What is Confidence?

Confidence is a state of mind.

Confidence (noun): Belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities.

Some people have it and some people don’t.

When you look closely, you will always find that the person who doesn’t have confidence needs to change the way they think about themselves or the particular situation they find themselves in.

If you want to build true confidence, the first thing you need to do is change way of your thinking.

That is Stage 1.

Once you decide to change your way of thinking, you then need to get some evidence to support your new way of thinking.

That is Stage 2.

Once you’ve begun to gather evidence, your new way of thinking will start turning into a belief.

That is Stage 3.

Your belief, which will now be strongly influencing your behavior, actions and choice of words, will then begin to become a ‘knowing.’

That is Stage 4.

You should aim to get to Stage 4 – the stage of knowing – in all areas required for success with women & dating.

For example, I now know that I can:

– Attract any woman.
– Start & continue conversations that captivate women and maintain
their interest.
– Date models and high-status women.
– Feel confident in any situation.
– Approach women in a public place and move things towards sex on the same day.

boost confidence

And so on.

If you want to achieve the same, then you’ll need to put in a little bit of work.

The Need For Instant Gratification Will Slow You Down.

Instant gratification is when an action produces an immediate result.

For example: Take shower = feel fresh, clean and rejuvenated.

In some instances, instant gratification is a good thing – taking a shower. In others, it is a bad thing – trying to succeed with women and dating.

For example: Most guys want to know the quickest, easiest tricks to get with the best women.

They hope that using tricks = getting with women.

– Give me the quick tricks! I want to get laid now!
– What do I say to get her to like me?
– If I spray pheromones on me, will it make women attracted to me
despite the fact that I’m not confident or good at conversation?
– How can I achieve confidence without trying? What’s the trick? C’mon what’s the trick that I only need to do once and then I’m cured for life?

But here’s the deal…

Women (and people for that matter) know how to spot a fake.

Women are looking for guys who possess or display some or all of the following:

– Confidence.

– Masculinity.

– Humor.

– Adventurous spirit.

– Social intelligence.

–  Social coolness.

– Ambition.

– Style.

– Sexual vibe.

– Status.

– Unpredictably.

– Charm.

True, unshakable confidence takes time (i.e. delayed gratification) to develop.

It is also the one trait that is most attractive to women.

It is possible for you to use the techniques you’ve learnt from all of my materials and successfully display all of the above qualities (including confidence) right now.

There’s no doubting that.

However, if you do not focus on developing true, unshakeable confidence, then your lack of confidence will always weaken the attractiveness of any ‘attractive personality trait’ that you may possess or any technique that you may use.

You simply cannot mask your lack of confidence with tricks and techniques.

It will never work and your personality will never be as attractive as that of a confident guy.

Sure, you may get 1 out of 100 women taking your ‘bait’, but they will soon realize that you’re a fake and walk away or leave you.

Are You the Equivalient of an Obese Women?

If you get nervous around women and are a bit of a nice guy, then you are the equivalent of an obese woman.

To help you understand that ‘funny’ analogy, have a think about this.

Although some men will date and have relationships with obese women out of desperation or insecurity, men are more naturally attracted to women with young, healthy, fit and ‘model-type’ bodies.

Everyone knows that obese women are unattractive, regardless of the BS commercial campaigns that say ‘big is beautiful.’

Although some women will date and have relationships with nervous nice guys out of desperation or insecurity, women are more naturally attracted to men who are confident and challenging.

The truth is that a lot of people secretly think of nervous nice guys as suckers, losers and wimps – regardless of how many times you hear people say, “Awww, but he’s a nice guy.”

The problem with being a nervous nice guy, who is dating a desperate or insecure woman, is that you stand a higher chance of:

a) Being dumped by her when she meets a more attractive (i.e. more confident and challenging) guy.

b) Losing more self-confidence when you are left for another man.

However, if you develop true confidence (the kind that stirs a powerful attraction inside of a woman, in much the same way that the physical appearance of a woman does for us) then you will always know that you can get other women, because you will notice how attracted they are to you in every situation in life.

Can you imagine what that will do for your confidence and self esteem?

What is Your Current Level of Confidence?

What is your current level of confidence and when will you reach my level of confidence?

To answer that question, please answer the following.

Note: It’s best to answer these out loud if you are in a private place.

a) What fears or doubts run through your mind when you think about meeting women?

b) What fears of doubts do you have when you are in the midst of an interaction with a woman?

c) What fears of doubts run through your mind when you find yourself on a date with a woman?

You are not alone with this my friend.

The most common responses that guys give to these questions are:

• I don’t know how to approach women.

• I’d hate to get rejected in front of everyone.

• What if she laughs at me when I approach her?

• What if her boyfriend is lurking nearby and comes over to fight me?

• Geez, I must look nervous at the moment.

• I don’t know what to say.

• I wish I were better with women.

• Why am I so bad with women?

• Why do my friends find it so easy to get girls, while I always seem awkward around women?

• I’m probably not good-looking enough, so I won’t approach her.

• I hope this date is going well…she probably thinks I look nervous or that I’m desperate.

• Say something interesting to her! Quick! She’s losing interest!

• Maybe if I earn more money women will start to like me. I should just give this up until I’ve got more money.

• Maybe if I build more muscle women will start to like me. I should just give this up until I’ve gotten bigger.

• Maybe if I buy that shirt…or that car…then women will like me.

• Maybe there’s something wrong with me.

Did you have similar responses to the questions?

I used to think like that as well and guess what it did for me?

It made me more nervous, more anxious and more fearful of approaching and interacting with women.

“We become what we think about most of the time.”

Brian Tracy – Famous author and success coach

“You can be anything you want to be, if only you believe with sufficient conviction and act in accordance with your belief; for whatever the mind conceive and believe, it can achieve”

Napoleon Hill – Best-selling author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’

I agree 100% with the words of the two great men quoted above.

The solution to all of your problems with women is to change your thinking, or change your mindsets.

How to Use Mindsets

To effectively use the following mindsets and integrate them into your way of thinking, you need to be aware of the following.

New mindsets will have little or no effect on changing your level of confidence, unless:

– You say the mindsets with conviction in your mind (or out loud)

You have to really get excited about this.

The more pumped you are about achieving a state of true confidence in life and with women, the faster it will happen for you.

If you are lethargic and lazy about it, nothing will really change.

– You feel the relevant emotions when thinking the mindset

For example: Women are very attracted to me.

Emotions you should feel when thinking that mindset: Pride, confidence, happiness, composure, self-acceptance, self-love, gratitude, certainty.

As you read each mindset that I give you, feel the ideal emotions that would go with that way of thinking.

The more you feel the emotion, the more powerful the change will be.

Note: If you can learn to do this right, it will provide you with an immediate supercharge of your confidence.

Here’s a little trick you can use….

Whenever you feel a little anxious in a social situation, focus on a couple of positive mindsets and feel the good feelings associated with them.

An instant super-charge of confidence!

– You gather evidence to support your new way of thinking.

You will have an extremely hard time believing your new way of thinking, unless you get off your butt and start approaching women to gather evidence.

Although you are literally half-way there already by simply knowing what I am teaching you know – the other half requires real-life experience to solidify your thoughts into beliefs and then into a state of knowing.

The Mindsets That I Used to Get Where I Am Now

I had to start from scratch with most of these mindsets.

At first, I found it really hard to begin believing them because my mind was telling me, “But Dan, you’re not good with women” and “You look nervous when you interact with women…who are you kidding…women can tell that you’re no good.”

I decided to be a man about it and soldier on, believing that I could get there eventually.

Six months later I was literally getting laid like a rock star, had been promoted 3 times at work and had made a bunch of new friends.

It was almost a little ‘spooky’ how quickly it worked.

Here is a list of mindsets that I recommend you say in your mind on a REGULAR basis, until you naturally start to think like this:

• Meeting women is easy for me.

• Attracting women is easy for me.

• Dating women is easy for me.

• I’m a really cool guy.

• People respect me.

• I respect other people.

• Everyone is my equal.

• I am always completely confident in any situation.

• I always learn new things when interacting with women – it’s heaps of fun.

• I love approaching women to begin interactions in places like bookstores and supermarkets.

• Everything works perfectly for me, first time every time.

• I can do anything.

• I’m an awesome guy.

• Women want me.

• I am amazing with women.

• I love women and they love me.

• I can meet and attract women anywhere I go.

• My conversation is perfect.

• My body language is perfect.

• Women are always attracted to me.

• I am completely confident talking to any woman, regardless of her beauty.

• The more beautiful the woman, the more she’ll be attracted to me.

• I always have beautiful women in my life.

• It’s easy for me to look good.

• Everything I wear looks great on me.

• I love socializing.

• I am a highly sought-after male.

• I am very masculine.

• I am an alpha male.

• I love to exercise.

• I get attention from women all the time.

• I’m a good guy.

I’d recommend thinking in this way all the time.

If you are diligent and follow through on integrating these mindsets, they will eventually become a natural part of your mind’s operating system and your life will change in amazing ways.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

Dr. Wayne Dyer, famous author

Bridging Your Mindsets

While you were reading the mindsets above, did you feel that it would be pretty hard to think that way about yourself all the time?

Here’s how to overcome such doubts….

If you ever find yourself resorting back to ineffective mindsets based on your fears and doubts about yourself, try ‘bridging your mindsets.’

For example:

• Meeting women is becoming easier and easier for me.

• I’m starting to believe that I’m a really cool guy.

• I’m beginning to feel completely confident in any situation.

• I’m starting to love approaching women to begin interactions in places like bookstores and supermarkets.

And so on.

Mindsets by Comparison

Here is another way of doing it.

1. Create two sections on a page.

2. On the left, write down all of your ineffective mindsets.

3. On the right, write down the most ideal mindset you would like to have.

4. Add to it over the next days, weeks, months and years as you evolve your mindsets.

The 6 Week Challenge

I hope you are up for this.

Weeks 1-3

Work out how confident you want to be.

For example:

Do you just want enough confidence that women find you attractive?

Do you want enough confidence to do what I did at the bar on Friday night?

Do you want to achieve a level of confidence that will mean you never have to feel nervous, worried or doubtful in social situations, ever again?

Begin replacing all infective mindsets with effective mindsets, in every area of your life.

If you notice an ineffective mindset that is based on fear or doubt, change it with an ideal mindset or a bridging mindset.

Start giving yourself a mental ‘pat on the back’ anytime you use one of the techniques I’ve shared with you, or anytime you put any of my theories into practice.

Every time you notice that something that you’ve said or done has sparked attraction in a woman, say to yourself, “See, women are attracted to me…this is easy.”

Weeks 3-6

By now you should be feeling 100 times more confident than when you started.

The key to success now is to continue gathering evidence each and every day, until you achieve a state of knowing.

List off your new beliefs about yourself, based on the evidence that you’ve gathered.

If you’ve started at ‘rock bottom’, this may be as simple as writing down things like, “I’m feeling more confident when I walk into a room” or “Women are starting to seem a little more interested in me these days.”

If you’ve started from a fairly good place, you might be writing down things like, “It’s easy for me to approach women now” or “Most women have been attracted to me when I’ve interacted with them…this is getting so easy!” or “Getting phone numbers is a breeze.”

Ask yourself how much closer you are to achieving your desired level of confidence.

Ask yourself what you need to improve on in order to achieve your desired level of confidence faster.

Start making a list (that you add to once a day or once a week) of all the things you have been doing better with women.

At the top of the list, write:

I’m becoming more successful with women because…

And then write things down as you experience them.

For example:

• I was able to smile confidently at the girl in the supermarket yesterday.

• I was able to make good ‘small talk’ with…

• I felt really confident when I walked into ____________ yesterday.

And so on.

After a couple of weeks, you won’t have to bother with the list anymore because you will have improved your ‘mental notations’ of what is happening in your reality.

You will have changed the way you look at women and at yourself, so your life will begin to change in step with your new way of thinking.

Women will be friendlier to you, you will feel more and more confident and any old fears and doubts that used to hold you back will have begun to wither away into the past.

You will be amazed at how much your life changes when you follow the steps I’ve given you.

Here is a video with more information on how to quickly boost your confidence.