The beauty of daytime dating is that the world is your playground. You don’t have to try to get into an exclusive club late on a Saturday night, talk over loud music or call a bunch of your friends to try to convince them to come party with you.

Daytime dating is also a flexible form of meeting women. You can talk to women on your way to and from work, on lunch breaks, while you’re running errands, while you’re working on your laptop in a café or when you’re grocery shopping. There are countless possibilities.

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In addition to flexibility, it also offers a diversity of women. Nightclubs and bars tend to be full of women who like going out, drinking or partying, which can of course be fun. But what if you want to meet women who love to read, go to art galleries, or sit in cafés chatting and drinking coffee with friends?

Any venue where you might possibly find attractive women is fair game. Let’s look at some examples.

The Street

This is my favorite venue because you get constant streams of beautiful women walking past, provided you pick the right street of course. Shopping streets are ideal, but beware of times when they’re overcrowded. Women are more “on edge” when there are a lot of people bustling by them, so it’s a good idea in these cases to wait until there is some space around her when she can reasonably stop before you approach.

talking to women on street

Also, be aware that people are constantly going in and out of stores, crossing roads etc., so when you see a woman you want to approach you should do so quickly or she could change her trajectory suddenly and it might look as though you’re stalking her. You can get away with a little hesitation in bars and clubs (though it’s not ideal and you should try to eliminate it) because the women aren’t going anywhere, but on the street you really do need to act quickly.

Shopping Malls

These are always full of good-looking women, either hanging out by themselves, or more commonly in groups. During the week you’ll tend to find a lot of women who are tourists, bored or just not in nine-to-five jobs. These women tend to be interested in adventure, so approaching them makes for some great interactions!

On the weekends you’ll tend to find more party girls out shopping or getting ready for their nights out. These women can be just as fun, and you can usually arrange some interesting meet-ups in the evening if you find out what their plans are that night.

Be careful of spending too long in shopping malls and doing too many approaches while you’re there. If you roam the mall and do dozens of approaches in a short space of time, people might notice and it could get socially awkward.


There’s a huge variety of stores that you can have a lot of fun with. Bookstores and music stores are great because you can meet women that have similar tastes to you and start conversations related to these.

The caveat I’d add to approaching women in stores is to be very aware of your surroundings. Certain stores are less conducive to approaching (for example, you’d have to work hard to establish credibility for why you’re in a women’s lingerie store). Be aware also that store security might see you talking to their customers and won’t appreciate you hitting on all of them! So be discreet and don’t chase every woman you see around the store.

Coffee Shops

You won’t always find huge volumes of beautiful women in a café the same way you might a bar or a club, but you will spot the occasional woman or group of women you want to approach. Coffee shops also have the unique characteristic that people are usually sitting down instead of being on the move and therefore often have more time for a conversation and/or adventure.

Coffee shops are also great when you have a laptop to work from or a book to read. If you were going to work from home or just sit around and read your book, why not do so in a coffee shop where a stream of beautiful women will be passing through as you sit?

I often approach women in coffee shops either when I am leaving, or they are on their way out. That way, if it doesn’t go well, you don’t have to continue sitting near them and feeling awkward. If it does go well, you can talk with them for a few minutes before you or they move on.

Museums and Art Galleries

These venues don’t necessarily have a high flow of beautiful women passing through, but suit men who are looking for older, more creative-minded women. Again, as with book and music stores, it’s easy to strike up conversations and find people with similar tastes to you.

Buses, Trains and Subways

Depending on what city you live in, public transport approaches can be an amazing way to maximize your time and opportunity for women. Be strategic. In some cities (for example, London, New York, Toronto, San Francisco) it is normal for beautiful women to be on the subway or a bus. In others (for example, Los Angeles, Philadelphia or San Diego), a little less so.

One thing you will notice after approaching a few women on public transport is a real time constraint. You might only have a few stops on the subway before she gets off, so it’s important to find out early on in the interaction where she is headed so you know what timeframe to work to so you can get her contact details in time.