All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

When clients come to see me, I tell them, “I am not going to do something to you. I am not a genie in a bottle who is going to change your handicap with a nod of the head and a wink of an eye. You are in control of your life, and you are the one and only one who has the power to accept or reject suggestions or impressions that come your way.”

Let’s hear from a professional

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, I am essentially a coach. I train people to get out of their own way and use their minds in an empowering  way. I train people to dehypnotize themselves from the false and limited belief systems they have accumulated over the years in order to uncover their natural genius that has always been there, just beneath the surface.

I tell my clients that the work we do in my office is a springboard to set change in motion. The work we do together is a catalyst, a pep rally, an empowerment blast that initiates you powerfully in the direction you desire to go. However, the dramatic transformation comes from your willingness to participate in your own evolution by continuing the work that we begin, in your own life, on and off the golf course. The radical change that is possible with hypnotherapy comes from your use of the tool of hypnosis to change the environment in your mind. And those tools are contained in the book that you are now holding in your hand.

But to get more specific, self-hypnosis is actually the art of being able to access a hypnotic state intentionally on your own, without a hypnotherapist in your physical proximity to guide you.