Dominic O’brain was born on 10 august 1957. He was not really a memory guy in his childhood. As a matter of fact he was known for his memory and his teachers were totally disappointed in his learning abilities. Dominic share many of the remarks by his teachers in many of the books that he has authored. He presents those negative remarks against himself as something that is a proof of the fact that anyone can improve memory power by applying a few simple techniques. Currently Dominic O’brain is eight times world memory champion and is working as a trainer for peek performance. Dominic O’brain started practicing and developing his own mnemonics techniques after watching Carvello memorize a pack of 52 cards in under three minutes. This inspired Dominic good enough to start trying to improve his own memory. Dominic was bent on finding the techniques that actually work so he came up with a system of his own for memorizing digits. His system is called “The Dominic System” and is very famous among memory athletes. The Dominic system uses people, location and association to make it easier to remember dates and anything that deals with digits. He delivers lectures and has been active on many TV shows teaching memory techniques and performing memory feats. Dominic O’brain has authored several books on memory and below i am going to list all the books authored by him.

Books Authored By Dominic O’brain

The brilliant memory toolkit (2012)

You can have an amazing memory (2011)

How to improve your memory (2010)

How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Week by Week (2005)

The Amazing Memory Kit (2005)

Never Forget Facts and Figures (2003)

Never Forget a Speech (2003)

Never Forget a Name or Face (2002)

Never Forget A Number or A Date (2002)

The Amazing Memory Box (2001)

Quantum Memory Power (2001)

Learn to Remember (2000)

Super Memory Power (1997)

How to Pass Exams (1995)

How to Develop a Perfect Memory (1993)

Now, i have read most of his books because i myself am a student of mnemonics and if you are going to buy one of his books and want opinion on as to which one of his books is best then i recommend that you buy any of the following books:

You Can Have An Amazing Memory

How To Pass Exams

How To Develop A Perfect Memory.

or the audio course Quantum Memory power

The books i just recommended above contain all of his techniques and methods and in rest of the books Dominic just discusses the same techniques. They key memory techniques that you will be learning from these books are Method of association to remember things Method of using location also known as loci to remember Things Number rhyme System Number Shape System The Dominic System The Mental Dairy Inshort, you will be learning at least one memory techniques for memorizing different types of data and then all you have to do is to keep practicing unless you have these techniques mastered. Personally, i find it a fun exercise to try to apply these techniques and you really feel great after each successful attempt at memorizing large amounts of data.