In order to really develop self confidence, you have to first realize what self confidence really is. Self confidence is just a feeling. It‟s a feeling that propels you instantly and automatically and effortlessly, really, to do what you need to do to reach your goals.

Lets say  it is approaching a woman. And there are different levels of self confidence. For instance, you can have the self confidence to approach a woman who‟s sitting alone in a coffee shop. Or you can have self confidence that allows you to instantly walk up to the hottest women – even if they are surrounded by a group of guys – and you‟ll do it because you KNOW you can dominate the situation and get her. It‟s the feeling of self confidence that propels you to do it.

Now what most people don‟t realize is WHERE that feeling of self-confidence comes from. Guys will say it‟s from a lot of practice and desensitizing yourself by getting used to rejection. Or they‟ll say it‟s from knowing the skills and knowing what to do – and yes they‟re partially right because eventually after a LONG time, and luck that can work. In fact that‟s how most naturals got good – they were lucky and had the RIGHT experiences growing up, which gave them the positive reinforcement to build that feeling of self confidence.

But what if you aren‟t a natural? What if your experiences haven‟t been all that great? What if you‟re experiencing a lot of fear or you‟ve been rejected in the past? Then the feeling you‟re going to have when you think about approaching a woman is going to be a painful one and actually make you feel like NOT approaching a woman.

So the only way to do it – which is kind of like cheating if you really think about it – is to deliberately re-design a new self image and install it into your subconscious mind. There are very specific visualization techniques you can use to do just that.

The reason this works is because the feeling of self confidence – the same feeling of self confidence that makes you move through the world with power and dominance, the same self confidence that gives you relaxed body language that‟s magnetically attractive, the same self confidence that lets your conversation flow, where you say all the right things – is AUTOMATICALLY generated from your internal self image.