The Brain Director aims at providing people with free brain training and brain fitness resources. We have been providing information in English so far but things are going to change.

Our goal is to help those who seriously need help and most of the people who need help do not know English. We are not here to help people only from English speaking countries like America and Canada but to help the world.

I have been awake all night and right now as i am writing this sentence it is 6:30 pm so pardon me if i end up making language mistakes. You know sleep deprivation has negative impact on one’s state of mind.

Anyways! i have planned some changes. I think it will help a lot of people if we just start covering Urdu and English language with English. It’ll be extra work on me but well then that is why i am here. That is what Brain Director  is all about. We are here to help people improve their lives. There is a great quote, read it here.

How Is Brain Director Going To Provide Brain Training In Urdu And Hindi?

I have been thinking about it. I decided that it would be a waste of time if we write brain training articles in urdu and hindi languages. I came up with an alternative plan. A plan that i think is much better as compared to writing in these two languages. A plan that is good even for those who are illiterate and are familiar with only the basics of internet. Did you guess my plan?

Brain Director Will Provide Brain Training Videos In Urdu And Hindi

Yes. That is how we are going to do it. We will write the brain training article in English and then at the end of it, there is going to be a video explaining all that in urdu and hindi so that more and more people can benefit from our hard work.

There are millions of resources online for self-help but the point is, do all people need help? If English is not your native language but you can read and understand it well, that simply means you are somewhat educated and you are mature.

But there are some people, i daresay millions of people who are regular internet users but they waste all of their time watching porn. Here is how many people watch porn.

Then we have people who do nothing but waste time on facebook. Facebook might teach you a thing or two but it rarely happens because of the mindset people have. Guys will be after girls and girls will be displaying the samples of the beauty and fashion( Pics you know). Here is a great post on that.

Facebook has negative impact not only on your health (both mental and physical) but also on your psychology. Excessive use of facebook just makes you a weird person. You can read some facts about people who waste time on facebook here.

Talking of twitter, i never liked it. In fact, i don’t even use it. Twitter is just another place to spread vulgarity. They allow you to do that under the impression of “Freedom of Expression”.

Now i am not against social networks. They can be put to good use. But are people really doing good things on social networks? Social networks should have some strict policies in place to make sure that they are not destroying humans in any sense.

So we have all those people wasting time and doing nothing at all. Is it their fault? May be yes. May be not. But the fact is that there are not really quality resources available in native languages to help these people.

brain training in urdu and english

I am from pakistan. The concept of brain training is just alien to the most people living in my country. Why? Simply because no one ever introduced these people to brain training.

These people do not know that there are actually some solid scientific techniques and methods that can change their life for better. They are aware of no method to boost their brain power. They have never heard of a method that can help them quit smoking. They do not know that there are actually some methods that can help them get rid of bad habits.

And now Brain Director has decided to spread the knowledge. We will help those who need it in their own native language. Whether you are a student struggling with scoring good grades, or a professional trying to increase your productivity, or just a regular person trying to get rid of bad habits, we will help you.

Now you will no longer need to follow the painful process of trial and error to discover the best techniques to live a great life. We will do all the hard work, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy learning.

It never happened before. I know of no website that is providing brain training in local language. Some sites are simply focused on gaming. Yes these gaming sites are earning a lot of money because that is what they have been created for. They charge you for playing games. Why not buy a play station?

My argument is simple. If you really want to help people out of your passion, then you should not charge them for your services. You may charge them for extra high class services, but at least the basics should be free. Creating a gaming website and then asking for money? No Sir! you’re not helping others but yourself.

If you want to help people, do it for people’s sake. Don’t sell help because once sold it becomes business and loses it’s value as help.

Did whatever i just said above make sense to you? Don’t worry if it didn’t. Just watch the video below, i will saying it all once again but guess what? I am going to say it in hindi and urdu this time.

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