food pyramid

First of all, at the very top, we see fats, oils and sweets, as we understand that we should use these sparingly. They are at the very top which is the narrow part. Milk, yogurt and cheese on the next level down are equal to meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs and nuts. That means that you should have equal amounts of those per day. You should probably have two to three servings of each. You may wonder what is a serving. Just as I did when talking to my clients. If you look at servings in terms of meat, that would be 3oz. If you have a typical hamburger with 8oz, you probably have all your servings for the day in one hamburger. Is that shocking to you or surprising? You may find it very interesting.

Let’s look at the serving size that you might expect from a glass of milk. Two to three servings of milk, yogurt or cheese are required. What does one serving represent? If we look at the details, what we find is that one serving of milk or yogurt is 8oz. Serving of nuts would be what you can hold in your hand. Keep in mind that it is important for you to discuss this with a nutritionist as Steve G. Jones is a hypnotherapist. A registered dietitian would be your best, as, if you are exercising more and trying to build muscle, these amounts are going to change. Vegetables three to five servings per day and fruit three to four servings per day are not that much. Do you realize how much a serving of vegetable is?

As an example, let’s say that you had just heads of broccoli. What you can hold in an average size adult hand is a serving. We are talking about three to five or those per day. Are you getting that much? In terms of fruit, imagine holding some grapes in your hand. Imagine two to four hands full of grapes – That is how much fruit you should have per day. Are you getting that much? Than we get into cereal, rice and pasta and other carbohydrates which should be taken in 8 servings per day. My point in all of this is to enlighten you about understanding proportions. Bread, at the base of the pyramid, means that a lot of your diet will be that.

When you eat, understand these proportions and start educating yourself about what you are eating. Understand the different types of fats as all of these things are a lot of work. If you want power in your conversation, if you want to meet someone and really knock their socks off, it is going to be a lot easier if you are looking your personal best. That may not be on a level of a celebrity or an attractive model; however, it is your personal best. Did you ever have those days when you look out and feel great? Don’t you feel good about yourself?

Those days can happen randomly or because you make them happen. You can live your life on purpose and make each day count. You can make each day on the dot or on target. What was your target for that day? If your target was met, it means that you took charge of your day and you did it by getting proper sleep, eating right and getting enough exercise. All of these things allow your body to function normally as your body is like a machine, which you also happen to be using for conversational hypnosis. If over 70% of your communication is non-verbal and has to do with your body, don’t you think that you should take cake of that? That is most of your machinery that is driving you in public. If you are overweight, they may think all kinds of things. Take charge of your life, live on purpose and do not let anyone think anything less than best of you. Make it happen and have a balance of carbs, fats and proteins as you create healthy habits.

Understand what is going on and the food pyramid as you make sure that you are drinking enough fluids. In the context of supplements, I have consulted with my medical doctor who has told me that multivitamin is fine. Every day, you may need more than that and I do not know as I recommend that you consult with your medical doctor. Some people get a little carried away with supplements as they want to take supplements instead of food. If you are able to take supplements, why not just take food?

The doctor I talked to in Beverly Hills told me that, things that you take into your body are the most important. Also, plenty of fruit in vegetables are really important. Another doctor in North Carolina with whom I consulted told me that the vegetables that you eat as well as fruit help your skin bind together to make it look healthy. I do not want to imagine what actually happens when you do not eat sufficient amounts of fruit and vegetables. Start eating right and making choices that work for you. When you are standing in front of that person, this is all going to come back to you. Delivering the information that you have as you use your techniques and standing firmly is kind of like driving a Lamborghini versus the Pinto. All of us have the opportunity to be our best.

Why would you want to be the version of yourself when that is not your best possible version? I have a theory that people have different versions of themselves. You have the version that drinks and smokes, does not exercise and does not sleep right. That is not a really good version at all. You can also be the middle of the road version and then the best of you where you are giving your body what it needs, avoiding excessive alcohol or avoiding it all together. You are avoiding smoking and drugs, unless prescribed by a doctor. You are also getting plenty of water and exercise in addition to plenty of life and friends as you live your full life.

All of that shows even in your text messages. When you put together a text message for someone, how you feel about yourself is conveyed in that message. I am fortunate to have a few offices with one in New York. We have staff there and a person in the office who sends an email to an office where I am. Every now and then, they are always happy emails with exclamation marks and different colors, despite the fact that they are business emails. These emails are not designed to me; they are just coming to the office as part of the business that I see. I think that that is a happy person.

don’t know this person personally and I have never met them but I know that they are happy about their potential and their life. There is no attempt at conversational hypnosis but how you feel about yourself shows in everything you do. Your conversation is happening constantly whether you realize it or not. The way you feel about yourself can be determined by the way you look and the way you look can be determined by how you eat, sleep or take fluids or exercise. Why not step up and give yourself every competitive edge at ultimate conversational hypnosis by really taking charge of your life?

What would be good homework for this? Perhaps just that – To create your plan in terms of fitness and nutrition. I want you to start right now and for the next week keep track of what is going on with you. When are going to sleep and getting up? What are you eating? How much exercise are you getting? At the end of the week, I’d like you to take that information to a professional, be it a doctor or dietitian, a fitness instructor. It can be whoever you can afford to go to, as long as you get that help. Be honest with yourself, write down those numbers and honesty is going to be your friend who will pull you through.

Once you understand what is going on, you will be able to get some insight in you. People who can offer expert advice will individualize your plan and demonstrate all ways in which you can improve. If they do not see fruit or vegetable in your diet, they will want to introduce those immediately. If you are getting three hours of sleep a night, an expert will tell you that they can change that. You will find that you feel a lot better. It does not meant that a week from now everything will be fine and perfect. A week from now, however, you will have a really honest look at what is going on. If you take that to the right people, they can find the weak links in that system. They can help you replace those weak links with strong lings.

I want you to track everything that you can and I think that you will be surprised how similar this will be to people who track their own spending only to realize that they go to the restaurant a little too often. It is revealing like that as you will find out how you have been hurting yourself and why isn’t your conversation powerful as it can be. It is because you have crippled yourself in the past that we have taken away the excuses. From now on, I want you to change your method, track everything for a week and then get some good advice to put a plan together.

That is your homework and I will give you a break on the quiz. I have said what I intended to say and I have given you some resources. I just want you to do your homework and learn more. That is where you should focus your energy as you go out there, do your fun work to learn how you can improve and get excited about tomorrow. Get excited about six months or a year from now when you will be looking better and feeling better. You will find that in dating, sales or anywhere else where you use the conversational hypnosis, even if just to interact with clients, they will respect you more. People respect people who look  their best and people honor people who honor themselves.