Whether you are a student who needs to pass exams or a professional who is supposed to memorize lots and lots of information, you must have sharp focus for success.

Having a better focus and sharp memory is important for various reasons. When it comes to studies, the more focused you are, the better you will perform in your class and exams. In terms of professional life, the more focused you are, the better you will handle the things. In short, it is a must to have a good focus if you really want to be successful in your life.

In this post we will be talking about some of the best techniques to increase your focus as it will helps both students and professionals. So lets get started.

Deal with distractions

It is a commonly known fact that a person can focus better when the distractions are minimum. But you may not be accorded this luxury every time. Hence the trick is to deal with the distractions in such a manner that they do not become a hindrance to your objective. The ability to deal with distractions differs from person to person. It depends on how much they get affected in the first place.

The concept is called “sensory overload”. It denotes the situation where the senses of a person are stimulated by many inputs at the same time. A person will be able to concentrate better if the numbers of such inputs are at a minimum. To deal with this, find out the situations in which your mind is able to focus better and then recreate the situation.


As mentioned earlier, one of the best methods of retaining focus on an issue is to prioritize and elevate the status of that issue. Tell your mind that the matter on hand is the most important one that deserves your complete attention. Learn to master this control and give the task your full.

Maintain mental calm

However distressed the situation may be, learn to maintain calm. This is because a panicked state of mind will cripple your concentration and decision making abilities. Only a calm mind can take rational and logical decisions. Often when faced with a stressful situation, we panic and then the befuddled state of mind doesn’t let us take a clear course of action.

Take a break

This is an advice that is often dished out but never followed. It has been proved beyond doubt in countless studies that the attention span of an average human being is limited to an hour and a half at the maximum. Beyond this, the mind simply loses its focus. At such a point the best course of action will be to take a break.

Take a walk or do something completely unrelated to what you had being doing so far. The break need not be a long one; the ideal period is 10 to 15 minutes. Simply take your mind off the matter on hand and do something to rejuvenate it. One of the main things to keep in mind while taking the timeout is to completely avoid thinking about the task. This is very important, because otherwise the very point of taking the break is rendered redundant.

Control the flow of energy

There is a flow of energy in and around you and the nature of this energy plays a major role in deciding the quantum of focus that you can devote to a matter. There are basically two kinds of energies, positive and negative. Positive energy lets you focus better and makes you feel confident and content. And this is reflected in your productivity.

top techniques to improve focus

The negative energy on the other hand has the exact opposite effect on you. The nature and flow of these energies is decided to a large extent by the environment around you. The key is to establish what triggers the positive energy in you and then making sure that those elements are in abundance around you. Similarly, ensure that the negative energy is eliminated to the maximum extent possible.


The best and the most effective technique of boosting your focus and concentration is meditation. This can be done as a part of a discipline such as yoga or in isolation. But whatever be the case the whole exercise of meditation can boost your levels of concentration and focus by leaps and bounds. You can easily learn a few techniques and then practice them on a daily basis for at least half an hour.

We discussed some of the best methods of improving your focus and becoming successful in all walks of the life. But please keep in mind that these are not the only methods you can use to improve the power of your focus.

In my personal experience, yoga is great and there is another program called Einstine Factor. I have personally tried that program and found it to be very useful for unleashing your inner genius and improving you focus with your overall brain performance. If you can afford to buy that program, i highly suggest it.

I personally believe that without the ability to focus, we can never succeed. As a writer i came to realize that unless i am fully focused, i cannot write a thing.

There are some other really cool techniques that can help you. Memory improvement techniques are also great as they include the use of imagination and that requires you to focus. We have plenty of great articles on mnemonics and memory improvement, do check them out.

Watching movies an listening to radio can also help you improve your ability to focus. It seems odd but it is true. When you are watching a movie and the movie is a good one, it captures your interest to the end and this develops a habit of focusing for hours.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please leave that in the comments section below. I will try to reply to your comments as soon as possible. If you found this post to be useful, please do share it.