Is it really possible to control someone’s mind without their knowledge? Maybe so. There are many examples of “natural hypnosis” in which someone finds themselves in an altered state without realizing it. Hypnosis is simply focused concentration. Anytime the mind wanders, that is in essence in a state of trance. We are going to talk about mind control.

Is it really possible to control someone’s mind without their knowledge? Maybe so. There are many examples of “natural hypnosis” in which someone finds themselves in an altered state without realizing it. Hypnosis is simply focused concentration. Anytime the mind wanders, that is in essence in a state of trance.

Milton Erickson used hypnosis to tell stories and in many ways what he did could be considered conversational hypnosis. His techniques were extremely effective, yet very subtle. Erickson loved using metaphors to tell stories, and he often used the patient’s own personal experiences as part of the stories.

The Power of Using Metaphors In Mind Control Hypnosis

Metaphors are basically a way to talk about an experience. Therapeutic metaphors are used as part of therapy, and they can help someone shift their perspective. When Erickson told stories, he planted a seed in the unconscious mind. Stories are a great way to bypass conscious resistance.

An example of a therapeutic metaphor would be telling someone who had a fear of flying about the wonderful joys of flying or a story about a bird floating and drifting in the wind. You can also use physical objects like carrying around a toy soldier to represent strength and bravery or carrying around a small rubber ball to remind you that you can always bounce back.

Covert hypnosis, sometimes called conversational hypnosis, occurs when someone is not aware they are being hypnotized.

Covert hypnosis, done correctly, is completely undetectable and it can come in handy with those clients who may be resisting the hypnotic process.

Milton Erickson often used something called the confusion induction method, which may have been at the forefront of conversational hypnosis. Erickson’s teachings have influenced the practice of hypnosis in a big way. For those clients who may have an issue getting hypnotized, the covert induction may just be the perfect solution.

This kind of hypnotic induction can be built into the process of developing rapport, so it’s a great method to learn. Erickson successfully hypnotized his clients during a simple conversation, and he did it with great skill and rapport.

The Key to Using Covert Techniques For Mind Control

Covert techniques are much more subtle and elegant than overt techniques.

One of the keys to using covert hypnosis is language. Once you learn the proper technique you can easily slip in and out of covert mode in your everyday language. Learning these techniques can help increase your influence and motivation. This can in turn go a long way to helping you increase your success rates.

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Covert hypnosis uses language and words to get people’s attention. Language is used to bypass someone’s critical factor. The use of words and language helps stimulate the unconscious mind.

The two “master keys” to learning the secret language of covert hypnosis are flow and association.

Flow and Association

The idea of flow is similar to the concept of a stream encountering obstacles along a mountain path. As long as the path is clear, the stream flows effortlessly. The moment it encounters a rock, the water must change its path. The unconscious mind is similar in the fact that it often gets sidetracked when the words don’t flow. As a result, the mind’s critical factor comes into play. As long as you keep the words and the language flowing smoothly, the principle of logic doesn’t necessarily have to be followed.

As you become more adept at using language and flow, you can start throwing in hypnotic suggestions, even if they sound “crazy” to the conscious mind. Eventually, you will become so skilled at this process that anything you say sounds reasonable and easily obtained.

This idea is also called “udo logic” meaning the more deeply in trance someone is the less logical the suggestions need to be. The association principle comes into play next because association is the language of the unconscious mind.

The power of association, whether it’s in a dream or hypnosis, is immense. When you embed words into a sentence, the concept of association is very powerful.

Four Words of Power For Mind Control Hypnosis

There are many words you can use within conversational hypnosis, but there are four deemed as “power words.” These four words are used all the time as part of your regular conversation. When you use them within the guise of conversational hypnosis, they activate the two master keys of flow and association.

The words are: “As”, “Because”, “And” and “Means.”

Utilizing these four words you can actually create unbroken, seamless chains of ideas. With these words, people won’t even realize you are linking concepts together. As a result you can speak the language of the unconscious mind, seamlessly associating one idea to the next.

The first obvious way to use the word “And” is within the first command you give someone. When you say “Close your eyes “AND” go into hypnosis” you are linking the term “AND” to hypnosis”. In reality, the words don’t really have anything to do with one another.

What you are really doing with these words is creating a linguistic bridge. The idea behind the words of power is they allow you to seamlessly connect ideas or themes that aren’t normally connected.

Typical Covert Mind Control Hypnosis Script

A typical script might go something like this:

“You find relaxation an interesting thing because as you relax that relaxation is a natural part of the way you think and behave. Everyone knows how to relax physically. It’s interesting that people don’t often think about how they relax mentally because when you relax physically you also find yourself relaxing mentally.”

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“However, the opposite is also true. When you relax mentally, you may find your body relaxing more and more, even without thinking about it. Just because you think about relaxation means you can relax more and more. As you enjoy this relaxation, you continue to relax even more deeply because you really enjoy relaxing.”

“Because you are so relaxed, you are enjoying this natural phenomenon and as a result, you relax even more deeply with every word I utter and every breath you take.”

As you can see there are many ways to spin this. The more you “ramble” and start using these words, the easier it gets!

Signs That You Have Successfully Hypnotized Someone Using Covert Hypnosis

Now that you know some of the basics of Covert Hypnosis, you might be wondering how you can tell if it is working? You are looking for noticeable changes in your observations from the moment you begin your covert technique. Some of these changes will include signs of trance like:

  • Relaxation.
  • Lack of Movement.
  • Eyes Fixated On a Point.
  • Changes in Breathing Patterns.
  • Skin Color Changes.

When someone is relaxed their muscles start to relax as well. Their facial muscles might smooth out for example or their legs and arms might noticeably change. This is where your keen powers of observation come into play.

Lack of movement is another telltale sign. When someone is nervous for example they may tend to twitch or move around a lot. When someone enters a light trance state, their body movements will slow considerably. Their hands will relax, as well as their arms and legs.

If you are talking to someone and playing around with covert techniques, their eyes may become fixated on a point. For example, they may look at a spot on the floor or ceiling or even at some other person. Their eyes may also glaze over slightly or get a sort of fixed look or expression.

Breathing patterns are very important cues as well. Always pay close attention to someone’s breathing when first starting hypnosis, because it will be easier to see changes. If their breathing changes significantly, you will notice. Some people breathe shallower naturally while other don’t, so it’s important to notice the difference.

Last but not least, is skin color. The blood flows differently when someone is relaxed. They may get a noticeable red flush or it may be the opposite. Everyone’s physiology is a little different.

All of these things are important things to observe. The best rule of thumb to follow is to look for any observable changes. Everyone is different. When you first meet with your client make a point to notice things like skin color, breathing patterns, types of movements they display etc.

The most important thing to consider when using covert techniques or for that matter any hypnosis technique is the power of observation. Noticing those physiological changes when your client first sits down in comparison with those movements when they are relaxed will help you master the art of covert hypnosis.

Watching for those telltale signs will allow you to read your client’s much better. The more relaxed and comfortable your clients are, the more they will accept and embrace change. Use these techniques and remember to always pay attention to your client’s body signals. As a result, you will be a much more competent and successful hypnotherapist.