Smile at women

I’ve hit on this point multiple times already, but I’ll do it again, because it’s so important. You need to be smiling at every single woman you come into contact with! I want you to smile at women to whom you are attracted as well as to women you’re not. I want you to smile at older women, younger women, I even want you to smile at babies!

You’re going to do this exercise for two reasons:

Practice smiling at women in general to prepare yourself to smile at those you’re interested in.

To become comfortable with smiling more often. You’ll quickly realize how much you may not have been smiling in the past and how easy it is for you to just smile. Again, I’ve already talked about this , but it’s important enough that you need to make sure you’re doing it!

Say Hello

The next exercise I’d like for you to do is to simply to say “hello” as often as possible. It’s a simple, yet powerful word that has several connotations. At this point, it’s not important to know what those are. What’s important is that you’re getting practice saying “hello,” so the next time you find someone irresistible and need to talk to her you won’t even have to think twice about it.

Also, with these two exercises you’ll being to receive different types of responses. Smiling at someone and saying “hello” are excellent ways to start up a conversation. You’ll present yourself as a more open and friendly person. Intrigued women will definitely respond to this.

Introduce Yourself

So what’s the next step after smiling and saying hello? No, it’s not some cheesy line or routine, but simply to introduce yourself. “Hi, I’m John…” This one can be tough – but, again, just do it. The long term rewards are significant.

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When you’re going about your day, I want you to introduce yourself to everyone with whom you interact on a regular basis.

If you go to the neighborhood coffee shop to get your morning coffee, I want you to introduce yourself to the woman behind the counter if you haven’t done so already.

If you go to the supermarket one evening after work, introduce yourself to the woman behind the deli counter. It doesn’t matter if you’re attracted to any of these women at this point. What I’m concerned with is that you’re practicing to become more approachable to the world around you.

Here’s an even more important reason why this is a GREAT exercise: Becoming a familiar face at places you regularly go to is an excellent “prop” for the next time you see someone you are attracted to.

You want to be the safe and friendly man at the regular places you go – introducing yourself to the employees will help you accomplish this. So the next time you’re at the supermarket and the woman behind the deli counter smiles at you and says “hello,” the woman you’ve been attempting to strike up conversation with will be watching. You want that woman to witness this and see you as both friendly and intriguing.

This next exercise may make you feel uncomfortable at first, but after a little practice, you’ll become very relaxed while doing this. You might really enjoy it too!

Make Eye Contact

When you see someone you find attractive, I want you to make eye contact with this woman for five seconds. Yes, 5 seconds! By the fifth second, you had better be smiling! You’ll probably find a lot of people who look away before then, because we’re just working on you becoming more confident, and not caring about the outcome. I want you to do this with at least 10 women. Now don’t go overboard and be the creepy guy who’s just staring at everybody, but pick and choose moments to do this.

Eye contact is incredibly important. Strong, powerful men always make direct eye contact with women, an old sales technique. The sales technique is as follows: it’s called “Shut up and let them talk.” When you make your presentation, for instance, you stand in front of a woman, you say “hello” to her, or you comment on something. You have direct eye contact and you keep it. It’s going to show you as a powerful person. If you speak immediately, and you break eye contact right away, she’s going to feel as though she has the upper hand. It’s a form of non-verbal communication and conveys your confidence in yourself. I want you to go and really practice this. Make eye contact with a woman for five seconds. You’ll be smiling after a while. Do this to ten women, and then another ten and another ten. Do this over and over, because it’s going to teach you how to be powerful and in a position of power, and women are turned on by men who are in a position of power. They are attracted to men who are confident, and this will show a woman in a non verbal way that you’re a confident man and she should, in fact, be talking to you.

Verbal Batting Practice

The final exercise is what I refer to as Verbal Batting Practice. It’s just going out and practicing the exercises above. You need to practice to make this easier and more relaxing for you when you go out. Remember everyone needs to practice continually, regardless of how good they are. Even the best of us need to constantly put in the effort. I promise — it will be all worth it.

Every single day, I used to go out there and talk to people. Some days would just be “hello.” I’d go up and say “hello” and see how they would respond. Other days, I’d throw out a comment based on something they were doing. Of course I’d start by observing and listening, which is how I struck up a conversation in the first place, and then react to what they said. Verbal batting practice is no different than Payton Manning throwing to Reggie Wayne during practice all week. They repeat the actions until it becomes second nature, so when it’s game time they’ll be ready.

Here’s the deal: if you do your verbal batting practice every day, you change your energy, start to become more confident, and more selfassured. Not only that, when you see the woman you’re most attracted to, you won’t even be thinking about her because you’ll be interacting with your surroundings. You’ll be comfortable in your own skin, easily talking to others, and she’ll instantly pick up on this and be intrigued. If you’ve gone out and done your verbal batting practice, you will be in the flow, in the moment, and you’re not worried about impressing anyone, you’re just being yourself.