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Getting trapped in the “friend zone” is a problem that millions of people share. Typically, people find themselves in this situation for a variety of reasons. Learning about the different causes will allow you to identify the reason you are in the “friend zone” so you can then begin the process of making appropriate changes. In time, your special female friend will begin to see you in a different light and likely realize she has some interest in you that she may not have accepted before.

The following are some of the common reasons people find themselves in the “friend zone” so as you read through the list, be objective and honest in trying to identify if one or more apply to you.

No Attraction – When we say there is no attraction, this does not mean that your female friend does not find you cute, humorous, or fun to be around but it does mean from a physical standpoint, you know, the romantic connection, something is stopping her from seeing you as boyfriend material. Many times, this obstacle can be easily overcome.

Weak Finances – Unfortunately, while most women will deny it, study after study has been performed showing that women are attracted to men with money or those who have higher than average income, or they are drawn to the money itself. If your female friend places a lot of importance on finances and you do not make a lot of money, live in a huge home, or drive a fancy sports car, you could end up in the “friend zone”.

The Nice Factor – Even if your friend has no interest in the bad boy type, if you are too nice, too accommodating, or too agreeable, she might view you as weak or perhaps just not enough of a challenge. Do not confuse doing nice things for your friend with going overboard with the nice factor. Dinner and a movie, occasional flowers, or some other type of gift is perfectly fine but when you constantly bow down to her every whim, she sees you as no more than a really great friend, and probably one that can be taken advantage of to some extent.

Female Instability – Okay, remember that reasons why you might end up in the “friend zone” does not automatically mean this is your fault. It could be that while your friend is a great person, someone you really enjoy being with, she may be going after the wrong kind of man. In this instance, being in the “friend zone” is probably a good place to stay. You always want to be a good person, someone stable, reliable, and honest and if your female friend is wanting someone who does not treat her right or show her respect, than you do not want this type of woman other than as a friend.

how to break out of friend zone

There are viable ways of moving from friendship to boyfriend status but you also have to be realistic about the reasons you are not considered for a more serious relationship in the first place. The following articles will provide you with numerous options for pushing past the barriers of friendship and building a lasting romantic connection with the woman you love, and, a relationship built on friendship.

To a woman, you play a huge role in her life. She cares about you, thoroughly enjoys being in your company, and she wants only the best for your life. In other words, she is not playing you but honestly values the friendship that the two of you share. A woman who puts a man in the “friend zone” is not necessarily trying to be mean or hurtful whatsoever but she simply has not yet seen that you could be so much more.

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important dynamics of any healthy relationship is friendship. Relationship experts all agree that unless a relationship can be built on a strong foundation of friendship, it will never last. All too often, a couple will bypass the friendship building phase and move directly into an intimate relationship. Over time as various issues arise, the couple realizes they have a weak friendship to fall back on and unfortunately, the relationship ends.

If you think about it, being in the “friend zone” position is both good and bad. It is bad in that you want your friend to become your girlfriend but good in that once you move into a real relationship, you have a strong bond of friendship to carry you through tough times. This means the chance of your relationship lasting is greatly improved.

Another advantage to being in the “friend zone” is that while being only friends, you have the ability to learn a lot about this person. Without the opportunity to spend time with her as friends only, you would probably not have the chance to learn in-depth things about her life, family, friends, ambitions, hobbies, and so on. As a result, once you start moving forward into a committed relationship, the bond the two of you share is extremely strong and honest.

Therefore, while you might not be in the position that you want to be in right now, we encourage you to use your time of friendship for eventually securing a place in her heart. Once you start to break free of the “friends only” connection, the two of you have a much better chance of making the relationship last.