In this post some of the well-known dating experts will be sharing their dating tips with you. They will be teaching you how to open and attract your dream girl or any girl.

Christian Hudson Shares His Dating Tips

The easiest opener, I hate to say it, but the easiest opener is just “Hi. Hey.” The one I probably use the most is: “Hey, you look like somebody I want to get to know. What’s your name?”

David Wygant Shares His Dating Tips

I would just say it based on what I see. I mean, life is about being in the moment. That’s what I tell guys all the time. If you want to connect with women, if you really want to understand women, women are about the moment. It’s like a serendipitous moment for them. They want to walk down the street. They want to bump into a guy. Say she drops something and the guy picks it up and calls her a klutz, right? And they start talking about what’s going in the moment. All of a sudden, you become the man who has saved her from this awful world of being single. If you walk over there, and you’ve got this pre-conceived thing you’re saying then you’re not listening. So every single time, I go in and I look and I see what people are doing. I speak what’s on my mind.

If a woman is standing in front of me in the supermarket and she’s got sushi and Cap’n Crunch, the first thing I think about is, “That’s some food combo.”

And I’ll say that to her and she starts laughing, and I’ll say, “What’s dinner and what’s breakfast? You never know nowadays.” And she starts talking and I listen and I talk to her like I’m speaking to a friend. And she’s not nervous because we all know how to speak to friends. We don’t walk up to a friend, a guy, and say “Oh, my God. I want that guy to be my best friend in the whole wide world. I’m going to talk to him different than I speak to everybody else.” I speak to everybody the exact same with enthusiasm based on the moment because if you do that, you’ll create a moment. You’ll be different than every other guy, and she’ll be oozing and dripping to hang out with you.

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Dean Cortez Shares His Dating Tips

I have so many approaches. I’m coming up with new ones constantly. I actually have a whole book on approaches for all situations called “The Ultimate Approach” and if you go to my site at and get on my VIP mailing list, then I will send you a ton of information on approaching women that you are going to really love. Now, a lot of the approaches that I use are dependent on the environment, but I have a few old standbys that always seem to work.

One of them is just the compliment opener. It’s noticing a detail or appearance like her handbag or her jeans or maybe her earrings or some little detail that most guys wouldn’t even notice, and I’ll say, “You know, I just have to tell you. That looks so cute on you.”

You’re complimenting her not on her looks or her body, but on her sense of style. Women all love to be appreciated for their sense of style.

You can open a girl by saying pretty much anything. You could actually walk up to a girl in a bar and use the cheesiest pick-up line ever, but then you could say, “I’m sorry, that was such an obvious pick-up line. But what I really want to say to you was…” And then bridge into the conversation. So the point is that you’ve got to have a conversational topic lined up. The opener is just a way for you to break the ice and get towards that topic. What I want to do is I want to move the conversation towards deeper topics and territory where I’m getting her to share things about herself and reveal things that most guys don’t know about her. So really that opening icebreaker is just a vehicle for me to bridge into the conversation, which I will then control.

So don’t stress out about the openers so much. It’s really about what you follow it up with and how you take the cues. When she says things, you’re going to seize upon those cues and then lead the conversation towards other areas, so that it becomes more deep and interesting and cool.

DJ Fuji Shares His Dating Tips And Default Opener

My default opener is, “Hey, what’s up?” It is the universal opening, right? And it almost doesn’t matter where you are. In any social environment, “Hey, what’s up?” works because what people don’t realize is that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, and it’s what you’re saying after that matters.

John Alanis Shares His Dating Tips For Men

An environmental comment is always the best. You can train your mind to do that, by the way. Most guys won’t, but you can train your mind so when you see a woman you can make an environmental comment. A smart ass comment about the environment will generally do it. But if not, what I’ll do is I’ll just look her right in the eye. I’ll smile what I call my naughty boy smile and I’ll make it obvious and she’ll smile back. It’s the mirror effect, and I’ll just say to her, “So, what are you smiling about?” And then she’s into it because it’s so reflexive. It’s a truism. It’s something that just happened. And very kind of smart, I think, almost like I busted her: “Yeah, I busted you checking me out. Got you.”

Kezia Noble Shares Her Best Dating Tips (How To Pick Up Women)

A guy came up to me and said, “So what do you give yourself out of 10?” And I said, “Excuse me?” He said, “What do you give yourself out of 10? Do you know what I mean?” So I said, “A 7,” which all girls say because it’s something I teach my students now. Every single girl will say 7, even if she is a stunning girl or she is unattractive or she’s fat or thin, she’ll say 7. And he says, “Well, really, do you think so?” And obviously that make me say, “Why? What do you think I am?” So straight away the power is on his side. I wanted to know what he thought.

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He did it very cheerfully. He did it in a very good way. It wasn’t in a rude way. It was in a very cheeky way and he said, “Well, stand up. Let me have a look at you.” And I actually stood up and I did a turn and everything. And he said, “Well, you know, you’ve got really good legs, so that’s nice. But your feet aren’t great and blah, blah, blah.” And I thought that was a tremendous opener and I told him afterwards “You know, I teach men how to pick up women. Look, you’re a natural.”

And he said, “I like to see a beautiful woman and break down her value a little bit.” So it’s a neg, but it’s a neg, which is very, very effective. I’d say that’s one of the best openers that I’ve heard.

Entropy Shares his Seduction Tips For Men

I say “Hi” followed by “How are you?” It usually works about 90% of the time, believe it or not. Most guys don’t believe that, but it does. I know it’s not a glamorous answer, but I encourage those who are listening to get out there and try it.

Marni Wing Girl Shares Her Attraction Techniques And Openers

OK, this is what I always say: “Look, I can have four guys say the exact same opener to me, and it would only work with one of them, or it may not work with any of them.” It’s really not what the person says. It’s the energy that’s behind the statement that they’re making. And it’s the strong character. It’s being genuine. It’s being authentic. And that’s what I am attracted to.

And that’s true with most of the women who I know and who I’ve interviewed. They want somebody who is really confident in what they’re saying and that they’re not saying a line to somebody because someone else told them to say it.

I like people who add to my evening or to my day. I don’t like a man who comes up to me and says, “You know, I was standing over there, and you know, I just have to come and say hi. I think you’re really attractive.” Like saying it in that tone and not making eye contact, not really listening to my answer and just completely fearful with what I’m going to say. I’m not going to be attracted to that even if he said the most amazing line in the entire world. It’s not what I respond to. I respond to somebody who has the proper energy and character behind their statements. So for me I like banter. When I’m at a bar, I want to have fun and I want somebody who enhances my experience at a bar, not someone who takes away from it.