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Kezia Noble Offers Inner Game Advice

The first thing I would say to him is get used to it. There is such a thing as natural advantage and that‟s it. That‟s never going to change. If a guy is very good looking, she will give him extra time. That is a fact. She will let him get away with a lot more than a guy whom she considers unattractive. But there is a limit. I‟ve spoken to a lot of very hot guys. I mean, they‟re seriously good looking and after ten minutes, I‟d think, “OK, please go away,” because they have nothing else to offer. They just got an extra ten minutes more than the guy I find less attractive. And there‟s been, of course, plenty of men that me and my friends have been absolutely besotted with beyond belief and the first thing you say when you meet him, “Do you know what? He‟s not my type.”

You could actually become very powerful because it‟s even more sexual. It‟s even more sexually-charged when it‟s a guy who‟s physically not our type whom we‟re attracted to. It‟s something strange and bizarre that we have no control over and we want to understand.

Entropy Shares His Inner Game Secrets

I feel like we all have physical things about ourselves that we don’t necessarily like, or that we feel isn’t perfect. The first thing I say is that nobody really knows how physically attractive they are. I don’t know how many women you‟ve hung out with, but a lot have weird taste in physical qualities to begin with. They’re not all necessarily out there looking for Brad Pitt.

But the other thing is you don’t show up for a job interview and say, “Oh, I didn’t go to Harvard, so there is no point in trying to get this job.”

These guys walk around and say, “Oh, well, I’m 5’7, and so there is no way these girls are going to like me.” You do the best with what you’ve got. When you apply for those jobs, no matter what school you went to, you try your best, you put your best foot forward, and there is really no excuse for not trying. You just do the best with what you’ve got. In the long run, that matters far more than how big your biceps are or how big of a chest you have or whatever.

Marni Wing Girl On How To Change Your Limiting Beliefs

First, stop thinking that. If you think it, then everybody else is going to think it. If you can‟t turn yourself on, how are you going to turn other people on? So if you stop focusing on the fact that you‟re short or you‟re bald or you‟re fat or you‟re this or you‟re that, blah, blah, blah, then that‟s when other people will stop focusing on it. Now, I give guys mental exercises to do. It‟s about changing the story in your mind. If you see an attractive woman who you want to approach you need to change this thinking: “Oh, I‟m too short for her. She‟s three inches taller than me. She must have a boyfriend.”

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People think many different things to psych themselves up. It‟s just being aware of that emotion and thought and having control over it because you can stop yourself from thinking that way. So you think, “OK, I‟m thinking this right now, but what do I really need to think in order to have success with that woman?” So you pause. I have a rubber band around my wrist that gets me to stop thinking those things in my head when I have a fear. I get men to change their story, so that they don‟t think “She won‟t like me.” They think, “Hmm, she‟s attractive. Let‟s see what else she‟s got. I want to find out more about her.” So it‟s changing the story from being completely about you and the anxiety that you feel about approaching another person and putting it out into the world and saying, “OK, let‟s see what happens. This woman is attractive, but I don‟t know anything else about her, and I‟m wonderful, so I have every right to be talking to this person.”

Nick Quick Sharing His Inner Game Tips For Pickup Artists

Have you seen me? I‟m so far from physically attractive that you can just take an example from me. Here’s the thing, women will sleep with guys they’re not physically attracted to. And they do all the time. If you have any girlfriends when they‟re being really honest ask them, “Have you ever slept with a guy that you weren‟t physically attracted to?” And just about every girl you talk to will say yes. So there are some factors to this. How sexually turned on is she in the moment? And I’m not saying necessarily sexually turned on by you, but you are going to be the one doing the sexual aspiration, and so she will transfer that to you.

And also where are you? Are you in a place where sex can actually occur? And is she turned on? She will sleep with you even if she‟s not attracted to you. When I walk into a bar, it’s not like girls are saying, “Hey, Susie, do you see that guy over there? You know the one with the beer belly and the bald head?” “Yeah.” “That‟s the guy I want to fuck tonight.” No, I never get that. So when I’m going out and approaching women, I just put that out of my head. And I know that I can apply the tools that I have to get her into a place where sex can majestically happen and have her turned on.

Richard La Ruina (Gambler) On How To Feel Physically Attractive

I used to feel ugly. I actually got called ugly at school and that was kind of drilled into me over many years, this belief I was ugly. And looking back I wasn‟t technically that bad looking. I think it had to do with how I felt about myself and my insecurities. And then how I represented that in my body language and nervous mannerisms and inability to hold eye contact and all those problems.

I‟ve worked with a lot of guys who have made dramatic improvements and girls always say, “Hang on, has he been going to the gym? Is he wearing fake tan? Has he fixed his teeth?” And the guy has actually done nothing. All that‟s happened is that his energy has changed as he started to get better results.

If you hang around a lot of women, whether they‟re beautiful or average, they all say that looks are not too much of a big deal at all. They say that they want to be the prettier one in the relationship. They say that guys who are really good-looking and slick are a turn off because they will cheat on them, and they always have to worry. It‟s actually a bigger issue in the minds of men than it is in the minds of women.

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It‟s about whether your game is good enough. We‟ve got a few guys on the team who we like to show-off their skills because they‟re not at all attractive and they still clean up with models. So I think a good thing that will help you, is to find a role model of a guy that you don‟t consider attractive, but you can still point to as getting all the girls.

Scot McKay On How To Become And Feel Physically Attractive

This is going to be a two-part answer. I‟ll tell you what is so field tested and so proven. When women start talking about a guy who is really hot, do they say, “Oh my gosh, his nose is just so goofy looking.” Or do they say, “Well, his hair, it‟s just such the wrong color or whatever.” No, they talk about his sense of style. They talk about how he portrays himself.

They talk about whether they can see that he actually cares about himself. How is his grooming? Does he take the time to take off that ketchup-stained T-shirt and put on something that actually makes him look good? Are the colors he is wearing the colors that accentuate him the best?

Here is the secret, guys. Men are loved by women when they do the best with what they‟ve got. Why? – Because women love men who are confident. Women love men who have a plan. Women love men who are just masculine.

When you show that you can take care of yourself, you show that you can take care of a woman. You show that you can be her protector and provider. It not that you‟re necessarily a millionaire or going to beat up all the thugs who might be coming to mug her at the ATM machine, but you‟re a man who has got things under control. I think that‟s incredibly, incredibly important.

The second thing I think is this: women do not want to be with a man who is prettier than they are, anyway. It‟s all about looks in this culture as far as women are concerned. Women know that. We, as men, know that. Men think, “Well, we‟ve got to be at least as good looking as they are, if not, better in order to score a hottie like that.” Not true, the opposite is true. You should always be looking to go out with women who you perceive as better looking than you. That‟s the key to getting them to go out with you. They don‟t want to go out with a guy who is prettier than they are because they don‟t want to be upstaged. They want to be the pretty one in a relationship. Otherwise, they‟re going to go nuts, and that‟s the truth. You can take that to the bank.

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Jon Sinn Reveals Secrets Of Physical Attraction

I think this is one of the things that a lot of guys in the dating industry lie about. The truth of the matter is looks do matter. And no, you don’t have to be good-looking to get hot girls, but you do need to be put together. The good thing about this is that any guy can improve their looks 2 to 3 points by losing weight, getting new clothes and getting a new haircut. If you do those few things you will become better looking. You can take the worst looking guy in the world, put him in a new set of clothes, have him get into better shape, get him healthy skin tone and a new haircut and he’s going to look better.

So you’ve got to be able to get yourself to “average” and anyone can get to average. People always say, “Oh, you see all these fat, ugly guys with girls.” Not true, you don’t see fat, ugly guys with girls, not attractive girls, unless they have some sort of gimmick you don‟t know about. But you do see average; you see a ton of average guys and hot girls. Any guy can become average. So the goal with your looks is just to become average through having good style and fixing any obvious things. If you’re missing a front tooth, obviously fix that. If you’re 50 pounds overweight, lose some weight. If you’re balding, shave your head. You’ve got to get rid of any of those obvious things that make you less attractive. Once they’ve done that most people are going to be average, at which point they’ll have a chance to make it up with their personality.