Most people actually never try to meet women during the day but daygame is really important and has its own benefits let’s explore some of the benefits only offered by daygame.

One of the biggest myths in the dating world is that you need to go out to bars or clubs to meet women. You definitely can meet women this way, it’s a great way which I’ll discuss in another post, but you can also very easily meet women during the day. In fact, many guys prefer this. The only other alternative to bars and clubs that most guys consider is online dating and phone apps like Tinder. Both of these are very handy tools that you should definitely try out, however they should be tools in a wide toolbox, not the only tool that you know how to use. Like everything, they have their pros and their cons, however in my opinion, they just don’t compare to meeting women in real life, because:

1) Most guys just don’t get any results from them, due mostly to the huge swarms of contact requests that women get. So a guy online or on Tinder for two hours, vs. a guy out approaching in real life for two hours (assuming he has some skill) will get vastly different results.

2) Online dating/apps don’t offer the growth and character development that come from facing the fear of approaching and interact with women in real life. So the ideal would be that you’re able to, and you are, approaching and meeting women in real life, and also using online/Tinder if you like.

DayGame – Pay Attention

Today, tomorrow or whenever you leave the house next, I want you to simply pay more attention to what’s going on around you. On the streets, in the stores, on train platforms – look around. Go for a walk on your lunch break. You’ll notice that women are (obviously) everywhere. And let me tell you, every one of them that’s single, is in the same boat as you – really wanting to meet someone but struggling to find the time/ability to do so. I can assure you that you can very easily meet and date these women, once you know how. And it’s not about manipulating or tricking them – they want the same thing as you. They’re on your side.

This simple awareness of opportunity, the opening of your eyes, is something that I can’t emphasis enough. It’s a massive realisation that you can literally at any time, walk out your front door, or your office, and meet women. This one little realisation – if acted upon – will change your dating life forever. So going to the supermarket on the way home from work, or catching the train in the morning, or eating lunch in the park – these situations will never be the same again. They’ll become potential dating opportunities.

Be Willing To Try

So the first thing that you need is this awareness – the realisation that you can meet women during the day – and the second thing that you need is a willingness to try. This is obviously the important part. And because this idea of talking to a woman during the day is probably daunting and completely foreign to many of you reading, you may find yourself already thinking of dozens of excuses …

  • Approaching a woman during the day is weird”
  • “Meeting women like that isn’t very me”
  • “During the day women are doing things, they don’t want to be bothered”

This is your brain trying to keep you comfortable and safe, and justifying your fear. You don’t see the world as it is, you see the world as you are, and these excuses are you projecting your own opinions and seeing them as fact. But that is completely ok! We all do it. It’s just important to remember that your opinion isn’t fact. There are countless women out there wondering why they never meet anyone. These women might not necessarily go out to bars (or do so only rarely), but they do indeed go grocery shopping, walk to work, take lunch breaks, visit the library, go to cafes, etc. And again, think of how good that story will be when either of you are asked “How did you two meet?”

Another Tool In The Toolbox Of Approaching Girls

If you really don’t like the idea of meeting women during the day, that’s totally fine. I know plenty of guys who are great with women and never do this. I went out only at night when I first started, and I got good enough results to be dating some great women. Day approaching is just another option. It’s another tool in the toolbox. I do suggest that you at least consider it, because by not learning some basics of how to start a chat through the day, you’re limiting your growth, and also limiting who you’ll meet. And what happens when that perfect woman just happens to be standing next to you in the supermarket queue?

Lastly, please don’t be that weird creepy guy that’s out there approaching dozens of women every day, regardless of what they’re doing. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – what I’m teaching is a tool to help you meet women when desired and when needed. Practicing this is great, and you’ll need to do it (a lot), however I don’t want you out there approaching everything that moves, running from passing woman to passing woman, thinking that that’s good game. I see this a lot – guys running around approaching anything and everything, generally saying exactly the same thing to each girl, and with little emotional investment in each individual approach. And obviously, a lot of these guys just aren’t getting the results they want. I have great respect for their motivation and momentum, but if only they could blend in some discretion and social intelligence, and also did some things other than approaching women, I know that they’d do much better.


Go Out And Notice

Go out today or tomorrow and just observe. Do this for a thirty minutes. Go for a walk, go to the supermarket, go to the nearest place that there are people, and just observe. Pay attention to all the women around you. This may sound too simple to be of any benefit, but I’ve seen it many times with my new clients – they just don’t notice anyone or anything around them. We habitually just block out most of our surroundings because it’s familiar, and we’re so in our heads. Breaking out of that will be your first step towards success with day-game.

You don’t have to approach at all during this exercise. I just want you out there walking around, and noticing the women around you. Notice where they are, what they’re doing, what they’re wearing, etc. Who are they do you think? Obviously don’t stalk anybody here. Don’t stare at them, don’t do anything creepy – I just want you to wander around on your own, quietly, respectfully, paying attention and noticing the people around you.

Benefits To Meeting Women During The Day

Write down 10 benefits that you feel there might be to meeting women during the day, for you specifically. Don’t just repeat the ones that I’ve mentioned, be more specific to you. Maybe you hate going to bars. Maybe you get no responses online dating. Maybe your personality or your energy is much more your selling point than your appearance. Maybe you work in sales and this will help you be more confident with people in general. Maybe you have an hour lunch break in the city every day that you need to kill. Maybe you work across the road from a sunny park that always has a lot of people in it. Whatever it may be, note down 10 benefits for you personally that you see to meeting women during the day.

And now, let’s get to specifically how to do it.