I can only give you tips, because there is no general “training plan.” The course you chart depends on exactly what you want to achieve. Why do you want to train your memory? What part of your personality do you want to strengthen? What skills do you want to improve? Let your feelings guide you when you begin, select the discipline that has been the most fun so far or that earned you the most points in the initial test. Remember that success is motivating. And you should know that motivation is key for learning mnemonics.

Five Tips For Learning Mnemonics

1. Train whenever you feel like having fun, and set spontaneous challenges for yourself.

2. In addition, set aside a specific time for training. How long and how often depends entirely on you and the time you have available. In the beginning, I suggest trying for at least once a week, even if it’s only for half an hour. The main point is that you train regularly. Be sure to select a new time if your original schedule becomes inconvenient.

3. Employ your imagination ( Read These Memory Improvement Tipss )and soak up every individual image you create with colors, emotions, sounds, and smells. Access your memories, using scenes from films and plays as inspiration. Wallow in the detail and allow your images to be comical, absurd, and over the top.

4. Use the table in the appendix, a notebook, or a computer file to record your training results. You will see how your performance and skills increase and what tremendous progress you’re making.

5. Never think you’re too old to start memory training. The brain’s function consists of taking in, processing, and storing information. This does not change as you get older.

Here is an inspirational story for you.