In this post we will be taking a look at what some of the top dating experts and relationship gurus have to say about how to bring friends with benefits into your social circle.

Carlos Xuma Teaches How To Make Friends With Benefits

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What I would do is just go out and meet more people. I don’t like to qualitatively evaluate people too much. I know guys are looking for hot women and attractive women, but the reality is that they’re everywhere. Chances are the woman you date, or have as a girlfriend or eventually marry is going to be somebody who is a friend of somebody you know. In other words, you will network your way to that person rather than just meeting them cold.

So the best way to do that is to expand your social circle. Try to be more of a connector. This comes from Malcolm Gladwell’s work where he talks about people who seem to know everybody. Well, you don’t have to be that extroverted or outgoing or that much of a social hub but start making yourself more of a connector. Start helping people connect in your own life and you’ll be amazed of how many people they introduce you to. And again, immediately it’s exponential. You introduce yourself to 5 new people and you’re going to be meeting about 50 new people because of their friends. So that’s how you get those hot women into your life. It’s simply by expanding it broadly across the board.

Christian Hudson On How To Win Friends With Benefits

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A big part is creating an environment where hot female friends feel comfortable and can be themselves. And that’s partially how you treat them and partially what you provide for them. I like to create an environment where there is great music, where there is wine and sometimes the hookah accessible. Where there are other fun people around and fun guys that help these women enjoy themselves and do cool things.

So in my own space, I have great things like beach balls and big sunglasses, but I don’t want to call it a playhouse. So a lot of it is creating an environment where there is stuff for them to do and enjoy and people around who they want to experience.

And another thing is creating experiences. A lot of hot women do like going to nightclubs and, I don’t want to say to give up on that, but I just found a way to meet women that is a lot more efficient. Creating parties – and you know that I throw lot of parties – and it would always be social with thousands of CDs. Having a very large social circle, especially with hot female friends, requires cultivating those relationships and maintaining them and that’s not something that comes easily. It just takes time and it takes effort. So any guy who’s looking for shortcuts to having hot female friends, you’ve got to put time into it. You have to connect with them in a like-minded way, and you have to create an environment in which they can enjoy themselves.

You really have to orient your life around, “Hey, I want to have hot female friends” and figure out what are things that are important to them and ask yourself if those things match up with things that are important to you and if they are, fantastic.

David Wygant On Adding New Friends And Building Your Social Circle

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Stop judging women on what they look like and start talking to all of them because every woman is a source for you. So if you’re in the supermarket and a woman smiles at you, and you’re not attracted to her, talk to her anyway. Become her friend. Because you know what, by becoming her friend, by exchanging numbers, you’ll get invited to her parties. You can invite her to parties. Everybody is using for a bit. I did when I was single because it was fun. I would go out with a woman who I thought was pretty online, but when I saw her she wasn’t pretty.

Instead of being a typical douche bag guy like most guys are, I was nice to her. I kept in contact, and when I had a party – we would have barbecue, my buddies and I – I would invite her and tell her to bring a bunch of friends along. And guess what? She would bring friends that I was attracted to or friends that my friends were attracted to, and we would build our network. Because your life in only as big as your network.

So when you meet somebody, stop evaluating them as somebody you want to sleep with and start evaluating them as somebody who can add things to your life and you can add things to their life. It’s kind of disconnecting from your penis. It’s like stop thinking with your dick all the time and start thinking like a person. All of a sudden you’re going to start meeting great people and really expanding your social network.

Dean Cortez Talks About Friends With Benefits

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The ultimate form of social proof, short of walking into the bar accompanied by Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, is rolling in accompanied by one or two hot female friends. I have a lot of hot female friends because I’ve been at this a long time and I know a lot of hot girls. A lot of these girls I have slept with. We’ve had short flings and relationships and maybe we dated for a while, but I always maintain those relationships and I never burn those bridges because these are girls who obviously give me a huge boost when I go out with them to meet new girls.

When there is a good looking woman I’m not attracted to, I let them know pretty quickly off the bat that I’m not trying to sleep with them. I’ll tell them, “You know, Cindy, it is your lucky night because I happen to be the world’s best wingman. I am like a master class wingman and tonight, we’re going to find you a really cool guy. What do you think?” And she loves that idea. She’s having a great time now, and throughout the evening, I will introduce her to guys and we’ll have a lot of fun with it.

Now, that girl, from that point on, is going to think I’m the coolest fucking dude she’s ever met and when I call her up next week and hang out again, she’ll come out in a heartbeat and she’ll bring her hot friends with her. And when you have this attitude, it’s easy to cultivate female friends when you go out. Again, it all comes down to making them have more fun hanging out with you than they were five minutes ago.

One of the keys to always having women rolling with you is to be the man with the plan. You want to call these girls up on a Friday night and say, “Listen, you have got to come with me to this new bar I found. It is so awesome. The DJ is off the hook.” You want to enroll them in your exciting plan. You never want to call your female friends and say, “So what are you in the mood to do or where should we go?” You always want to be the man with the plan, and when you bring them out to a place that you suggest and you all have a good time, they are going to be down to accompany you anytime you want to go out.

DJ Fuji On How To Make More Female Friends

If a guy has female friends, has guy friends, is fairly socially well adjusted and wants to bring very attractive women into his life he should start hanging out in places that they frequent. Start networking, in the same way you would if you wanted to meet CEOs at places and events, at conferences where those people would go.

That’s half of the reason we go to clubs. A lot of guys just go to the club and they go home and then they play World of Warcraft all day. So outside of the club, you still have to be that guy. You can’t turn the switch off, and go back to geek mode. You still have to be an attractive guy and that means cultivating that lifestyle, trying new things.

Even if you manage to bring beautiful women into your lifestyle, if your lifestyle consists of sitting at home at your couch, Monday through Friday, eating Cheese Doodles, you’re not going to keep them around. So it’s this concept of taking your lifestyle, developing it, holistically developing yourself, becoming more attractive and thereby attracting those elements, those people into your life.