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Confronting Fears and Anxiety

Therapists and personal coaches use many methods to help clients overcome their fears and anxiety. Fears and anxiety may not be based on real information. Instead, they can be based on faulty or illogical thinking.

One way to confront your fears or anxiety is to think about what is driving the fear and provoke yourself into feeling those feelings. No matter how intense those feelings become, you begin to realize that these feelings alone can not harm you and you are uncomfortable but safe and you will survive this experience, as you always have in the past. As a result, you have less anxiety as you approach whatever has been causing your fears.

Sometimes the charge behind many fears is purely emotional and once you realize that the feeling is just that, you can overcome many fears that have held you back in the past. You emotions should be used as a guide and when they don’t serve you, they need to be quickly subdued and the situation needs to be met with a clear assessment of the situation.

Change Your Thought Process

Another tool in analyzing your fears is to keep a log of your thoughts and associated feelings throughout especially challenging times. Anytime a seemingly new stress appears its time to see if its one of your favorites making a new entrance. This method of addressing fears is commonly used by many therapists and is a kind of detective approach to see if a common fear for you is still unaddressed. The more you. An tie fears together, the better understanding you will have and the more freedom you will experience.

When you have a feeling of fear or anxiety, write down what you were thinking and what was happening when the feeling started. After the experience passes, examine whether your reaction was reasonable or logical. If you keep a log of these events, you may discover a distinctive pattern over time and this gives you a lot of power.

Negative thoughts often create negative feelings, such as fear and anxiety. You may be surprised to find that you worry, think about catastrophes or predict failure unconsciously and usually there is a snowball effect as you pile one negative thought onto another. You need to catch yourself and replace these negative thoughts one positive one and you can quickly change the outcome. Even if that positive thought has nothing to do with the negative ones you were thinking. Simply turn your focus to something…anything positive and you will have saves yourself a lot of fearful emotions.

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Then you can realize that your feelings of fear do not make
sense, and you can begin to replace faulty thought patterns with more effective ones. Instead of thinking, “I will faint if I give a speech,” replace that thought with, “I know this topic and will give a speech that is five minutes long successfully.”

Analyze the Cost of Fear

Many people find that fear prevents them from accomplishing many of their goals. For business people, the cost can be tremendous. Fear can stop you from trying out new business strategies, launching new products or expanding into new markets.

You can use a cost benefit analysis to determine what fear is costing you. Many people do this with their business risks, how about doing it with your life as a whole. Make a list of the advantages of confronting your fears and changing your behavior. Make a list of the cost mentally and physically of letting your fear stop you from reaching your goals and becoming a Superhero in life and business. Place this where you can see it daily.

When you compare the lists, you will discover that it is worth it to confront your fears and do anything to overcome them. Coping with your fear and taking away its power may be initially challenging, but you will likely be delighted with your Superhero begins to emerge.

Use Stress Management Techniques

Fear often provokes feelings of major anxiety as your adrenaline spikes, your breathing increases and your heart rate rises. Using stress management techniques can help you calm your feelings and gain control on the road to conquering fear.

Try closing your eyes briefly and breathing slowly through your nose. Think of images that are relaxing, such as a beach, a forest or a special place you remember fondly. Tell yourself you are in control and are always safe. Picture yourself as a full fledged Superhero able to take on anything in your path.

Other stress management techniques also work well for confronting fear. Try distracting yourself with an activity such as a crossword puzzle when flying or listening to music and singing to yourself before a speech.

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Exercise can also be an excellent way to work off excess energy that fear provokes. We have heard of a famous salesman who jumps on and off of a chair in his office before going into the boardroom to pitch a client.