Stressed has become a disease in the modern life and if you are stressed your brain can not perform at the full potential. And It does not matter what you are trying to learn be that, hypnosis, mnemonics, telepathy, nlp, social dynamics or whatever, your learning process is damaged.

Let me tell you that we can’t always see the beauty and the gifts within our everyday struggles and challenges, yet when we look close enough, there truly is beauty and purpose—a divine plan. And when you believe that your life is unfolding accordingly, then you can relax and rest assured that everything is going to be okay. Time and time again, the unseen world assures me that we’ve each been given the opportunity to receive an abundance of peace, happiness, and fulfillment in our lives when we rest assured that there is a divine plan at work. So set the intention now to move forward with a victory mind-set, having faith and trust that your life is unfolding just each and every one of us me in the can flow freely through your energetic body the way it’s meant to, by sparking the divine light of assertion within you.

This story perfectly illustrates how even when there appears to be no evidence to  prove so, our lives are often perfectly on track. Oftentimes, what appear at first glance to be major hurdles and roadblocks that seem impossible to navigate turn out to be simply bumps along the road. As long as you trust that there is a plan at work and stay open—that is, in a state of allowing and being grateful for what’s going right—the bumps in the road will eventually even out over time.


Lilly’s Story

All I ever wanted in life was to be a mom. Twice my heart was broken. In 2004 I became pregnant. It was not planned. I’d spent four years in a relationship being abused sexually, physically, emotionally, and every other way. At the time, I was struggling to move on; I made the decision to terminate the pregnancy. At the last minute I tried to say stop, but the anesthesia knocked me out.

Five months later I was pregnant again, and this time I was overjoyed that God gave me another chance. I just knew it was a boy, and I had a name for him. Not long into my second trimester, I was rear-ended at 50 mph. Doctors confirmed that my baby’s heart had stopped beating upon impact. I really felt like I didn’t want to live.

That was when I met Rebecca, and my spirituality was confirmed that day. In a private reading, she said, “I see a car accident. Your grandmother in Spirit was with you. She is sad … about Andrew.”

Tears streamed down my face. I told her, “I was in a car accident a few months ago. I lost my baby. Andrew was his name.”

“He will come back to you in two years,” Rebecca said.

I asked her if both babies were the same spirit, and she said yes. She also said my father, who’d committed suicide when I was eight, would be with my baby in spirit until he was born. I married the following year. After some health issues, my doctor put me on a fertility drug. There were complications, and two months later I collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. The next morning I awoke with my mother standing over me with a heartfelt look. “I’m sorry, honey. They had to take an ovary.”

Now my dream to be a mother was truly shattered. I had no idea what I was supposed to do with my life. I was told by several doctors that I probably would never have children.

A year later, while finalizing my divorce, I began dating a man who’d also been told he couldn’t have children. So, knowing each other’s history, we didn’t bother with protected sex. Two months later, I was pregnant. I still laugh about my doctor’s reaction. He didn’t believe me until he confirmed it himself. This was a joy I can’t even describe today.

Nine months later, as I was about to deliver, my doctor told me the baby was too bi —I needed to schedule a C-section. He suggested May 2. “Please any other day” is what I said. That was the date my father took his life. But in actuality, it turned out to be the best day. It was confirmation that my daddy had had my baby, gave him to me, and transformed what had been a day of mourning into a celebration of life. As predicted, I delivered almost two years to the day that Rebecca gave me that comforting message. She had also told me I would have a son, and I did. His name is Andrew.

I’ve shared this amazing story about baby Andrew with many of my closest friends, and the majority of them have asked me, “If she was meant to have a child from the get-go, if it was part of her ‘plan,’ why did she have to go through such heartbreak and struggle to get there?” If you’re similarly stumped, let me remind you that when life feels hard, you’re either trying to control situations rather than allowing events in your life to naturally unfold, you’ve attracted difficult people and circumstances into your life by thinking negatively, or you’ve been presented with an important life lesson. In Lilly’s case, she happened to have some big-time healing to do around her father’s suicide, along with a few tough love lessons to learn about relationships before the timing was right for her to mother a child. The hard truth was that Lilly wasn’t in a position to successfully love, respect, and teach a child before she first learned how to care for and honor herself. Remember, you cannot extend love if you’re not residing in love. Once Lilly learned this important life lesson, baby Andrew came right along, serving as a spiritual pat on the back, a reward for finding the courage to heal, grow, and spiritually evolve.