This post is just to let know that we have been working like mad scientists on the website. We expanded it and we organized it. It was hard though. There is simply so much that can be pinned under brain training. I will honest, i felt puzzled. But finally i managed to shape it all.

In short, we are covering Mnemonics, hypnosis, telepathy, confidence building, relations, attraction building, lifestyle development and some other brain related topics. We have forums allowing you to discuss these topics so that we can learn and grow together as a community.

On top of that as we love kids, we have a brain games section where people of all ages can enjoy gaming. So yeah! brain training got a whole lot better. And the fun part is this that we still have some ideas. So expect it to be even better in future.

And allow me to state a fact that i expect some of the copied material and i am ready to deal with it. I have no control over what users post and i have no way of knowing if a post has been copied unless it is about a software. So if you see that some of your material has been posted here, do let me know by contacting the contact page. I will make sure that your material is removed ASAP.

We are not here to violate anyone’s rights. We are here to help and we do it for free. If any of the members here posts your material, and you let us have that, we shall be thankful for that as that will help others. But remember, you always got the right to get your material removed.

If you are not a member of Brain Director’s Brain Training , well join us now and let us grow together.