Today you will learn how conversation skills can help you get a girlfriend. We will be focusing on approaching and talking to women in clubs and possibly turning them into your girlfriends. Let’s get to our experts.

Alex Coulson Teaches Conversation Skills That Can Help You Get A Girlfriend

Approaching groups is really not different than approaching two girls standing by themselves. Initially, what I’ll try to do is to get the group’s attention. But a lot of guys make the mistake of thinking they have to always keep the attention of the group, but you’re really putting a lot on your shoulders and putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Well, you don’t have to do that at all. You don’t want to pick up the entire group and get all their phone numbers. For this one, it’s like there is only one girl in the group, so approach near the girl you want to get a phone number from. And you can use the “drunk I love you” opinion opener and this is effective: You say, “Hey guys, I can’t stay long. My friends are over there, but do drunk “I Love You’s count?” Or you can use the “Who Cheats More” opinion opener, and I think this one is mentioned in a manual by Strauss. It’s really effective. A lot of guys, they should still use it – it’s such a conversation piece because it’s intriguing.

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But if you use that, you’ll find that the girls will be really interested in it, and they’ll start talking with their friends about it, and it really helps continue the conversation where it will give you a lot of meat. So you say, “Hey guys, I can’t stay for long. My friends are over there, but who do you think cheats more, men or women?” And they’ll give you an answer, and you’re like, “OK, cool. Well, the reason I’m asking is I’ve got a friend who is dating a girl, and when they go out, she kisses other girls. Now, I know what you’re going to say – Guys love that – but my friend doesn’t. He hates it, and he thinks that she’s cheating on him. Well, what do you guys reckon?” And one girl might say, “Oh, yeah, you know, he’s cheating. Or the guys, they cheat more.” And you’re like, “Great. You’re the man-hater here. High five.” And you high five her, and then you say to another, “Now, so what do you reckon?” And she might say, “Oh, well, you know, does he like it, or you know, has he said anything to her?” You say something to her such as, “Basically he calls me at 3 o’clock in the morning, and he complains to me about it. And I feel like I’m his emotional tampon, and he calls me up and he says, „Alex, you know, what should I do? I’m dating a girl who kisses other girls? And me, I don’t know. I’m not Oprah, so what do you guys think I should do?” And that’s really it, if you really sort of condense that.

Just try it out because you’ll find that women will love this conversation piece. It will keep the conversation going for about 3 or 4 minutes and then from there, transition to something else. But the “Who Cheats More” is hands down, probably one of the most effective conversation starters that I’ve ever used.

Bobby Rio Uses Situational Openers When It Comes To Communication Skills

I generally like situational openers. I’ve used the “drunk I love you” opener in clubs but generally I find that you can always use something you’re already talking about to get a group involved. I’m going to give you an example. A couple of weeks ago, I was out with two of my friends and we were standing there, and one of my friends was getting text messages from a girl on She texted him like three times that night and everything had been going good until that point, and all of a sudden, he started really thinking she’s going to be clingy. So we were kind of talking, me and my friend about what kind of text message he can send her back to sort of say, “Back off. I like you but back off, you’re getting too clingy,” without hurting her feelings.

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And that was the conversation I was having amongst my friends. So I just naturally turned to a group of girls next to me and invited them into the conversation by asking, “Hey, my friend here keeps getting these texts from this girl. He kind of likes her but she’s starting to get clingy. What can you recommend he sends her back that will kind of give her a hint?” And, I think in any conversation you’re having you can find something you’re already talking about that you can use as an opener. And because they’re the most genuine, they tend to work the best, at least for me.

Brad Jackson Teaches How To Approach Girls Who Are With Their Girlfriends

If I’m approaching an individual girl, it’s rare that she’s completely alone. She’s usually with a girlfriend or a mixed set of girls and guys. Let’s assume it’s just a couple of girls: I’ll often do the “friendly faces” line that I mentioned before because I’ve got such a great batting average. But another one – a little more contrived but harmless, fun and oh so successful for me at least – has been something like this:

“Hi. I heard a rumor that you’re NOT the most boring person in the room/bar/club/whatever and I wanted to see if that was true.” She’ll usually say, who said that? I’ll say “Actually I was about to start the rumor, but I like my rumors based in fact. Just kidding, but you look like fun and someone who can take a joke. Let’s be friends.”

Girls can’t help but laugh at that and it usually breaks the ice just enough to continue on.

Now, for groups of women – I’m kind of known for this one actually. I think approaching a larger group of women to open them or even one of them in the group can be one of the most nerve racking things a guy can do.

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So that’s where my patented opener “The Hiroshima Opener” comes in. Some guys may have heard of this before because it’s spreading like wild fire, and I’ll provide you a copy of the entire routine. It is very gimmicky but I will guarantee that there is no more surefire way to open a group of girls successfully AND at the same time, destroy all approach anxiety.

Basically I have a piece of typing paper in my back pocket with the words: “Bill, Wish You Were Here” or any male friend’s name on it. I walk up to the group of girls and say, “Hey you girls have friendly faces, I was hoping you could help me out with something completely stupid but fun. My friend Bill was supposed to come visit me from Phoenix but he bailed at the last minute for some girl he met online. Party foul right!? Since you girls represent Dallas (or whatever town you’re in) really well, I was hoping you’d hold this and let me snap a pic and show him what he’s missing.”

At that time I unfold the sign, they read it, they’ve been complimented indirectly and feel honored to make this strange guy named Bill wish he were here.

It’s fun and it gets me into their group. There’s a whole follow-up sequence but you’ll have to watch the video I’ll provide you to get more details on that. But yes – I dare anyone to come up with a better, more effective “group” opener than that!

Brent Smith Focuses On Just One Woman

I don’t focus on just one woman. I give my attention to everyone. And I know sometimes that goes against what guys are taught, but seriously, I think it is better that you do that. So I walk up and I say, “Hey, what’s going on, girls?” I don’t try to isolate one immediately and try to take her away from the group. I’ve seen it done. I know it works once in a while, but I’d rather go for the big things. So I just ingratiate myself to the group, and I talk to everyone. I shake everybody’s hand or talk to all the girls, and then I just see where it goes from there. Even if there is a guy in the group, especially if there is a guy in the group. I’ll introduce myself to him first actually. I’ll say, “Hey, guys. What’s going on?” And I’ll put out my hand and say, “Hey, I’m Brent.” And then he says, “OK, cool.” And then he knows that I’m not some kind of scavenger looking for chicks. So there is that.

People are out to have a good time, let off some steam, and so my energy is about helping them escape and let off some steam, even the guys. So I don’t have a creepy energy or an “I’m going to take your girl’s” energy. And that has worked really well for me because it has opened up a lot of other opportunities. In fact, I get multiple offers from girls now in the same group, “Hey, won’t you come with me?” Or sometimes it’s, “Why don’t you come with us?” And I’ve had some very cool situations happen because I’ve left myself open-minded.

Carlos Xuma Talks About Psychology And Getting A Girlfriend

I know that it makes a difference psychologically to approach a group because we have a lot of evolutionary mechanisms that make it more difficult to approach larger groups. It goes back to that fear of public speaking. We’re all intimidated to some degree by the possibility of being cast out by the group, or not being approved by the group. It hits us in a very low emotional center. It’s hard to avoid. So what you have to do is you have to understand and make some assumptions about where you are.

One of the things I’ve found over the years is that when you’re out, if you’re in a bar or club, especially, you can immediately assume a very social frame and you have to. And one of the things I’ll do to approach a group is just say something like, “You guys look like you’re having fun,” and that’s all you have to say. Somebody in the group will then open you and say, “Yeah, we’re just talking about this, and where are you from,” to pull you into it. As long as you are coming in with that social frame of a guy who is just there, and kind of mingling among the social networks, it doesn’t take much at all. Groups have that different quality to them, but not that much different than opening a person.