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All what happens in the world -pick-up, business, science, couple relationship starts in the mind, usually in a mind frame.

A “mind frame” is a set of mental conditions which defines a certain environment and outcome where something happens.

“Today is a great day to play football” is a frame of mind. In fact someone could argue that:

“Today is a great day for being in bed and doing absolutely nothing.”

That is a frame of mind, too.

The strongest frame of mind is the one to define the outcome between two or more individuals.

If the first one is stronger we will play football that day. If the second one is stronger we will be in bed all the day.

When you interact with women you will be always in a situation where you will have to suck her into your frame.

At the same time she will try to suck you into her frame, all the time.

The most dangerous belief you have to get rid of is that with women you can relax. There is no way you can relax: it is either your frame or hers.

Passivity will bring you nowhere with women.

If a woman does not try to impose her frame on you at all that means she is not attracted to you.

A famous frame of mind is: “Iraq has forbidden weapons” by President George Bush. This frame of mind justified the invasion of Iraq by American and International troops.

We still don’t know did the guys in Iraq have those forbidden weapons but .. it doesn’t really matter now that the war is won.

Dating is a frame of mind, just like: “Iraq has forbidden weapons.”

It is up to you to build a frame of your own.

The dating frame is something like: “Guy asks a girl out then he buys her a dinner and tries to have her agree to sex and a relationship, maybe marriage”.

The traditional dating frame is the worst possible way for you of starting your relationships with women. All in the dating frame is arranged with one purpose: to have a guy become subservient to a woman.

The dating frame is set to force him to kiss her up so he can have her “maybe” agree to sex and “maybe” agree to start a relationship with him.

In the dating frame you are a beggar and she is the prize.

You have to beg her to get what you want.

The subservient attitude is humiliating for you and a total turn off for the woman because – ultimately -it destroys your value and your attraction in her eyes from the beginning.

It creates a very negative frame for a potential relationship of yours with her: you become from the beginning the subservient male who pleases her in all her whims.

She can capitalize on it easily in all the areas of your upcoming relationship with her, including the financial one.

The subservient frame creates the ground for a dysfunctional relationship afterwards and the political ground for her taking half of your property in a potential divorce.

It starts with you offering a dinner and ends with you leaving to her half of your property. It also ruins her sexual and emotional attraction for you.

It is bad business from the beginning to the end.

Pick-up and seduction are exactly the opposite: in the frame of pick-up and seduction you are the hunter. You just take what you want.

You are the alpha dominant male.

Pick-up and seduction skills have you starting a relationship with a woman in the right frame: you are the prize.

The Pick-up Frame

In order for you becoming successful in pick-up and seduction it is very important to understand the difference between the dating frame and the pick-up frame.

The dating frame is – as described above – a subservient act.

The pick-up frame is instead a situation where you are doing the necessary steps to take what you want.

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In the pick-up frame you act little bit like when hunting.

You detect a target. You approach the target. You attract the target. You seduce the target into sex.

While you are doing this you also screen the target for a potential relationship and decide quickly who is fit for that and who is not.

You either isolate the target and go for the sex or decide to screen the target better before you do any other move.

If you prefer doing so you can even screen while having sex with the target.

If you have any other purpose than sex and a love relationship -for example just friendship – then you should not be doing pick-up and seduction with the woman you want to be friend with.

Being alpha means always being congruent: if you want to be friend with a woman then you should not attempt anything sexual with her!

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Being “friends” with a woman you want to lay is the most beta thing you could do: it brings the woman to despise you as a man.

Now keep in mind this: women allover the world are used to men being subservient to them so they will do very quickly in the course of your pickup basically two things:

1. Expect you to be subservient, always. It is connected with their MPS Syndrome (magic pussy syndrome) We have described extensively the MPS Syndrome in the Practical Manual of Female Psychology for the Practical Man with David Clare and Joseph Went South.

2. If they do not detect a subservient attitude from you they will try – and believe me they will! – to actively elicit it from you.

Keep this in mind, always.

If you are not prepared for this you will find yourself manipulated into her frame faster than you can imagine!

The Magic Pussy Syndrome is due to this: women get hit on all the time, chased and pursued by men.

For that reason they slowly since childhood achieve an almost psychotic sureness that men “will” supplicate to them to get what they want.

That is actually true: under the effect of their strong sexual instinct the majority of men does supplicate to women so women get almost psychotically sure that they will kiss them up no matter what they do!

In a way there is always an “assumption of supplication” from the woman. The hottest she is the more she will have the MPS syndrome.

Women are extremely, extremely good in detecting are you being subservient early in the interaction with them.

Don’t count on the fact that they will not try to game you on this kind of thing because they will!

They will do it either consciously or unconsciously – or a combination of the two.

frame control in love

So you have to be prepared for that! Paradoxically the MPS syndrome gives you a wonderful tool to seduce women.

In fact when you will approach her so that she cannot have you supplicate this will be in the majority of the cases extremely seductive to her!

Also remember that some women will not accept further contact with you if they notice that you are not subservient to them.

Those girls are simply lost. You simply let them go.

Many guys in the Pick-up and Seduction Community get a lot of bad feelings for nothing about this because they tend to believe that it is their fault if they lost these women in course of their pick-up.

It is not always about your deficient pick-up skills!

Those women who have decided to have you supplicate for a long-term relationship as Provider will never, never go on with the interaction with you if you do not supplicate.

These are partly the ones who are in provider-seeking mode and partly the ones who prefer men who are submissive to them.

I strongly suggest that you screen out these women as fast as possible: they usually mean for you trouble if you are a normal, healthy heterosexual male.

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The majority of women who are really healthy good girls will show a prompt increase in desire and interest as soon as they will notice that you are not going to supplicate – while continuing to attempt to have you do so!

Their testing will be only targeted to check can they be safe with you.

They will test men mainly for safety.

The other way will be taking a leadership role for all the process from the beginning.

This will be an approach where you arouse her by both being masculine in your behavior and at the same time using feminine talk: a 101 approach or better a 1-0-1-0-1-0-1 approach.

The pick-up frame is about you getting what you want, it is about you owning the rights to approach the girl attract her, screen her, seduce her and achieve your goals and without any supplication.

Anything you do out of this frame will cause to you trouble, either now or later on.