Welcome To Brain Director Website!

It is my great honour that you have given us a chance to help you. To be honest, we want to help you to be the best version of yourself.

Let me tell you a little about myself

As a kid i was a silent kid. And this silence was on an extreme level. Most people would believe i could not speak. I had a nice little world of wonders in my head and i loved living there. i would keep thinking about things, many things. My dreamland was awesome!

As i grew older i realized that i had certain emotions directing the course of my life. I loved those who were rejected by others. Beggars, poor kids in worn out clothes, old ladies struggling against poverty.

I would see people begging on roads, in public transport and i would see little kids sleeping on pavements. This was hurting. Even to this day, i can not understand how can we leave these people to die ?

of course, there were organizations treating such people, sometimes they would provide food too. But i have never seen the Government do anything for these people.

Feeding hungry people once or twice is not enough. It is no cure

Providing these people with clothes is also not enough.

Feeding and clothes could be a quick fix but it never lasts long.

I realized we need a permanent cure.

I spent years discovering that cure. And i believe i have found the cure.

I believe if we could change the brains of these people, these people would need no one to help them and they can prove to be a positive contribution to our world.

Initially i started by creating mobile (java, symbian and android) and pc (using c#) applications but i was not happy with it. I wanted a platform for these people to get together and get help.

So i created braindirector.com

And i have been struggling

I do not feel ashamed to admit that i am just a 22 years old medical student from pakistan. I did not have enough money on me to support this project. The alternative was simply to look for free options. I knew it is going to be an uphill battle. I knew it will consume my time and i might get crushed. But the pain for people who are waiting for someone to come and pull them up was above my tolerance threshold. I jumped into this project and got crushed several times. I had to set the entire website up all alone because i did not have money to hire a professional. I messed up plenty of times and stated again from square one. I read thousand of guides, books and watched lots of video tutorials. Eventually i got it all down and set the website up all alone.

And then i got crushed once again under hosting. I had no money on me and no credit cards to buy hosting. Well, free hosting is what i went after. And i ran straight into a horrific situation as the website would go down almost on regular basis. I kept switching hosts and transferring the website. If a host provided good uptime then that host would lack necessary features that i required to run the website. I had learned web development at a professional level so naturally i wanted this website to be professional. I went through this pain plenty of times just to keep this project up.

In the start, i approached a few writers to write for this website but all of them would ask for money. As a result, i started writing on my own. I have had been reading memory, speed reading, creativity, hypnosis, and social dynamics books ever since i was a kid. So now i had yet another role to play. I managed the website, and i wrote for it. I had to become a writer too.

I would feel frustrated and would decide to kill this project and then i would walk out of my home just to see a poor kid or a poor lady and that would bring me back to this project once again.

My Take On Schools And Food

i believe that schools and foods are no cure. It is just scratching the surface while ignoring the deeply hidden roots.


Even if you create a thousand schools what makes you think that kids are going to study? Going to schools and being a dedicated student are two completely things. Have you ever read the statistics ?

Before you create schools you need individuals who want to study.

Even if you provide a kid with free education there are still high chances that he will not be able to make it to a brighter future.

Lazy Attitude

Kids who have been lazy ever since they were born are not going to magically transform into responsible kids. In fact they may view schools just as another way to waste time so they will enjoy schools but not the study.

To Get Rid Of Work

Kids who have been put to child labor may use schools as an excuse to waste time.

Family Issues

I have had experienced family issues so i know they can kill a kid. Family issues can literally turn a bright kid into a dull student. Trust me, i have gone through all those extremely negative emotions that a kid can feel as a result of his illiterate  family. And my school never taught me how to stay unaffected. Same is the case with millions of the students worldwide.

We need to train our people to stay on top of everything that might destroy their future.

Food And Medical Camps

We see organizations delivering food. But has anyone asked these organization what will happen to these kids when you will be making a name for you organization in another country and these kids that you are giving food to now will run out of food? Many hungry kids fed by these organizations die in the long run.

It is funny how people get free  treatment for minor eyes issues in a weekly medical camp but the next week even if a a person catches a bullet in his eye there is no free help.

What’s the point of all this then?

On every point, we are focusing on either making a name for ourselves or a quick temporary fix. When will we start focusing on root causes and long term goals?

I am not denying these quick fixes, they do help for a short period of time but these quick fixes are NOT A SOLUTION.

They never help. But these quick fixes do keep the funds finding their way to different organization’s bank accounts. A fact about these funds is this, that these funds might not feed all the kids but these funds keep feeding the organizations forever and ever.

If you gift someone a bike, make sure that that person knows how to ride it. 

All the money spent on food and schools is wasted if it does not help people live a proud life. It is certainly wasted if it does not make people independent.

First we need to make sure that the people we are helping understand the importance of help. We need to start from their brains first. We need to educate them on the importance of education and how to study before we expect doctors and engineers out of our schools.

We need to elicit their values and replace their values with better and more productive ones.

We need to educate people on a level that takes their limiting beliefs, habits and behavioral patterns into account.

I believe in a pure scientific and tactical approach.

My Goal

My goal is not to feed people or to throw clothes at them from the back of a truck,

My goal is to help people be smarter and to help them find and polish their talents so that they can live independently.

You can not convince people into being good and being great as almost everyone already wants to be good. You need to provide people with practical and scientific step by step instructions. you need to find their sticking points and then you have to help them break out of their sticking points.

Bottom line? you have to target people’s brain, their thinking patterns, their habits. If you can change someone’s thinking patterns and habits, you can change that person forever.

We humans are nothing more than automatic machines following our beliefs, our thoughts and our habits. Our beliefs, habits and thinking patterns are all programmed inside our brain. Have you ever heard someone say, “i hate myself” ?

What they are really saying is this, “I know i am not good, i know i need to change. I want to be good but i just do not know how to”

So if we want to change people,we need to help people reprogram their brains.

And for those who do not even realize that they need to change, we first need to find a subtle way to make them aware of their beliefs and thinking patterns.

For example, It will make no difference even if you tell a drug addict that drugs can kill him. A drug addict will pay no heed to this. But if you can somehow hit his self-respect and make him believe that he deserves to live a better life, than he will not only accept the fact that drugs are bad but also will let you help him quit drugs.

In short, my goal is to help people live better lives and to make this world the world of peace, love, humanity and smarter, sharper, intelligent individuals.

Why Do I Do It?

I could avoid all the trouble that i went through. I could simply live my life without having to do things for others. You might be thinking why then did i create brain director?

For Money?

Nope. I am proud to say that brain director is completely non-profit. There were many offers from people who wanted to buy brain director. They wanted to turn brain director into a business where they would charge people for help. I refused all the offers.

For Fame?

Nope. This page does not even have my picture. Would you believe it that even my family does not know about brain director? That is a fact. For them i am either playing video games or watching movies on my pc.

What for then?

To help others.

To help poor kids.

To help those who are hurt and frustrated.

To help those who have been rejected.

To help those who are abused.

To bring hope back for those who have lost it.

in short,

I want to be a father to those who don’t have a father.

A brother to those who do not have a brother.

A companion to those who are lonely.

A son to those who don’t have a son.

I want to show respect to those who have been insulted, abused, degraded and left alone.

I want to listen to those who are told to “shut up”

I just can’t explain it anymore. I want to say say more but i just can’t explain it. This is something deep within myself.

You might want to read “Our Mission” that explains the way we work and the tools we use.

Best Regards

Just a simple guy trying to help

Khuram Imtiaz