Health is the most important part when thinking of fashion and style. By the term “health,” we generally mean personal maintenance, grooming and hygiene. Your looks will be irrelevant if your hygiene isn’t taken care of.

If you don’t look after yourself, then expect a people who also doesn’t look after herself. Do you want a slightly overweight people who has stubble under their arms, breath that smells of cigarettes and alcohol, and a longer moustache than you?
Why should a someone who spends a lot of time himself/herself look beautiful date someone who doesn’t take the same care to look attractive?

So if you’re one of those guys who says you are comfortable with how you dress, despite what other people say, and shouldn’t have to change for “some one,” then you are going to get a girl who is comfortable with herself too.

Below are some basic guidelines you should follow to ensure that your personal hygiene is up to scratch. They may seem obvious, but really take a look at the list and think about how they relate to you. Do you really do these things on a regular basis?


Shower every single day! When you’re in there, use soap on your armpits, feet, and between your legs. Shampoo and condition your hair regularly. Depending on your hair type (greasy/dry) you may want to do this every day, or only every couple of days.

Wash your face with a face cleanser. We all get the occasional bit of acne, and face cleaning significantly reduces this. Like shampoo, face-cleansing solutions come in a wide variety of formulas for different skin types. Try out a few and see what works best for you. You should also aim to wash your face before you go to bed.

Moisturize.After a shower or washing your face, apply a moisturizer to keep your skin looking healthy and smooth. It will also prevent wrinkles and keep you looking young. Some people may also want to apply moisturizer to other parts of their body such as their arms.


This is perhaps more important if you are a smoker. We all know smoking can stain teeth terribly. Visit your dentist every six months for a professional polish, and smile with pride. Keep your breath fresh with mouthwashes, and use gum during the day to avoid offensive breath!

Bad teeth is a sign of neglect and bad hygiene, not to mention bad breath. This is the biggest turnoff ever. We greet people with our smile, and nothing is more of a turn off than a mouth full of plaque, cavities, inflamed gums and broken teeth. If a guy doesn’t care enough to care for his teeth, people figures he is just lazy, doesn’t care about how he presents himself, and is not a potential connection.


Get rid of your excess body hair. That includes legs, chest and most importantly, pubes. If you’re a really hair guy then getting waxed may be the best option.

Trim your toe and fingernails. Try to remove most of the white part. This is as much a functional requirement for the bedroom as it is an aesthetic one. Don’t leave any rough edges.

Make sure you have two eyebrows. Invest in a decent pair of tweezers and remove the hairs in the middle! If you want them to look extra good (or they’re exceptionally bushy) get them shaped at a salon and upkeep them yourself by tweezing what grows in.


You don’t have to be a professional body builder to have a great body. Basic workouts are all you need to stay in shape, maintain your body and keep up your energy levels. Go outside for a run, join a gym, or do some weights at home.

Exercise has many benefits besides the obvious. The act of exercising releases endorphins, which actually improve your mood and make you happier.

Fragrance & Cologne

Use an antiperspirant or deodorant on your underarms each day after you shower. Antiperspirant physically stops you from sweating, and so it can be useful for many people, especially if you suffer from wet patches on your shirt whenever you lift up your arms.

Invest in nice cologne, fragrance and/or aftershave. Choose a fragrance that you like, and if you need some help get a female friend your age to come with you, but not your mum. The floor salespeople are also usually very helpful – just ask them for their favorites.

Now don’t overdo the cologne. Put a couple of drops on your wrists and perhaps dab them together. Or if you have a spray, then spray once or twice in your general direction and walk into it. You can also put a drop or two behind your ears, which makes a girl want to lean in closer when she’s whispering to you.