belief about your looks is really your own perception.

Bobby Rio On How To Become An Attractive Person

I‟m honest with guys. I‟ve heard boot camps instructors giving guys advice about their looks and I felt that sometimes instructors aren‟t as honest or critical as they should be. Because the fact is, I mean, looks are important. I‟m not one of these guys who is going to say it‟s not important.
But the thing about looks is that there are always things you can do to increase your attractiveness. I mean, no matter how unattractive a guy may be there are little things he can do. Even in the book, “The Game,” which a lot of guys say cites proof that you don‟t need to be attractive, the first thing that Mystery had Neil Strauss do in that book was cut off his hair and go bald, to go to the tanning salon, start working out, start dressing better. All those things I named; dressing better, working out, tanning, getting a better haircut, they are things that any guy can do. And they will immediately improve the way he looks.

how to become physically attractive

I also tell them the story of this guy, Handsome Nick. He was a guy I worked with in the restaurant business and that was our nickname for him behind his back because he was so ugly. He was almost like Steve Buscemi on crack, but this guy pulled more women. I hate admitting this, but I actually had a girl who I hooked up with who I was really into and she blew me off and wound up dating him a few months later. When I see a guy I tell him straight up “Listen, you are nowhere near as ugly as Handsome Nick, and Handsome Nick pulled hot chicks consistently. If he can do it, you can do it, trust me.”

Brad Jackson On Being Physically Attractive

Anyone who says “looks don‟t matter at all” is full of crap. A girl wants a physically attractive man – just like men want pretty women in their lives.

The good news is in two parts. Part one: Girls are MUCH more able to overlook physical attractiveness when you connect with her on a personality level. When you have a connection and can make her FEEL something that she wants to feel, you can become the most attractive man on the planet to her. I know, it‟s weird, but women are wired differently than us.

Taking the time to learn about attraction and what women respond to (notice I didn‟t say what women want) gives you that edge so that you can understand how to connect with her in ways which downplay the necessity to look like Brad Pitt.

Part two of the good news about looks is that you may not be able to look like Brad Pitt, but you probably CAN make a dramatic change in your appearance by dressing better, grooming better, getting your ass in the gym and eating better.

It isn‟t that hard. The dressing and the grooming can change you overnight. The gym and eating better take time but they‟re worth it and you should be doing that anyway.

Brent Smith On Being Physically Attractive

All the things that a guy thinks negatively about himself can actually be used as positives. Because, to be honest with you, I learned a lot of what I‟m teaching from very average-looking guys or below average-looking guys, and that‟s why it was so powerful to me when I saw it. At first, I thought, “What‟s going on? I mean, I‟m a pretty good-looking guy. I should be able to do that and I can‟t. So there has got to be a secret to it.” And the number one secret and the number one common denominator that they all had was they believed in themselves and thought they were hot. So you look in the mirror and you say, “You know what? I‟m a good-looking guy and the thing that women love the most about me is that I have one ear that‟s larger than the other, OK?” So what I‟m always telling guys is that when you meet a girl, she takes her cue on how to treat you from you. It all begins with you. It‟s how you think about your hair and your face and your size and all these things that really matters. No one else cares. They have their own issues. They look to you to give them the cue on how to treat you or react to you.

Carlos Xuma On Being Physically Attractive

The reality is that we have this, unfortunately, dual standard that’s a reality. Guys evaluate women and value women on physical beauty, by what we see. It’s because over the years and the whole evolutionary thing, we have been able to tell what we need to know about women from sight, from seeing her. But women don’t do that, women don’t have the same evaluation mechanism. They do like physically attractive guys, don’t get me wrong. Yes, appearance is important but it is image, not beauty, necessarily. If a guy can pull together a good image, meaning grooming, clothes, a little bit of style, it’ll turn a guy that thinks he’s physically a 6 into at least an 8 or 9 in a woman’s eyes. It really isn’t that difficult.

Christian Hudson On How To Become Attractive And Kill Negative Thoughts

For a guy who thinks he is physically unattractive to girls, there’s probably a belief system he has that supports that. If that is why he thinks women won‟t talk to him, well, look there’s a lot of attractive guys out there who just do not do well with women. And so he must understand that it is not the fulcrum upon which female attraction works. Well, God bless God that he created us in such a way that women aren’t attracted to us for our looks but for other things. We have the opportunity to go beyond with some of the other things that we can show her about ourselves, so that’s the first thing.

secrets of becoming physically attractive

The second thing is to look for examples of unattractive men. Anytime you come across a belief in your head about a reason that you can’t do something, you can look in the world for examples of people who have beaten that. And there are countless men who are not the most physically appealing who have very beautiful women in their lives. One of the guys who works with us is not a classically good-looking guy, he’s not even what you would describe as a good looking guy, but he does very well with women because he believes in himself and he believes that he has so much more to offer them than his looks and his personality and he has experience to support that.

It starts with his belief in himself. He should be looking for ways to make himself more attractive whether it‟s by dropping some weight, wearing better fitting clothes or getting a better haircut. The easiest way to do that is either work with somebody who can help you do that or start reading magazines to develop self-awareness on your own.