In this post, you will be reading about what you can say or do to get a girl back to your place. There are going to be plenty of great answers and i am sure you will really enjoy reading them and you will also learn plenty of cool techniques.

David Wygant Shares Dating Advice On How To Get A Girl Back To Your Place

Just step right up and say, “Hey, come on. Let’s go back to my place to have a night cap.” Or, “You know, I’ve got some great music, why don’t we continue the night and go back to my place?” Just say it and stop being so afraid. Stop waiting. If she tells you “No, maybe another time,” you can be a man. Say, “Fine. That’s cool.” Then drive her home, drop her off and be the man. Don’t act like a little boy. Just step up and ask and stop waiting for so many signals. Be the man. It’s OK.

how to get a girl back at your place

When I’ve asked women back to my place who have said, “No, another time” it ended up the other time was a week later. And it was cool, and I was cool with it. So many guys get so pressured and they go into salesman mode, “No, come on. Come on up. I really want you. I really want you to come up right now.” No, just accept it because a real man accepts it and turns it around even more.

Dean Cortez Shares His Dating Methods And Techniques

As I said before, you’ve got to have a cloaking motive. You’ve got to suggest a reason why going back to your place is a good idea. It could be a video you want to show her. You might want to show her one of your photo albums from a trip you went on. You might want to loan her a book or a CD. There are all kinds of suggestions that you can make and the key here also is to not ask permission and do not ask her if she wants to go back to your place. Lay it out as a plan. Be a leader. So you don’t say, “Well, do you want to go back to my place?” Because now her mind is coming up with reasons to say no to you, right? You want to lay out the plan, “So this place is getting kind of boring. Let’s go back to my place. I want to show you that book I was telling you about,” or whatever the reason may be.

Also, bear in mind here, you’re not trying to fool her or deceive her. I mean, women are women. They’re adults, too. They know the deal. By going back to your place, certain things are implied and she is as well aware of this as you are. But you need to give her a reason, so that in her own mind she can justify it and not feel slutty for going along with it.

John Alanis Explains What He Does To Get Girls Back To His Place

Well, there is a very direct way because she’s waiting and looking. If she is ready and you don’t ask her back, you are never going to see her again. When she’s ready to go, you’ve got one shot, and if you prove to her you’re not a man, she’s not coming back the next day. This is a very quick thing. I give my keys to my friend and ask her, “Can you take me home later on?” I mean, they’re just asking and waiting. So it’s like, “You know, let’s go somewhere private, or let’s go back to my place and have a drink.” She’s either going to say yes or she’s going to say no. Women like sex as much as men do, probably more, and you just have to know that and be confident and be consoled by that.

techniques to get a girl back to your place

One more thing that I’ll add in there because this is funny, and it works well is there is always qualifying resistance at the end because no woman wants to feel cheap and easy. Women like men to overcome resistance. And so they’ll say something like, “Well, I don’t know if we should be doing this. This is just moving too fast.” And my answer to that is, “Look, I’ve been waving this male goodness in front of you all night long, and it would be very cruel of me to deprive you from it at the last minute. Lucky for you, I’m not a cruel man.” And they laugh and they hit you and that’s that. And so knowing and having something like that which is so overblown will do the trick just about every single time if she is there in that moment and feeling that chemistry with you.

Entropy Says It Is Just Like Approaching Women

Again, it’s like the approaching thing. Girls aren’t dumb. They know what you’re doing. Basically you need an excuse. Just as girls know you’re hitting on them when you walk up to them, you still need an excuse to talk them. It’s the same thing with them going home with you. They know what you’re trying to do but it’s nice to have an excuse.

So usually what I tell guys is find something that is really cool about your place or something really cool that you have. It can be anything. It can be something as simple as how great your dog is if she really likes dogs. You’ve been talking about your dog; how awesome your dog is and how she should come and see your dog. And sometimes I talk about funny YouTube videos. If girls are really into the music, I talk about my music collection. And then when it comes time to go, I’ll say, “Hey, you should come over and we’ll listen to that album that we talked about.” If she’s good to go, all she really needs is an excuse to say yes. So basically your job is to just give her that excuse.

Richard La Ruina Shares What He Says To Get Women Back To His Place

I’m going to say, “Oh yeah, me and my friends, we’re going to go to an after-party later, you should come. Anyway, blah, blah, blah,” and I’ll change the subject.” I’ll say that early in the evening. And then if the place is closing soon or it’s dying down or whatever it is, I’ll say, “Come on, let’s go somewhere else. Do you want to finish your drink or are you ready to go right now?” I just put the choice on something that doesn’t matter, “Where’s your coat?” My goal is to distract. And I normally say, “Let’s go somewhere else.” I’m not saying, “Come back to my house and have sex.” I mean, that’s quite a big thing. I don’t think if you look at ten girls who I have brought home with this method; I don’t think more than one of them would have come back if I said, “Let’s go back to my house and have sex.” So it’s an after-party. It’s going for more drinks: let’s go somewhere else. It is something that sounds safer. My goal is to distract her, and not let her think too much about the situation. I make her feel comfortable: “Oh by the way, have you seen that film, blah, blah, blah. What happened with that?” Just changing the subject, so lead and then change the subject. By the time you’re at the house, it’s all taken care of.

Jon Sinn Says You Just Need To Have An Excuse

You just need an excuse. The way to get a girl back to your place once it’s on is you need an excuse. The excuse varies on just how much it is on between you. I’ve talked girls into going to my place by telling them I’m going to fuck them in the ass. And I’ve talked girls into going to my place by telling them we’re going to play Monopoly. The more on it seems, the more you can go towards being more sexual. One of the things I like do if it’s really on, is to say, “Let’s get back to my place and make out like teenagers.” It’s less hard boiling, than “Let’s go and have sex,” which I have used and you can make it work.

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Otherwise you just need an excuse. I’ve used my karaoke machine. I’ve used books I wanted to loan to girls. I’ve used champagne. I’ve used videos. I’ve used DVDs. I’ve used views (out my window). I’ve used imaginary cocaine that didn’t exist, so usually you just need an excuse.