Today in this post we experts will be sharing their first date ideas and tips with you. They will also teach you how to make your first date great and have amazing relationship experiences. Let’s get started.

Stephen Nash’s Thoughts On The First Date

On a date, it’s important to have two activities and that the first be interactive. Maybe connect it to the fact that you like to go to museums. You like modern art and you like photography or something like that. These are normal ways that people come together and talk. The most uncomfortable times on a date are at the beginning and the end. The beginning is when you don’t know quite how things are going to go. The end is the moment where you think, “Well, am I going to kiss her?” And she’s thinking, “Is he going to kiss me or not?”

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At the beginning, you meet her at a museum or in a gallery so that there’s no sitting down face to face, we’ve got to have a conversation now. Conversation comes from this experience you’re sharing. The second activity is when you sit down and you have a more intimate conversation with her over a drink, coffee, a meal, but the sit down part has to be second.

Between those two activities you are already thinking about that first kiss. Forget about the end of the day. That’s when the normal guys do it. Those are the rules and we study this stuff to learn how to break these rules and use them to our advantage. If you’re going to go from a museum gallery to a restaurant think in advance about a way to have that first kiss before the end of the date. That way there’s no tension at the end and there was no tension at the beginning. If you follow that format you’ll see her again for sure.

Yad Shares His First Date Ideas

I like to take her somewhere where I’m face to face with her because you want to basically build up vibe. She’s not this toy. You want to get to know her. You want to build up this beautiful vibe between you, right? She wants to know that you’re a serious guy, you’re a guy whose intentions are pure and lovely and that’s exactly what I do. I just take them to a very simple place like a pub or something, nothing special, never anywhere special, never for dinner on a second date, never to cinema, or an arcade or anything. On third date, yeah, you can go bowling or whatever, but not on a second date. Sit her down, face to face, and start talking to her and start letting her know your intentions.

Adam Lyons Says He Love Activities On The First Date

I love activities. If I’m going to take a girl on a date, I always want it to be a fun time – something other than watching movies and eating dinner or something like that. If I am going to take somebody out for food, it’s going to be to a dessert place where we can sit down and eat ice cream because I like them to associate the fun of eating ice cream with me. But if I’m going to do an activity – which is usually my favorite thing to do – I always do things like the zoo or the aquarium where there is so much to see, so much to talk about, so much to interact with. And it can last half an hour if I’m bored with the girl or it can last four hours if I want to take my time because I like her.

Alex Coulson Talks About What Not To Say

You never want to say, “Hey, let’s go on a date,” to a girl ever. You just want to say “You know, let’s hang out.” I take girls to tapas, where you sit down, you drink sangria. I do that because it’s funky. It’s unique. A lot of guys would just go to a bar. Never take a girl you’re dating to a bar unless you want other guys to hit on her when you go to the bathroom. It’s just not cool, unless you live upstairs.

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So take her to tapas or take her to sushi. I’ve actually taken girls on ferry rides before. I’ll say, “Hey, this is a really cool sushi place across the river. Let’s take a ferry ride.” And we’ll get on the ferry. When she gets on the ferry with you, it’s like a little mini-date where she’s just there with you and you’re there to protect her, so those things sort of help. It’s like a little miniadventure.

My mate actually takes girls food shopping. He meets the girls at a café. They have a quick coffee and he says, “Listen, I’m going to get some shopping. Come with me.” So they’ll spend the next 20 minutes walking up and down the aisles, and they’ll get some groceries. And at the end, he pays for those, and he says, “OK, cool. Well, let’s get out here. Let’s go back to my place.” She’ll say, “What? What are you talking about?” He’ll say, “Well, I’m going to cook for you. You know, we just went shopping. That’s why we went shopping.” And you think that it probably doesn’t work, but it does. He actually gets a lot of these girls back to his place by doing that.

You never want to go to her place because you can’t really control the environment or the scenario. She might be there with her three flat mates, and then she might have to clean some dishes that she left in the morning, or she might have to take out the rubbish and you can’t really control anything. But when it’s at your place, you can control everything. It’s all in your control, so you’ve got more chance of taking it where you want to take it.

Bobby Rio Shares His First Date Ideas For Men

This one also depends on where you are socially and where you are physically. If I’m in college and I meet a girl out in a college-type environment, I’ll usually invite her to a group environment for the first date. If we met at a college party, I’ll usually invite her to another get-together. Or if I’m going to be at a bar, I’ll get her and her friends to go to the bar because we already sort of have a rapport in that sort of environment. So it makes it a lot easier when you see her again to kind of continue where you left off last time. So I tend to do those kinds of dates if it’s a social circle or if it’s a girl I met at a college-type environment.

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However, if somebody is a little older and they’re outside of that social circle type of element, the next and best type of date I usually like is inviting her to something I’m already doing. For example, the other day one of my friends son just turned 2 or 3 or something like that, and I needed a birthday present for him. My girlfriend wasn’t around. I have a female friend, and I just called her up and I said, “Hey, I have no clue what to buy this kid. Can you just come to Toys R Us with me and help me pick something out?” And she was down. What you can do is turn something like that into a date. If you get a girl’s phone number, you can talk to her a couple of times. You can send her a text that says, “Hey, I’m on my way to the mall to buy a pair of shoes. I’ve got the worst fashion sense. I need a female’s opinion. Come with me.” And that makes it a lot easier of a date because you don’t have all the pressure of a dinner date or even of a coffee date. And there is so much more to talk about. I mean, Toys R Us almost made me wish I was single because of how much fun I had in Toys R Us with this chick. Just talking about toys I used to play with when I was a kid and just sort of teasing her with stuff. It was just a fun time with a female friend, but if you turn it into a date, it definitely would work.

Brad Jackson Shares His Thoughts And Ideas

If it’s a real first date, I love, love, love comedy clubs. You can see her sense of humor, you can laugh and you don’t HAVE to just start talking. I’ve never had a bad first date at a comedy club ever.

I don’t try to overly impress on the first date. The first date is fun or funny. The second date is food and drinks: NICE, but not real fancy. Maybe some place hip or happening and fun. The third date, if all went well, I either bring her to my house to cook for her, which usually leads to the bedroom or we go out to grab a small bite to eat, have several drinks, let her get tipsy and see how she acts when she’s had a few drinks.

This also depends on the type of person you are, the type of person she is and what there is to do around you and what you LIKE to do. Those are things I like to do and they fit ME.